Kanye West Says “I Like Hitler” on Unhinged Alex Jones Interview 

Kanye West Alex Jones interview

December may have just started, but it’s going to be hard for it to get any more bizarre after Kanye West set the bar high on Thursday in an unfiltered interview with Alex Jones in which Ye made some of the most shocking statements of his career.

A fully masked Ye went on Alex Jones’ show on the website Infowars on Thursday where he spent almost three hours discussing his opinion on religion, politics, art, the media, Hollywood, Donald Trump, and much more.

West started the interview by speaking about his Christian faith, denouncing pornography and pedophilia, saying the two are basically equal. He then talked about Steve Jobs, social media conspiracy theories, the evils of pornography and alcohol,

Kanye was joined by Nick Fuentes, a well-known political commentator and streamer who is known for his white supremacist views. Former President Donald Trump was recently criticized for having dinner with Fuentes. (Trump claimed that he did not know who Fuentes was.)

At one point, Kanye said: “I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis.” He also said: “The Jewish media has made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have never offered anything of value to the world.” He described how Hitler added value to the world by inventing things like the highway and microphones. West also called out politician Rahm Emanuel (who is Jewish and hails from West’s hometown of Chicago) several times throughout the interview.

The full interview can be seen here: https://www.infowars.com/posts/ye-west-alex-jones-break-the-internet-in-must-see-new-interview/.

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[WATCH] Michigan Prison Officials Launch Investigation After Inmates Post Music Video 

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Michigan’s Macomb Correctional Facility is the site of an in-depth investigation after two inmates posted a music video online that was filmed with cell phones inside of the facility. Cell phones are prohibited among inmates in all Department of Corrections facilities around the country.

Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Gautz addressed the video in a statement, saying, “It’s incredibly dangerous [to have phones inside state prisons], especially with capability of getting onto the internet because they can be used to arrange escapes, harass witnesses, or place ‘hits’ on people inside or outside the prison.” 

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[WATCH] Woman Claiming To Be EST Gee’s Sister Says Her and Her 5 Children Are Homeless 

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Kentucky slang spitter EST Gee lost his mother to leukemia and his brother to a shooting tragedy, both in 2020. His family dynamics have changed and now it is being alleged that his sister is currently living on the streets with her five children.

The woman took to social media, pleading, “I am EST Gee’s, and I’m homeless. I have five kids, I don’t have any support.”

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Styles P & Jadakiss to Co-headline ‘Back to Back’ Concert at Irving Plaza Dec. 16 

Styles P & Jadakiss to Co-headline 'Back to Back' Concert at Irving Plaza Dec. 16

Styles P and Jadakiss, well-known for their distinct flows as chart-topping iconic New York rappers, have mastered the “In and Out” rap style, making them a true benchmark of success when studying the game.

On December 16 at Irving Plaza in New York City, these two kings will co-headline the “Back to Back” concert series, which is being put on by Doubt x Belief for the first time.

This will be an unforgettable night as these two giants perform a full set of their “In and Out” verses from legendary songs like “We Gon Make It,” “Banned From TV,” “I’m A Ruff Ryder,” “Keeping It Gangsta,” and so many more. The event is sponsored by Altitude Cannabis Club, Higher Empire, RUT NY, Caviar Boutique, and Organically Connected.

Scott Burnhard will serve as the host for the event, which also includes featured DJs Technician and Scram Jones as well as performances by Neek Bucks, Flawless, Nym Lo, Girll Codee, Brady Watt, The Hoodies, Haile Supreme, and Shanell Sharpe. The renowned breeders and cultivators AlienLabs and Doja Pak have joined forces with lifestyle company Strain Gang to create “Back to Back” as a tribute to the occasion.

A VIP ticket, pictures with the artist, and a gift bag from sponsors like Puffco, Magical Butter, Pax, Compound Genetics, Buddy Bakes NY, Dee Thai, Flowerhouse NY, That Lizm, Sluggers, and more are all included in the price of Smoke and Greet tickets, which are currently on sale.

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SOURCE SPORTS: College Football Playoff Announces Expansion to 12 Teams Beginning in 2024 

college football general

The newly extended 12-team playoff will debut during the 2024–2025 season, according to members of the College Football Playoff (CFP) Board of Managers.

“We’re delighted to be moving forward,” said Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the College Football Playoff. “When the board expanded the playoff beginning in 2026 and asked the CFP Management Committee to examine the feasibility of starting the new format earlier, the Management Committee went right to work. More teams and more access mean more excitement for fans, alumni, students and student-athletes. We appreciate the leaders of the six bowl games and the two future national championship game host cities for their cooperation. Everyone realized that this change is in the best interest of college football and pulled together to make it happen.”

The first round of the playoffs in 2024 will take place the week ending on Saturday, December 21, either at the higher-seeded team’s home ground or at a different location chosen by that team. (No. 12 at No. 5, Nos. 11 and 10 at Nos. 7 and 8, respectively.) Later, the precise game dates—likely toward the end of that week—will be revealed.

The two Playoff Semifinal games and the four quarterfinal games will alternately be played in bowls for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. The Fiesta Bowl, Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl will host the 2024 quarterfinals, while the Playoff Semifinals will be held in the Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl. The Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl will host the 2025 quarterfinals, while the Fiesta Bowl and Peach Bowl will play home to the 2025 playoff semifinals. All quarterfinal and semifinal matchups’ exact dates will be revealed later.

“On behalf of the Management Committee and the Board of Managers, this is thrilling,” Hancock added. “It’s been a long process, but we are pleased that more teams and more students will have the opportunity to compete for the national championship beginning in the 2024 season. A new era of college football is about to begin. I look forward to it.” 

“This is a great day for college football,” said Mark Keenum, President of Mississippi State University and chairman of the CFP Board of Managers. “I’m glad we are able to follow through and launch the expanded playoff early. It’s very exciting for schools, alumni and everyone involved.”

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King Combs Hits the Runway of Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Sartorio/Alta Sartoria Presentation During... 

King Combs Hits the Runway of Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Sartorio/Alta Sartoria Presentation During Miami Art Week

Christian “King” Combs, a rising musician, actor, businessman, and fashion powerhouse, walked at the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda presentation this week as part of Miami Art Week. He entered the runway wearing a stunning, checkered suit.

The “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” rapper and D&G initially collaborated when he was chosen as the face of their Spring/Summer 2018 campaign. His song just peaked at number one on the mainstream Hip Hop/R&B Chart. Quincy, Combs’ brother, and Maluma, a music artist, were present and supporting Combs.

You can see the images below.

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Textile Artist Bisa Butler Pays Homage To Salt-N-Pepa At Art Basel Miami 2022 

Salt and peppa quilt

Black American textile artist Bisa Butler has taken the art of quilting to the next level,  bringing the genre from the blankets your granny used to make to an art that only the ancestors could dream it to be. Butler’s quilted portraits are more like paintings and less about the use of scraps and pieces of old clothes used to create a blanket of memories in the past.  Bisa’s work transforms photographs that capture the souls, personalities, and humanity of Black men, women, and children into quilts in vibrant colors and patterns that offer in-depth, portrayals of the Black experience while uplifting and celebrating the art of quilting.  Her latest portrait of legendary hip hop artists Salt-N-Pepa and Spinderella will be shown at this year’s Art Bazel in Miami Beach at the Jeffery Deitch gallery.

 In an Instagram Post to her 217K quilt-loving followers, Butler says  “At long last, I’m thrilled to announce that my quilted portrait of Salt-n-Pepa will be unveiled at the famed Jeffrey Deitch Gallery Goddesses booth @artbasel Miami. Please come experience this homage to powerful women of which I am so honored to be a part of.”  The details from the hoop earrings to the dookie rope chains are absolutely stunning. According to Butler, The artistic 8×10 quilted recreation of Salt-N-Pepa’s debut album, titled ‘Hot, Cool & Vicious’  was created using a myriad of fabrics including, printed cotton by master printmaker Gary Lichtenstein Editions; Dutch wax fabric by Vlisco, vinyl, wool, velvet, and glitter Quilted and appliquéd.

The Jeffrey Deitch GalleryGoddesses exhibit will be at Art Basel Miami Beach until December 3rd.  Click HERE for more info on how you can see Butler’s upcoming exhibitions

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Tourism Troubles Remove Hong Kong from the Number One Luxury Shopping Location 

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Home to some of the most unrelenting Covid strictures, Hong Kong is grappling with the downturn. Hong Kong no longer holds the world’s most expensive retail district title, as rents fell due to Covid curbs and visitor restrictions. Visitation numbers have plummeted due to the closed border with mainland China. Just three years ago, China received 56 million arrivals as the year’s total, compared to a sparse 250,000 people from the top of 2022. 

Manhattan’s Upper Fifth Avenue is now the priciest street globally for shopping, according to a survey by commercial property firm Cushman & Wakefield Plc. This survey tracks top retail districts across 92 cities and ranks them by price, considering excellent rental value. With a 14 percent increase from pre-pandemic levels, yearly rents for Upper Fifth Avenue shops averaged $2,000 per square foot. 

Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui district holds a second place as rents in Kowloon fell 41 percent to $1,436 per square foot. Italy’s Via Montenapoleone follows Hong Kong in Milan, where rents rose 9 percent to $1,380. London’s New Bond Street slid to fourth place, with average rents down 11 percent. The Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris came in fifth after they fell an average of 18 percent, according to Cushman & Wakefield.

The report further states that The United States has been the most buoyant, with average rents coming in at 15 percent above pre-pandemic levels. On the contrary, Asia’s rent has dropped an average of 17 percent- the aftermath of a Covid-inflicted chain reaction. While hotel quarantines have subsided, visitors are still required to undergo an extensive set of tests and restrictions. Though Hong Kong has lost its number one spot, the retail sector is gradually recovering from the pandemic. More than 70 new stores have been opened at Harbour City, and roughly 100 new stores are set to open in the mall by the end of this year, including retail and food. Some of these brands include but are not limited to, A. Lange & Söhne, LANVIN, Parisine, MALIN+GOETZ, and Patek Philippe. This is mainly due to increased retail sales that were higher than expected, given covid restrictions.

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FUBU and Black Fashion Fair Collaboration Reimagines the Iconic Brand 

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One of hip-hop’s most adored fashion brands is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the fusion of legacy and modernity. FUBU, launched in 1992 by Daymond John, Keith Perrin, J. Alexander Martin, and Carl Brown, has enormously shaped fashion in hip-hop by being a voice for Black culture and inspiring considerable talent. FUBU has secured Antoine Gregory, founder of Black Fashion Fair, to design a collection inspired by its archives. In his younger years, Gregory did not know the brand’s name, which stands for “For Us, By Us,” would be his guiding mantra. 

Through reimagining the brand, pieces such as red and black sweat suits take on a refurbished script logo to extend the brand’s reach to a contemporary audience. Still, the power of history seeps out of FUBU’s pores. Gregory was determined to connect Black consumers with Black-made clothing while upholding the revolutionary sentiment that has made FUBU one of fashion’s first streetwear giants. 

In recent years, FUBU has collaborated with retailers, including Urban Outfitters, Century 21, Forever 21, and Puma. This project with Black Fashion Fair views the brand through a more elevated and curated lens than ever before. The campaign, which Ahmad Barber and Donté Maurice shot, also known as AB+DM Studio, marks the debut of a new visual language. This recent exposure, coupled with the brand’s recognizable gifts, celebrates how FUBU is coming back in a whole new way. 
Time has shown that many pledges of solidarity set forth by brands, big and small, have proved to be hollow promises rooted in performative championing. Gregory knows that with FUBU, it is different. He said, “My goal is to elevate the location of Blackness in fashion. The story of FUBU has so deeply enriched our culture. Telling this story is necessary for the legacy Black Fashion Fair is creating.” The Black Fashion Fair is a space where people can witness their contributions to art and culture. The line retails from $90 to $292. The first half of the 14-piece collection is available today. The second portion will drop later this year as a testament to the power of FUBU’s contributions to Black fashion and culture.

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The Source Law Review: Following Taylor Swift Disaster, the FTC Is Under Fire For Failing To Stop... 

Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Tour Sales Are Reportedly Sinking

In the wake of Ticketmaster’s disastrous presale of tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming concert tour, a bipartisan duo of U.S. Senators have called out the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for not taking sufficient steps to fight the widespread use of illegal “bots” in the online ticket marketplace.  

After the Taylor Swift debacle, Ticketmaster claimed that the numerous issues with purchasing pre-sale tickets was due to its website being swarmed with billions of bots.  Bots are software programs designed to access and purchase online tickets at volumes and speeds that a human ticket purchaser cannot compete with.  Bots are typically employed by individuals and entities who seek to buy up as many tickets as possible in order to sell them in the resale market, at a significantly increased price.  

Bots are also illegal.  The 2016 Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act prohibits “the circumvention of a security measure, access control system, or other technological control measure used online by a ticket issuer” and prohibits the sale of tickets that ticket sellers know were obtained through those means.  

When bots swarm an online ticket sale, it makes it substantially more difficult, if not impossible, for legitimate purchasers to buy tickets.  Ticketmaster should be taking precautions to prevent bots from commandeering its ticket sales.  However, Ticketmaster has no incentive to prevent bots.  First, Ticketmaster makes a sale, regardless of whether the money comes from a “bot” purchase or a legitimate purchaser.  Additionally, Ticketmaster runs its own resale site, where it charges an additional, higher fee in addition to the fee imposed on the original sale.  By allowing and encouraging bots to swoop in and buy all the tickets initially, Ticketmaster can then collect a second fee from concertgoers who were unfortunate to get shut out in the initial ticket sale and are now trying to buy on Ticketmaster’s secondary market, at a highly inflated price.

Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who were co-sponsors of the BOTS Act, have sent a letter to the FTC.  The letter references several incidents, in addition to Taylor Swift, in which ticket purchasers encountered serious difficulties in purchasing tickets that were likely the result of bot swarms. The letter asks why the FTC has only taken a single enforcement action under the BOTS Act in the six years since it became law, and asks if there are obstacles preventing the FTC from enforcing the BOTS Act, particularly in light of all the apparent problems that bots are causing, and whether Congress needs to take any further action. 

It is unclear why the FTC has failed to take any significant action, although it seems likely that it will do so in light of recent headline-grabbing events.  Since Ticketmaster will almost certainly not take any action to prevent bots on its own, it is up to the FTC to enforce the BOTS Act and reduce the stranglehold that the use of bots maintains over online ticket sales.

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