Metro Boomin Drops New Album ‘Heroes & Villains’ Feat. Travis Scott, Future & More 

Metro Boomin Drops New Album 'Heroes & Villains' Feat. Travis Scott, Future & More

Metro Boomin has officially dropped off his sophomore album, Heroes & Villains. The new release follows star-studded short-film hyping fans for the album.

The new album features John Legend, Chris Brown, Future, Don Toliver, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, A$AP Rocky, Young THug, The Weeknd, Takeoff, and more.

Speaking with Apple Music, Metro Boomin stated Heroes & Villains is the second part of a trilogy that began with Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

This is the second out of a trilogy. It’s going to be a trilogy. (Ebro: Now, is the third piece coming soon, or are you just going to see how this flow?) I’m going to see how this flow, because I really want to shoot a lot of videos to this one, and I’ve put a lot of time into this body of work. So I really want to stretch it, and not just throw out the third one.

You can hear the new album below.

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SOURCE SPORTS: Odell Beckham Jr. to Visit Buffalo, New York and Dallas on His Free Agency Tour 

Odell Beckham Jr. to Accept Salary From Rams in Bitcoin

Odell Beckham Jr. is ready for his return to football. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, three teams get the opportunity to meet with the star wide receiver.

This coming weekend, OBJ is set to visit the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Buffalo Bills to pick his next team.

While Odell Beckham Jr. is determining the new team for him, he found himself put off a Los Angeles-bound flight on Sunday morning.

According to Andy Slater of FOX Sports Radio, OBJ was escorted off the plane because he was drifting in and out of consciousness.

In a police report, the flight crew stated they were concerned for Beckham and feared “he was seriously ill.” They said he appeared to be coming in and out of consciousness when they tried to have him fasten his seat belt.

OBJ refused to leave the plane, leading to everyone de-planning and the flight being delayed.

OBJ was escorted to an area of the terminal by officers and made different arrangements.

On Twitter, Beckham Jr. wrote a simple statement.

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SOURCE SPORTS: Could Tom Brady Play for the Patriots Again? 

Tom Brady Says No Regrets in Returning to Football, Wins in Germany Against Seahawks

Could we see Tom Brady back in a Patriots jersey? The New England Patriots are currently led by Mac Jones at quarterback, and Brady will be a free agent after this season. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers not in the best condition to compete, could there be a Foxborough reunion?

The Athletic notes a reunion is possible, citing an abundance of respect still existing between Brady and Bill Belichick.

The Patriots will have over $100 million in cap space this summer and would have to trade Mac Jones to get the job done.

Last night, the Patriots lost 24-10 to the Buffalo Bills as they attempt to make their way into the playoffs.

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It’s a Wrap for Cardi B and Reebok 

Cardi B First Female Rapper

After a four-year partnership, Cardi and Reebok are wrapping up their partnership.

Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky stated that the partnership with Cardi has proudly pushed boundaries and have put an emphasis on inclusivity and self- expression. He went on to say, “we’re so grateful for our partnership with Cardi over the years. Having the opportunity to collaborate with someone as passionate, iconic and talented as her is an unmatched experience and will certainly leave a lasting impact on the brand”. Today on her Instagram, Cardi posted her final collection which is the second part of her “Let Me Be…Next Level Energy.” “For my final collection with Reebok, I had to make sure we brought it to the next level. I needed every piece from the slides to the jumpsuit to be as big, bold, and fun as we could make them,” explained the Bronx bred rapper.

“It started with advertisement, and I just loved what they brought to the table,” Cardi B told FN about the partnership. “ I love that they saw my ideas. When I went to their headquarters in Boston, they welcomed me. It was freezing that day and I just had such a good experience and I thought, ‘Why not?’ I didn’t want to team up with someone who doesn’t care about my vision and just the product, but Reebok did.”

The Cardi B x Reebok partnership, which launched September 29,2022, features two styles: the Club C Cardi ($100) and the Cardi Coated Club C Double ($80). The two styles come in three different colors and are available in both women’s and children’s sizing. The Club C Cardi style sold out in the United States in 30 minutes.

“It boils down to two pieces: authenticity and shared values,” said Caroline Machen, Reebok’s Global VP of Marketing, about the ingredients for a successful partnership. “It can’t feel forced. Who Cardi is and what her fans love about her- those are the same values Reebok has. And the, it’s accepting and bringing that message forward into product.”

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SZA Reveals ‘S.O.S’ Album Cover Ahead of ‘SNL’ Performance 


SZA has officially revealed the cover art for her forthcoming S.O.S. album. The album is set to release later this month. The album currently does not have an exact release date.

This weekend, SZA will appear on Saturday Night Alive alongside Keke Palmer.

Speaking with Billboard last week in a cover story, SZA detailed the highs and lows of creating music. Specifically, she enjoys creating music but does not like the red tape and rules of the industry.

“I hate the red tape analytics of dropping anything — it’s so stressful,” SZA told writer Heran Mamo. “I definitely have heard [the term ‘digital service provider’] more this week and last week than I have ever. I don’t like the way it sounds — it sounds stressful and like something that requires a lot of attention and maneuvering. I hate the word ‘single.’ It’s like, ‘What the f–k separates a single from other sh-t on my album that I like? Why does it have to be different?’”

The “red tape” of the industry has placed an idea of longevity in the head of SZA.

“I feel like music, in this capacity, I don’t see longevity,” she said. “I like to create, I like to write, I like to sing, and I like to share. But I don’t know if chasing after superstardom or whatever I’m supposed to be doing right now is sustainable for me or for anybody. I’mma take a good swing at it, and I’mma give ’em my absolute best.”

You can read the full feature, where SZA explores more industry hurdles, future plans, family, and more here.

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Ashanti Says a Producer Once Gave Her an Ultimatum of Shower Sex or Paying For Beats 


Ashanti revealed the predatory behavior of a producer during a visit to The Breakfast Club. Speaking with the trio of Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God, and DJ Envy, Ashanti detailed how a producer once asked for her sex in a shower over payment for beats.

“We did two records together. He was like, ‘Okay, I’m not gonna charge you, you know you my homie,’” Ashanti said. “When it came time to put it on the album, he was like, ‘Well, let’s take a shower together.’”

Ashanti stated she originally thought it was a joke until the producer doubled down on the request.

“I thought he was joking, and then he was like, ‘Nah, I’m dead serious. Let’s go out, or let’s take a shower together, and I’ll give you the records. If not, I need 40 racks per record.’”

You can hear it below.

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Right-Leaning App Parler Reveals Acquisition Deal with Kanye West Has Been Terminated 

Kanye West George Floyd

Kanye West once appeared to be the next owner of the alt-right social app Parler. That won’t be happening now.

Ye went on Alex Jones’s Info Wars podcast and stated more anti-semitic views while also praising Nazis and professing his adoration for Hitler. After the interview went viral, Parler revealed the deal is off the table.

“In response to numerous media inquiries, Parlement Technologies would like to confirm that the company has mutually agreed with Ye to terminate the intent of sale of Parler. This decision was made in the interest of both parties in mid-November.

Parler will continue to pursue future opportunities for growth and the evolution of the platform for our vibrant community.”

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Kanye West Says He Likes Hitler During a Visit to Alex Jones ‘InfoWars’ Podcast 


Kanye West went on the Alex Jones podcast and may have made his most harmful comments. During a conversation where YE spoke on Nazis and more, he declared his affection for Adolf Hitler.

“There are Jewish people basically hiding me under their floorboards right now,” said the rapper. “It’s like a reverse version of the Holocaust.”

Ye would go on to state that he likes Hitler.

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Ye Ends Day Of Anti-Semitic Rants By Saying He Caught Chris Paul Sleeping With Kim Kardashian 

Kanye West Alex Jones interview

Yesterday, Ye made headlines once again for going on an unhinged anti-semitic rant on Alex Jones’s Infowars where he said there were good things that Hitler did and that he actually likes the Nazi leader.

Following his appearance on the far right-wing conspiracy theory show, Ye then took to Twitter where he continued his string of anti-semitic rants, even posting a picture of a swastika combined with the Star of David. After posting the picture, Elon Musk announced that Ye would be suspended from Twitter. But before he was suspended, Ye put up one more tweet that took the internet by storm.

Ye had posted a picture of Chris Paul III with a caption saying that he had caught the Suns point guard sleeping with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The caption read “Let’s break one last window before we get outta here. I caught this guy with Kim. Good night.”

Following the tweet, Twitter erupted with memes of how Kanye seemed to randomly throw Chris Paul into the fire in the midst of his own cancellation.

Ye has since been suspended from Twitter. Throughout his tirade on the social media app, he also sympathized with the January 6th insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol building, calling them “political prisoners.”


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Jermaine Dupri Says He’s Begun Working On A ‘Freaknik’ Documentary 


Jermaine Dupri said in a recent Instagram post that he has begun working on a new documentary based on “Freaknik,” the infamous Atlanta spring break festival that started in the 80’s and attracted college students and young adults from all around the country.

Dupri made the announcement in a IG post where he was in a hotel room facing the Atlanta Braves Truist Park stadium.

“This the first day of us shooting for the Freaknik documentary,” Dupri said. “So everybody that missed freaknik, we gon’ show y’all what y’all missed.”

Freaknik started off in 1983 when students from the Atlanta University Center (Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University) came together to throw a small picnic in a park near the campus for students who could not afford to go home for spring break.

The event was held annually, and in the 90’s Freaknik would end up growing into an entire festival, with concerts, a basketball tournament, dance contests, and even a job fair. At its height, approximately 300,000 people from around the country would attend the event.

However, by 1999, Freaknik had moved into the neighboring DeKalb County, GA. However, celebrations of the festival would dwindle due to increased police activity. In 2010, former Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed officially banned Freaknik and any Freaknik-related activities.

There have been attempts to revive Freaknik, however, they have failed to gain the same crowd and attention as it did in its heyday.

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