Today In Hip Hop History: Foxy Brown Released Her ‘Chyna Doll’ LP 23 Years Ago 

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On this date in 1999, Brooklyn emcee Inga Merchand aka Foxy Brown dropped her sophomore effort, Chyna Doll, on the Violator/Def Jam imprint. This album rode the successful wave of previous projects released by Brown including her appearance on The Firm album with Nas, AZ, and Nature as well as her own 1996 debut LP Ill Nana. The album debuted at the pole position of Billboard 200, which was only accomplished previously by Lauryn Hill with The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill just a year earlier.

With production courtesy of the likes of Kanye West, D-Dot, Irv Gotti, Lil Rob, Swizz Beatz along with Foxy’s salacious lyrics, this album was guaranteed success as proved in selling over a million copies.

Tracks such as “Bonnie And Clyde Part II” featuring Jay-Z and the unexpected “Ride(Down South)” with 8-Ball, MJG, Too Short, and Juvenile were Foxy’s evidence of her versatility and willingness to bring the Hip Hop culture together regardless of geographic origin.

Salute to Foxy, Young Gavin and the entire Def Jam staff for putting together this piece of Hip Hop history!

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Today In Hip Hop History: Irv And Chris Gotti Surrender To The FBI 17 Years Ago 

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On this day in 2005, millennial music powerhouse Murder Inc. was put under pressure by the FBI, thus, forcing the surrender of label heads and brothers Irving and Christopher Lorenzo aka the Gotti Brothers on money laundering charges.

The FBI spotlighted the Gotti brothers as record execs with criminal ties, alleging that the Murder Inc. imprint was merely a front to launder proceeds from Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff’s underworld enterprise, The Supreme Team. Following McGriff’s executive-produced, full-length 2003 film Crime Partners, the Bureau claimed that the soundtrack to the movie, among other avenues of income of Murder Inc. was used to launder Supreme Team drug money and raided the Murder Inc. offices.

The Lorenzo brothers plead not guilty in their case against the FBI, spending upwards of $10 million in legal fees in their case against the government. Nevertheless, the brothers came out victorious, winning their case against the U.S. government and cleared their names, even with the government’s 98% conviction rate.

In an era where rappers getting indicted AND convicted by the government is virtually a normal occurrence, the big win for Murder Inc. was a win for Hip Hop and emphatically a piece of Hip Hop history!

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SOURCE SPORTS: Barry Bonds Denied Induction Into Baseball Hall Of Fame 

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In his last eligible year to appear on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, San Francisco Giants living legend Barry Bonds was denied admittance into Cooperstown for his alleged participation and usage of performance-enhancing drugs.

Bonds was rejected for the 10th time in Cooperstown, with a group of baseball journalists saying that the asterisk by his name in the record books has had more of an impact on the game than his record-breaking feats on the diamond.

In his 22-season career, Bonds is the all-time home run leader with 762 HRs, holds the single season home run record, won seven national League MVP trophies and appeared in the All-Star Game 14 years in a row.

To the surprise of many, David “Big Papi” Ortiz was voted into Cooperstown with a 541 HR career record and several World Series titles from his tenure with the Boston Red Sox.

Ortiz’s career still doesn’t equate to that of Bonds, Roger Clemens or Sammy Sosa, two more who were denied induction into Cooperstown this year following their exceptional careers.

The San Francisco Giants put out a statement about Bonds’ shutout, saying, “We remain hopeful that he will gain election into the National Baseball Hall of Fame through the next phase of the voting process.”.

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Kim Kardashian Rep Denies That There Was Anything Sexual On Laptop That Kanye Got From Ray J 

kanye west kim kardashian wildfires

During his recent interview with Jason Lee, Kanye alleged that he met with Ray J in October to retrieve a laptop with a second sextape between the him and Kim. Now, a rep for Kardashian claims that the laptop did not contain a sextape.

Kardashian’s rep told TMZ that “After review, there was nothing sexual unseen, only footage on the plane on the way to Mexico and footage at a club and restaurant on the same trip. The rep added that“Kim remains firm in her belief that there is no new second tape that exists.”

Kardashian’s rep added that Kim would like to “move on from this chapter with focus instead on the positive things she continues to do as a mother, entrepreneur and advocate for justice reform.”

Sources close to Kim are saying that Kim is appreciative of Kanye’s effort to retrieve the laptop, but does not want to continue talking about the tape due to the negative impact it might have on their four children.

The second tape was first brought up back in September by L.A. based music manager, Wack 100. He claimed that Ray J had a second, “more graphic” tape on a laptop, and wanted to give it to Kanye “for free.”

Ye stated during his interview with Jason Lee that when he brought the laptop to Kim, she cried. “I got on the red-eye, came back, and delivered it to her at 8 a.m. in the morning. And then I gave it to her and she cried when she saw it. It represents how much she’s been used. It represents how much people didn’t love her and they just saw her as a commodity.”

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The Game Still Has Smoke For Ebro and Funk Flex After Being Left Off Of “Top 50 Rappers” List 

The Game to young rappers advice

We’ve seen it before where a rapper was left off of a list that they feel they should have been on. Many take it personally whereas others don’t. But most of the time an artist takes it personally. The Game took to Instagram to say that she still has smoke with T.I., Ebro Darden and Funk Flex after being left off of all three of them after being left off of their top 50 rappers lists. However, The Game is using his snubs as motivation for his next album.

“@oldmanebro @funkflex & @troubleman31…… I ain’t forgot about these lists…,” The Game wrote. “#DRILLMATIC coming soon…. HURRICANE GAME LIVES y’all shoulda just threw my baby mamas in there too !!!!”

The Game’s upcoming effort Drillmatic is being produced entirely by Hit Boy. G Herbo has apparently already heard the project and is calling it the hardest album of 2022. The album is also set to feature his recent collab with Kanye “Eazy” which debuted at No. 49 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it The Game’s highest charting song in 15 years.

Earlier this month The Game posted a couple pictures of himself with Hit Boy in the studio. “They call my nigga @hitboy for a reason. Watch this rq 👀 #albummode,” he captioned one picture. The next day, he posted another picture with the caption “Day 2 & the album 1/2 way done… smokin niggas like a roach this year. #albummode.”

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Antonio Brown Drops $15k In Club While Celebrating Buccaneers Loss 

Antonio Brown statement

Antonio Brown isn’t loosing any sleep over his dramatic exit from the Buccaneers earlier this month. In fact, he’s celebrating their 30-27 loss against the Los Angeles Rams.

After the loss, AB took to instagram where he posted a meme of himself from the infamous game against the Jets and photoshopped in a sign that read “Bucs Eliminated.”

According to TMZ, Brown took his joy over the loss a step further. Brown was apparently so happy over the Bucs demise that after the game he went to the XXIII club in Miami and celebrated the loss. Brown would end up spending $15k on bottle service at the club while wearing a fur coat and shades.

Throughout the game on Sunday, the Bucs struggled defensively as Brady was constantly under pressure from the Rams defense. The Bucs didn’t even score their first touchdown until the 3rd quarter. Despite an impressive comeback by the Bucs due to multiple offensive turnovers, its safe to say that the Bucs suffered without AB.

In recent weeks Brown has maintained that he left the game after Bucs head coach Bruce Arians demanded that he get back on the field despite pleading with Arians that he was in too much pain to play. Brown has gone on to reveal text messages between him and Arians that show Brown telling his former coach that he did not think he was at full health to play in the game.

Brown appeared in the latest episode of the I Am Athlete podcast where he revealed that he’d like to play for Lamar Jackson on the Baltimore Ravens.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall asked Brown which quarterback he wanted to play for next, and before he could even finish the question, Brown said “Lamar Jackson.”

“Action Jackson. Let’s give Lamar Jackson his flowers,” Brown said. “Shout out Lamar Jackson. That’s it. Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback. Not only him throwing the ball, the dynamic of him playing, the excitement.”

In response, Lamar Jackson quoted the picture with a purple demon emoji.

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Charlamagne Tha God Criticizes Ye’s Pete Davidson Bar: “What Happened To Jesus?” 

Charlamagne tha God

Charlamagne Tha God has always been outwardly critical of Kanye. Whether it be about his music, fashion, or support for Donald Tump, Charlamagne will let his opinions of Kanye be known. On a recent episode of his Brilliant Idiots podcast with Andrew Schultz, Charlamagne criticized Ye’s line in “Eazy” where he threatens to “beat Pete Davidsons ass.”

“I thought Kanye’s bar to Pete was corny as hell,” Charlamagne said. “I thought it was corny. I didn’t like it…what happened to Jesus? What happened to God? You weren’t even cursing on your records and now all of a sudden you wanna beat up Pete Davidson?” Charlamagne went on to add that he “didn’t respect” the bar.

Charlamagne went give a further explanation on the bar, thinking that it was influenced by Ye hanging out with “street rappers” now.

“I think about what he said on Drink Champs when he said, he used all the backpackers. Remember he was like ‘I used all the backpackers cause I never really liked backpack rap,’ and then you see him hanging out with like a lot of the street rappers now. He’s hanging out with all these guys just to be able to say that line. You know what I mean? But I want all those street rappers to know, he’s using y’all too. But the difference is the street rappers aren’t going to be used. They gon keep they hand in Kanye West’s pockets cause wolves do not make good house pets, and Kanye West will learn that.”

Charlamagne went on to add that he’s “been tired” of Ye’s antics as of late.

You can watch the full episode below.

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TX Brothers Beat Stepdad To Death For Molesting Their 9-Yr-Old Sister 

Screen Shot 2022 01 26 at 5.34.35 AM

According to a report from FOX News, a pair of teenage brothers and their friend are currently being charged with the murder of the brothers’ stepfather, who was wanted by authorities for sexually assaulting their 9-year-old sister, which was the stepfather’s biological daughter.

42-year-old Gabriel Quintanilla was already wanted by Hidalgo County, Texas authorities for the sexual assault, but when Alejandro and Christian Trevino found out about what allegedly happened, they confronted Quintanilla, which quickly turned physical. which in turned has Quintanilla running from the brothers and a friend, Juan Eduardo Melendez, who drove the brothers around looking for Quintanilla.

They initially beat Quintanilla, but fled the scene only to return in a different vehicle later that evening. When they caught up to Quintanilla again, they beat him to death loaded Quinanilla’s body into a truck and disposed of it at a field in McAllen, Texas. 

All three of the teens have been arrested and charged in Quinanilla’s death. The charges that the teens are facing include aggravated assault, murder, and engaging in organized criminal activity. The trio is currently being held at the Hidalgo County Jail. Alejandro is being held on a $1 million bond while his brother, Christian, is being held on a $1.5 million bond. Melendez is being held on a $1,502,000 million bond.

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[WATCH] Gucci Mane Namedrops Jeezy’s Dead Friend Pookie On “Rumors” 

Screen Shot 2022 01 26 at 5.18.24 AM

Not much has been mentioned about the longstanding beef between Gucci Mane and Jeezy since their VERZUZ battle last year, which led many to believe that the real life battle between the two Atlanta emcees was squashed “for the culture”, but according to a new video from Gucci called “Rumors” featuring Lil Durk, this is obviously not the case.

Gucci dropped Jeezy’s associate Pookie Loc’s name in the track, who was the person that was killed by Gucci in an attempted robbery in 2005. Gouch still holds that fateful night firm in his mind, while he rhymes, “D.A. dropped my murder, didn’t have evidence to prove it (Nah)/I think my house is haunted, yeah, by who? The ghost of Pookie (Woah).” 

Some have even said that Durk’s verse is taking shots at NBA YoungBoy in the midst of their current feud, but it’s not as clear as the shot taken at the deceased.

Check out the video for “Rumors” below:

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[WATCH] JAZ-O Recalls Giving JAY-Z the Gun He Used to Shoot His Brother 

JAZ-O Recalls Giving JAY-Z the Gun He Used to Shoot His Brother

The relationship between JAY-Z and JAZ-O is well documented. During a visit to VLAD TV, Jaz pulled back the curtain on another moment in their history, noting he gave JAY-Z the gun that he used to shoot his older brother.

“Yeah, I can’t remember, but it was a shot to not fatally wound but just you know…to be honest, I don’t think he was aiming to really hit him, in his defense,” JAZ-O said. “And it was my gun. He didn’t have the gun so he could go and shoot his brother. It was a thing back then. You got some arms, you got guns or got a gun, that was a sign of brotherhood with the street.”

JAZ would state the gun wasn’t in a young Hov’s possession to shoot his brother, but sadly that’s what happened.

JAZ would add, “He ran to my crib because you bust a gun, I don’t care who you are, you get nervous. You get nervous and you need somewhere to run to, so I guess he was like, ‘Let me run over to this nigga’s house and drop this shit off for worst-case scenario’. So he came up there and dropped it off and everything.”

HipHopDX notes JAY-Z was just a 12-year-old at the time. You can hear the story from Hov’s point of view on “You Must Love Me.”

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