Cardi B Gets Wax Figure at Hollywood Wax Museum 

Cardi B Hollywood Wax Museum wax figure 2

While many celebrities get called “plastic” by critics, Cardi B is now quite literally plastic as the Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach, NC recently added a wax figure of Cardi B to their lineup.

The lifelike statue features a blonde Cardi complete with tattoos wearing a bedazzled two-piece costume similar to what she’s worn in her past performances, holding her arms up as if she is performing in front of an audience and pointing to them.

Cardi B Hollywood Wax Museum wax figure
Cardi B Hollywood Wax Museum wax figure
Cardi B Hollywood Wax Museum wax figure 1
Cardi B Hollywood Wax Museum wax figure

As for creating the wax Cardi? The Hollywood Wax Museum describes the process on their website, explaining how it take seven artists more than three months to replicate some of the world’s biggest stars, explaining the process as such:

“We start with a simple lump of clay, some measurements and a handful of photos. A clay sculptor then molds the clay into a remarkable likeness of the star, right down to every mole and wrinkle. Next, we start our work with wax. A mold is created using the clay head and face, and a molten mixture of natural and petroleum-based wax is poured inside to form a rough waxen image. We then begin to whittle down the wax to reveal appropriate wrinkles, fine lines and other unique markings of each forehead and face. The masterpiece is completed by adding the details of the eyes, ears, nose and lips. Then, it’s time to bring the wax to life. Appropriate color is applied to the skin and features and hair is inserted one strand at a time. Meanwhile, the wax artist creates hands that not only look anatomically correct, but will work just right with the figure’s stance and hand gestures.”

They then add a custom designed costume and props to complete the look.

As with all things, the internet is divided with some calling the statue realistic while others had their criticisms. As for Cardi? She appears to be here for it, sharing a photo to her Instagram story with the caption “Naaa this wax determine of me lit. I believed this was actually me ayoooooo.”

Cardi isn’t the first female hip-hop star to recently get a wax figure. In 2020, Madame Tussauds unveiled a wax figure of Nicki Minaj inspired by her Anaconda video.

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[WATCH] Hulu’s “Look At Me: XXXTENTACION” Documentary Film Trailer 


XXXTentacion fans are getting their first look at a documentary about the late rapper. Billboard exclusively unveiled the trailer for Hulu’s “Look At Me: XXXTENTACION” documentary film.

Xxx was killed in a botched robbery incident back in 2018.

The acclaimed director of the film, Sabaah Folayan told Billboard, “He didn’t necessarily win his battle before we lost him, but he gave us a space to talk about mental health and his internal struggle.”

“Look At Me: XXXTENTACION” explores how Florida teenager, Jahseh Onfroy became SoundCloud rapper XXXTentacion, one of the most streamed artists on the planet.

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Through frank commentary from family, friends, and unseen archival footage, the director offers a sensitive portrayal of an artist whose acts of violence, raw musical talent and open struggles with mental health left an indelible mark on his generation before his death at the age of 20.

Award-winning director, Folayan is a basketball player, and activist from South Central Los Angeles. Her critically acclaimed first film, Whose Street? is a telling story of the killing of Michael Brown and the Ferguson uprising.

Her upcoming project and highly anticipated documentary about the gone too soon rapper, XXXTentacion releases on Hulu on May 26.

Watch the full trailer below. Share your thoughts on social media.

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New York City Honors The 50th Birthday Of The... 

biggie freestyles source block party christopher wallace way

Biggie’s golden anniversary was this past Saturday. The Notorious B.I.G., who would have turned 50-years-old on May 21, received a number of tributes in New York City.

On Friday, there was a ceremony in partnership with Bad Boy/Atlantic and Rhino Records at the Empire State Building with family members, friends and collaborators of the legendary rapper, Christopher Wallace.

While Brooklyn’s Barclays Center featured a video montage of him on the mega oculus display above the venue’s entrance.

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New York City is going B.I.G. for Biggies 50th birthday.

On Saturday, the landmark skyscraper changed its lights to red and white, with a crown spinning on its mast.

In addition, the MTA is released a special MetroCard edition featuring the Brooklyn-born Hip-Hop icon and there will be a free orchestral tribute at the Lincoln Center on June 10.

For more information on the tribute, visit the Lincoln Center’s website.

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ICYMI: Doja Cat Cancels Summer Tour Due To Upcoming Surgery 

Man Arrested for Calling in Bomb Threat to Doja Cat Show in Indiana

Doja Cat needs surgery on her tonsils. The “Get Into It (Yuh)” singer took to Twitter to say a doctor had to cut into her left tonsil because she had an abscess in it.

In a follow-up post, she said her tonsils got infected before the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month and she was taking medication for it, but she forgot and drank wine and vaped “all day long.”

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She said she’s now quitting the vape for a while. Doja Cat added she “might have bad news for her fans.”

Today she confirmed in another tweet that she has to have surgery on her tonsils asap and her recovery will cause her to cancel several shows including her tour with The Weeknd.

“I wanted you to hear it first. Unfortunately I have to have surgery on my tonsils asap. The surgery is routine but the recovery is going to take a while due to swelling. That means I have to cancel my festival run this summer as well as The Weeknd Tour. I feel horrible about this but can’t wait for this to heal and get back to making music and create an experience for y’all.”

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Lil Keed’s Brother Lil GotIt Shares Young Thug, Gunna’s Thoughts on Keed’s Death 

Lil GotIt Lil Keed

YSL’s Lil GotIt says Young Thug and Gunna are grieving the death of YSL labelmate Lil Keed.

Official reports have not been confirmed on the nature of his death. Although rumors have surfaced that GotIt’s older brother Lil Keed, real name Raqhid Jevon Render died from liver failure due to excessive drug use. Multiple reports allege that Keed overdosed on promethazine with codeine aka “lean,” with his brother Lil Gotit, real name Semaja Zair Render close by.

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Lil GotIt took to his Instagram stories over the weekend to share Young Thug and Gunna’s feeling about Keed’s passing. He said Thug knows Keed is “guarding him through these times.”

“Talked to @thuggerthugger1 yesterday,” he wrote. “Keed, u f**ked him up with this one, but we know you guarding him through these times and make sure he gone be alright. We da Proud Family can’t nothing stop us.”

“Talked to @gunna he good just sad what’s goin on wit twin but everything gone be in our favor,” Lil Gotit shared.

YSL rappers Young Thug and Gunna were among 28 people named in a Georgia indictment for conspiring to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. They are currently being held with no bond.

Gunna and Thug will remain in jail until further notice. Gunna is due back in court in June. Share your comments on social media.

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Families of The Buffalo “Hate Crime” Mass Shooting Suing For Victims 

buffalo mass shooting hate crime

The families of the victims of the Buffalo, New York “Hate Crime” mass shooting are suing. Thirteen people were shot and ten killed when a gunman opened fire at the Tops grocery store in Kingsley, an eastern neighborhood of Buffalo.

The Buffalo Police Commissioner says there is no mistake Saturday’s deadly mass shooting is a “vicious hate crime.”

Authorities say an 18-year-old white suspect identified as Payton Gendron is charged with first-degree murder. Most of the victims in Saturday’s mass shooting were Black.

Buffalo Police made a point to praise the heroism of former Buffalo officer and supermarket security guard Aaron Salter Jr. who died in the attack.

READ MORE: Hailed A Hero: Ex-Cop Aaron Salter Jr. Killed While Firing At Buffalo Shooter

Police say Gendron, a self-avowed white supremacist opened fire at a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood. Buffalo Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia said investigators are looking at the online history of the suspect.

NBC News reports a manifesto allegedly written by Gendron was posted on Google Docs Thursday night. The document allegedly lays out plans to attack Black people, and promotes conspiracy theory claims that white people are being replaced by minorities in the U.S.

Former Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield, whose mother was killed Saturday, said he’s joining the lawsuit.

Whitfield said it’s time for all the hate to stop. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump said he’s targeting the “websites and cable news outlets” he claims spread hate and radicalized the shooter. The shooter livestreamed the attack on Twitch.

Share your comments with us on social media.

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The Notorious B.I.G. Comes Back To Life In ‘The Brook’ Digital Metaverse 

biggie the brook

The Notorious B.I.G. estate dropped a major metaverse announcement on Christopher Wallace’s (Biggie’s) would-be 50th birthday on Saturday, May 21.

Biggie fans can enjoy The Notorious B.I.G. on Web3 via a hyperrealistic model of his likeness in a new metaverse activation called “The Brook.” Fans can register to be the first alerted to when they can enter this unique world.

The teaser of the Brook below features the voice of Mark Pitts, who managed Biggie in life and worked with the teams at Surreal, Zoan and Willingie to give an authentic voice to the creative direction of the metaverse.

“Being born and raised in Brooklyn, I wanted it to feel as close to the Brooklyn that helped raise me. The hyperrealism is authentic to that experience. As we expand, we will use that same authenticity in other cities,” said Pitts.

“Technology continues to create opportunities that are beyond one’s imagination and I’m excited that we are stepping into the future with a beautiful rendition of a hyperrealistic avatar of my son Christopher and I’m thankful for our wonderful team of creative partners for their work to deliver Biggie into new media for his fans to enjoy,” said Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace.

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The late great cultural icon was born Christopher Wallace in Brooklyn, New York. The Brook, by definition, is a small stream or river that flows into other rivers that eventually flows into the ocean. The Brook is also a reference to the four-time Grammy nominee’s hometown and will be realized as a metaverse activation of hip-hop culture, lifestyle, music, entertainment, sports and fashion.

According to the release, the platform will encompass an immersive digital space, giving users the opportunity to experience and explore virtual worlds, buy tickets to and attend virtual concerts, purchase virtual and physical merchandise, buy virtual real estate, and buy, sell and trade NFTs. The platform will launch with The Notorious B.I.G. and then spread to other activations and talent.

The project, developed in partnership with ZOAN, Surreal Events, and Hyperreal, is tied to his hometown in Brooklyn, to deliver Biggie into a new media for his fans and give provide a new platform to experience the culture of Hip-Hop.

Watch the trailer below. Share your thoughts with us on social media.

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A New Daredevil Series is In the Works at Streaming Platform Disney+ 


A new Daredevil series is in the works at Disney+.

Variety is reporting that a series is in development from Covert Affairs creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord. Rumors have been happening for a while regarding the series coming back on the Disney streaming platform, with the two stars of the Netflix series popping up in various Disney projects recently.

Charlie Cox returned as lawyer Matt Murdock in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” with Vincent D’Onofrio returning to play villain Wilson Fisk in “Hawkeye.”

Netflix previously canceled their series in 2018 after three seasons. There is no word yet on casting or a release date.

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SOURCE SPORTS: Stephanie McMahon Takes a Leave Of Absence From WWE 

Stephanie McMahon 1

The billion-dollar princess of the WWE is stepping away for an extended amount of time. WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is taking an indefinite leave of absence to focus squarely on her family.

“As of tomorrow, I am taking a leave of absence from the majority of my responsibilities at WWE,” McMahon tweeted. “WWE is a lifelong legacy for me and I look forward to returning to the company that I love after taking this time to focus on my family.”

This most likely refers to the fact that her husband, WWE legend Triple H, suffered a cardiac event last summer that resulted in a near-death experience. Currently, Triple H is back with WWE behind the scenes on a limited basis right now.

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Stephanie and her father, Chairman and CEO Vince, are the only McMahons currently still with WWE. She has largely been the one in the family always in from of the press and public appearances for the WWE. She began her time with the company back in 2000 working on the writing team and worked her way up to Executive Vice President of Creative before transitioning to her current role in 2013.

WWE President Nick Khan will assume most of Stephanie’s duties in her absence, according to Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston.

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, “no one but the most inner circle” of the company knew Stephanie’s announcement was coming.

Johnson added that most people in WWE he spoke to were “completely shocked” and “taken aback” by McMahon’s decision.

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R. Kelly’s New York Federal Sentencing For Sex Trafficking Delayed 

R. Kelly Reportedly Denied Conjugal Visits With Both Girlfriends

R. Kelly’s federal case for sentencing is delayed again.

A judge in New York now says it’ll happen on June 29. The “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” producer was convicted on numerous charges including sex with underage girls and racketeering.

READ MORE: R. Kelly Hires Bill Cosby’s Appeal Attorney For Chicago Trial

His lawyer said experts she had hired won’t be able to talk with Kelly until late next week. U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly moved Kelly’s sentencing hearing from June 15 to June 29, writing in her order that it would be the last time she granted a change.

The hearing had originally been set for May 4. He’s set to stand trial in Illinois on similar charges in August.

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