Netflix’s New ‘Password Sharing’ Guidelines Have Social Media PRESSED 

Netflix logo
Netflix logo

It’s not uncommon to hear of people utilizing their friend or family member’s Netflix account. In fact, as multiple people are able to be logged in at the same time, sharing passwords was a relatively problem-free way to access the streaming service for quite some time.

However, Netflix recently announced plans to begin cracking down on password sharing, and the entire situation sparked quite a bit of backlash on social media.

The Guidelines Are Meant To Curb Password Sharing

The new guidelines recently made their debut on the streaming service’s website. Setting the tone, the very top of the guidelines page explicitly reads, “A Netflix account is for people who live together in a single household.”

Netflix goes on to note that, when a user attempts to log in to an account outside of the primary household, verification may be needed. This verification will send a link with a 4-digit code to the primary account owner’s email, and this code must be entered in order to watch Netflix from the device in question.

Additionally, it’s noted that “verification may be required periodically.” While this would certainly pose an issue for people using others’ accounts, it’ll also impact subscribers when they attempt to use Netflix while traveling.

An Old Tweet Came Back To Haunt Netflix: ‘THE LIES!’

As one can imagine, people were definitely annoyed by the new guidelines. However, even more outrage came about after a tweet from 2017 resurfaced, showing how much Netflix’s outlook has changed over the years.

Specifically, Netflix hopped on a trend at the time and tweeted, “Love is sharing a password.”

Twitter users swiftly began calling the company out for its hypocrisy.

Peep other users’ critiques down below.

Even Simone Biles said she may cancel Netflix, noting, “I’m lazy & hate re-entering my password.” Relatable!

A TikToker going by @crutches_and_spice added to the conversation by proclaiming that the fallout from this decision was going to be “part of the top 10 of ‘f**k around and find out’ that we’ve ever seen.”

Specifically, she theorized that Netflix would face a serious hit in regards to how its original content performs, as less people will have access to the platform, resulting in less overall buzz.


#stitch with @milehighbrendan @peacock has better content anyways, tbh…

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What do you think about Netflix cracking down on password sharing, and will you still be keeping your subscription?

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WATCH: Kylie Jenner Shares Never-Before-Seen Moments With Son Aire As She Celebrates His 1st... 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is celebrating the back-to-back birthdays of her children. And giving the world an exclusive look at her 1-year-old son Aire.

Jenner Took To Instagram on Thursday To Share A Special Birthday Post With Her Son

Jenner took to Instagram Thursday afternoon and shared a touching video showcasing various moments with her 1-year-old son. She wished him a happy birthday and called the past year with the infant, the “best year” of her life.

AIRE. my son, my moon, my stars. best year of my life with you. you complete us my angel. mommy loves you. happy 1st birthday. may God always bless you.

The Celebration Continues As Jenner’s Daughter Stormi Just Celebrated Her Birthday

The celebration in the Jenner household is only continuing as her first child, Stormi, just celebrated her 5th birthday on Wednesday. Jenner took to Instagram to also share a special post about her daughter.

i gave you the gift of life and life gave me the gift of you. the most special girl. this little face. i will miss it as it keeps changing. 5 years of loving you and forever more to go. i will always be there for you storm girl.

Kris Jenner Also Took To Instagram To Send Birthday Wishes To Her Grandchildren

Kris Jenner penned her birthday tribute to her granddaughter Stormi on Wednesday. And added that she can’t wait to see the 5-year-old’s bond with her brother grew as they both get older.

Happy birthday to my beautiful, sweet, smart, funny, adventurous, loving granddaughter Stormi!! I can’t believe you are 5! You spread happiness and joy wherever you go and your energy and laughter are infectious!! Thank you for being such a bright light in all of our lives. You are the best daughter, granddaughter, cousin, friend and big sister!! Your brother is so lucky to have you to look up to, and I can’t wait to watch your bond grow as you get older. We are all blessed to have you in our lives, my precious girl. I love you to the moon and back, Stormi, and I can’t wait to celebrate your special day with you! Lovey xo

For Aire, Jenner explained that he is “the sweetest boy with the sweetest smile.” And is the “light” of the family’s lives.

Happy Birthday to my precious grandson Aire!!!! You are the sweetest boy with the sweetest smile and are the light of our lives!!! You bring so much love and joy to our family and we adore you!!!! What a little cutie I can’t believe you are 1!!!!! I love you with all my heart forever and ever 😍🥳🥰❤🎂 Lovey xo

Roommates, do you think it’s cool that the siblings can celebrate back to back birthdays?

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Detroit Woman Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize While Taking ‘A Break To Relax’ From A ‘Tough Day’ 

Michigan Woman Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize While Taking 'A Break To Relax' From A 'Tough Day'
Michigan Woman Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize While Taking 'A Break To Relax' From A 'Tough Day'

Jamila McCaskill just wanted a break from her “tough day.” So to relax, she started playing the lottery online and turned that frown upside down when she won $100,000.

According to local outlet Centre Daily Times, McCaskill recently pocketed $71,750 of her Michigan Lottery prize after taxesShe plans to use the funds to pay off her home and other bills.


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A Feb. 1 news release by Michigan Lottery says Jamila won the prize while playing on their phone app. Jamila says she logged in to play the Daily Spin to Win game when another caught her attention–and later filled her wallet.

“I was having a tough day and took a break to relax,” Jamila said. Adding, “As I was scrolling through the different games, Diamond Payout caught my eye, so I started playing. On only my second spin, the screen lit up, and I knew I had won a prize.”

Jamila hasn’t offered details on what was causing her ‘tough day,’ but the winnings seem to have alleviated her in some form.

“When I saw the prize amount of $100,000, I couldn’t believe it. This is by far the largest prize I have ever won, and it feels amazing.”

According to Michigan Lottery’s press release, Jamila is just one of over 1 million players registered to play their online games. The platform launched in 2014. It offers more than 175 games and allows plays from five cents to $20.

Participants also have the opportunity to play some of the lottery’s most-known games, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Lotto 47, and Fantasy 5.

Jamila isn’t the only recent big winner in Michigan. Another woman, Renae Shelby of Flint, won $300,000. But, unlike Jamila, Renae purchased her winning ticket for the Emerald Green Wild Time instant game at a market, per a Jan. 2 press release.

Shelby said:

“I started scratching the tickets when I got in my car, and when I saw I’d won $300,000, I was in shock! I called my son right away, and he thought he was going to have to call 911 because I felt like I couldn’t breath and could barely get my words out to tell him I’d won $300,000. It was so exciting!”


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A post shared by Michigan Lottery (@milottery)

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Zailey Unidad Flores: Missing 21-Year-Old Black Girl In Grave Danger After She Called Her Mom... 

A 21-year-old Black woman who has gone missing may be in grave danger after she told her mother other the phone that she was in Tijuana and she going to die,

The FBI field office in Las Vegas are now asking the public’s help in finding Zailey Unidad Flores, who was last heard from on Jan. 12, the same day of that fateful call to her mother, April Reed, according to NBC San Diego.

Black Woman Missing In Tijuana, Called Her Mother Saying She Was Going To Die Before Disappearance

Zailey Flores is described as a 5’6” woman with brown eyes, brown skin, 140 pounds, who also is known to go by “Luna,” “Uni” and “Zay.”

She frequently charges her hair color, however it’s usually colored brown, black or partially copper.

Flores has ties to a variety of locations, including Detroit, Michigan; Maricopa County, Tucson, Phoenix, Laveen, and Marana, Arizona; the Slauson Avenue and Skid Row areas of Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; as well as Idaho, the outlet reports.

Distinguishing Factor Revealed By FBI In Hopes Of Finding Her

As for distinguishing factors, she has scars on her left arm and hand, as well as her right wrists with vertical scars on her palms, per the FBI.

What is described as cigarette burn marks cover much of her left and right shins.

Her mother went on to say that he daughter sounded incoherent the last time they spoke.

Reed contacted law enforcement when her family began receiving random messages through social media for very low ransoms of about $750, NBC reports.

Zailey’s Mother Says She Started Getting Ransoms For Low Amounts

Her alleged boyfriend, 43-year-old Ricardo De La Torre, had sent screenshots to her mother of a Facebook page filled with posts about Zailey, and that the person behind the page is the one asking Reed for ransom money.

De La Torre added that he and her daughter had travelled to Tijuana to look at apartments, before she started acting strange and suddenly disappeared.

Reed, who admits her daughter has a history of drug abuse and mental illness, says she has been mostly estranged from Zailey over the last three years.

While her mother says she had pulled dramatic stunts in the past, this situation seemed more extreme she said.

Meanwhile, the FBI is currently involved in the case alongside the U.S. Embassy in Tijuana.

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Proposed Bill Would Offer Inmates Reduced Sentences In Exchange For Organ Donations 

Under a controversial proposal in Massachusetts, incarcerated people could be incentivized to donate their organs and bone marrow in exchange for a swifter chance at freedom.

Incarcerated People Would Receive Between 60 & 365 Days Off Their Prison Sentence

The legislation is formally known as Bill HD.3822, and it’s described as “an act to establish the Massachusetts incarcerated individual Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Program.”

Through this program, inmates would receive the chance to have their sentenced reduced “on the condition that the incarcerated individual has donated bone marrow or organ(s).” Participants would specifically be able to receive between 60 and 365 days off their sentence.

The bill is sure to also note, “There shall be no commissions or monetary payments to be made to the Department of Correction for bone marrow donated by incarcerated individuals.” Additionally, “annual reports” to keep track of “the estimated life-savings associated with said donations” will be kept, if the bill passes.

Representative Argues Bill Would ‘Restore Bodily Autonomy To Incarcerated Folks’

State Rep. Judith Garcia (D-Mass.) is one of the politicians who presented the bill, and she broke it down in a Twitter infographic.

She says that the bill would “establish a voluntary path to organ and bone marrow donation” among incarcerated people in Massachusetts, as “there is currently no path” in place. Additionally, Garcia states that the opportunity would “restore bodily autonomy to incarcerated folks” while simultaneously offering the benefit of a reduced sentence.

Activists Slam Bill As ‘Unethical & Depraved’

Despite Garcia’s infographic, there is some loud opposition to the bill.

In a statement to Insider, Kevin Ring—president of a nonprofit called Families Against Mandatory Minimums—referred to the proposal as “something out of a science fiction book or horror story.”

“It seems like something out of a science fiction book or horror story. It’s just this sort of idea that we have this class of subhumans whose body parts [we] will harvest because they’re not like us or because they’re so desperate for freedom that they’d be willing to do this.”

He went on to outline how this bill differs from other initiatives that offer “good time credits” in exchange for participating in rehabilitative programs.

“In most state systems, you earn good time credits from participating in programming that is intended to reduce your risk of reoffending, so those things make sense. Those are things that are at least connected, relevant, to releasing them early. This one seems like it’s not, though.”

Additionally, Ring pointed out, “It just begs the question: How about two years off for a limb, for an amputee? What’s going on here? It’s dark.”

Similar critiques were expressed by Michael Cox—the executive director of Black and Pink Massachusetts, a prison abolition organization, Boston reports.

“When I saw the bill, it just smacked as unethical and depraved. And the reason is because it is unethical to sell organs; it is unethical to incentivize the selling of organs for very, very good reasons.”

What are your thoughts on the proposed bill, as well as the critiques against it?

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Parents Seek Justice After Family Friend Stole And Crashed Car With 1-Year-Old Inside: ‘He Didn’t... 

Parents Seek Justice After Family Friend Stole And Crashed Car With 1-Year-Old Inside: 'He Didn't Deserve It'
Parents Seek Justice After Family Friend Stole And Crashed Car With 1-Year-Old Inside: 'He Didn't Deserve It'

Zarion Robinson died at 13 months when a family friend stole and crashed a car he was in. Milwaukee prosecutors filed charges on Wednesday (Feb 1.) against Antwineesha Burse following her hospitalization from the head-on collision that killed the infant.

Burse faces up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted on ‘one count of knowingly operating a motor vehicle without a valid license causing death.’ Prosecutors are reportedly looking into additional charges, revealing that Burse has never had a driver’s license in Wisconsin.

Zarion Robinson’s Mother And Police Explain What Led To His Death 

The child’s mother, Mikayla Tweedie, spoke to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the Jan. 27 incident. Tweedie described Burse as an “acquaintance” and “family friend” who was in the car with her, Zarion, and her cousin before stealing it.

The mother and her cousin exited the Pontiac G6 at her house to drop off the cousin’s cat. That’s when Burse hopped in the front seat and took off with the infant–a move Mikayla says she still doesn’t understand.

“She took it upon herself to hop in the driver’s seat and pull off with my child in the car. I called her and said I don’t care about the car, I just want my baby back.” Tweedie added, “I knew her well enough to think she wouldn’t do something like that.”

Soon after, Burse crashed the stolen car into a van. Police are still searching for the driver and passengers of the second vehicle, given that they fled the scene on foot.

Though Zarion was strapped into his car seat, it wasn’t secured to the car, per the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office. The MEO also said Burse was likely speeding at the time of impact.

According to Fox6‘s review of the criminal complaint, this is how the crash happened:

“[The minivan] was traveling north in the northbound lanes at the time of the crash, and the Pontiac was traveling southbound and crossed from the southbound lane over into the lef-turn-lane and then into the northbound lane, colliding head-on with the Caravan.”

Following the crash, police found Burse trapped in the front driver’s seat and Robinson in the rear passenger seat with visible forehead injuries, the complaint says. Zarion reportedly died at the hospital.

Family Holds Vigil For Infant Killed In Car Crash

Robinson’s family held a vigil for him on Tuesday evening (Jan. 31). The child’s grandfather, Donnie Thomas, spoke to Fox6 Milwaukee about Zarion’s passing, Burse’s actions, and deserved consequences.

“At the end of the day, we all make mistakes, but this wasn’t no mistake here,” Thomas said.

Zarion’s father, Eddie Anthony, told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he wants justice for his infant’s death.

“I want to see justice, I do. I want to see justice. He didn’t deserve it, he had a lot of life ahead of him. Like I said, gone but never forgotten, but it’s a lot of heartache that we will never get over. Everybody’s going to think about it every day, every minute, every second. So it’s tough, it’s hard.”

Both mother and father described Zarion Robinson’s personality as “fun…innocent…playful” with a “beautiful smile.” 

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Donor Reacts After Woman Scammed Thousands Using Fake Cancer Diagnosis: ‘Say A Prayer For This Kid’ 

Donor Reacts After Woman Scammed Thousands Using Fake Cancer Diagnosis: 'Say A Prayer For This Kid'
Donor Reacts After Woman Scammed Thousands Using Fake Cancer Diagnosis: 'Say A Prayer For This Kid'

Madison Russo scammed at least $37,303 from donors who were under the impression that she had cancer. Iowa police arrested the 19-year-old on Jan. 23 after an investigation uncovered that she lied about having acute lymphoblastic leukemia, stage 2 pancreatic cancer, and a football-sized tumor wrapped around her spine.

@bobbysmurdyyy #maddierusso #maddierussofakecancer ♬ original sound – Bobby

According to WABI5, authorities held Russo at Scott County Jail on a cash-only $10,000 bond. However, a man named Tom Bouland bailed her out, per WQAD8. Russo has been charged with first-degree theft by means of deception. If she’s convicted, she faces a maximum of 10 years.

Lou Frillman, who donated $500 to Russo’s fraudulent ‘Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer’ GoFundMe fundraiser, spoke to WQAD8 after he received a refund.

Her story was something that would gain empathy,” donor Lou Frillman said. “My thinking is say a prayer for this young kid because she’s gonna have a lot of terrible consequences as the result of this. Lou added, “It’s not enough money to spend years wishing you had done something different.”

The refund came from the fundraising platform, which released a statement following Russo’s lie-come-to-light. Russo’s fundraiser was reportedly removed by Bouland r, who was listed as its organizer. It’s unclear if Bouland is also facing charges or what his relationship with Russo is.

“GoFundMe has a zero-tolerance policy for misuse of our platform and cooperates with law enforcement investigations of those accused of wrongdoing. GoFundMe’s Giving Guarantee offers donors a full refund in the rare case when something isn’t right,” Communications Associate Nathalie Granda said.

Watch Frillman’s full interview below:

How Police Uncovered Madison Russo’s Fake Cancer Story Scam

After an investigation, the Eldrige Police Department revealed Madison did not have any of the illnesses she had publicly claimed.

But, she sold her fake cancer diagnosis through TikTok content and a GoFundMe fundraiser. Madison also made public appearances, telling ‘her story’ through local media coverage and speaking engagements.

She told North Scott Press in October that doctors diagnosed her with cancer in February 2022. She detailed receiving a call while in class, addressing it as “the worst day of [her] life.” 

KWQC reports that Russo was a guest speaker at Ambrose University, The National Pancreatic Foundation in Chicago, and a Purple Project podcast.

Her presence on social media eventually tangled her scam when witnesses alerted police to discrepancies in her content. Officials subpoenaed her medical records and found no cancer or tumor diagnosis from any medical professionals in Iowa.

Eldrige Police also executed a search of Madison’s home and reportedly collected evidence such as medical supplies, a wig, and bank statements. Some of the medical supplies, including an IV pole, and nausea pills prescribed to a relative.

Russo is reportedly due back in court on March 2.

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Amar’e Stoudemire’s Domestic Violence Charges Dropped After Victim Failed To Cooperate With... 

The domestic violence charges against Amar’e Stoudemire have been formally dismissed after prosecutors claim the victim refused to cooperate with the investigation, according to TMZ.

As The Shade Room reported last month, the former NBA star was accused of hitting one of his teenage daughters in the face at least two times. The 40-year-old had outright denied the accusations, and said he would never hurt another human being, let alone his daughter.

Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Announces All Charges Related To Dec. 2022 Incident

On Tuesday, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced that all charges related to the Dec. 2022 incident have been dropped “due to the failure of the victim to cooperate in the prosecution of the criminal case,” according to CBS Miami.

Amar’e’s attorney, Alexander Fox, added that the decision to have the charges dropped “underscores who he is and always has been.”

“After a full investigation, the case was dropped at failing to prove the false accusations. The court’s vindication of Mr. Stoudemire underscores who he is and always has been – a person of faith and integrity dedicated to his family and community.”

Backstory: What Led To Amar’e Stoudemire’s December 2022 Arrest

The 15-year league veteran was arrested last month after allegedly striking one of his two teenage daughters during an argument at his Miami home Saturday night, according to a copy of the police report obtained by The Miami Herald.

The report did not reveal which of the two daughters, ages 14 and 17, was reportedly hit.

Stoudemire was later released on $1,500 bond and issued a no-contact order. The alleged altercation occurred after he reportedly confronted one of his daughters and accused her of being disrespectful during a phone call with his mother.

After she denied it, he told her, “you’re talking back again,” and proceeded to punch her in the jaw, the report states. The hit allegedly left her bleeding from the face.

She then contacted her mother – Stoudemire’s ex-wife – who came and picked up the two girls as well as their two brothers, before calling police.

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Study Suggests Obesity Can Spark Alzheimer’s Disease-Like Patterns In Brain 

According to a new study, obesity can cause changes within the brain that are comparable to symptoms seen in cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Troubling Link Was Uncovered In A Study Of 1,300+ People

Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute (affiliated with McGill University) conducted the research, and the findings were just published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Upon analyzing brain scans from over 1,300 people, researchers noticed similar patterns of “brain atrophy” between patients with Alzheimer’s and others classified as “obese.” Specifically, they found that both groups experienced “widespread reduced cortical thickness” in areas of the brain that impact learning, memory and judgment.

Notably, these similarities weren’t observed in other patients classified as “lean.”

Researchers Believe ‘Excess Weight Management’ May Help Reduce Risk Of ‘Obesity-Related Grey Matter Atrophy’

As a result of the study, the researchers ultimately uncovered that “obesity-related grey matter atrophy resembles that of [Alzheimer’s disease].”

Additionally, they also noted that “excess weight management” could potentially lower the risk for the condition. This finding appears to build on earlier research that suggests overweight people may develop Alzheimer’s at a younger age.

“Our research confirms that obesity-related grey matter atrophy resembles that of AD. Excess weight management could lead to improved health outcomes, slow down cognitive decline in aging, and lower the risk for AD.”

So, while much is still unknown about Alzheimer’s disease, it appears as though practicing healthier lifestyle choices and managing one’s weight can help reduce the risk of developing similar symptoms.

In fact, the researchers note, “Our results highlight the importance of interventions aimed at decreasing weight and metabolic risk factors in obese and overweight individuals in mid-life to decrease the subsequent risk of neurodegeneration and dementia in the population.”

However, as Linda Van Horn—the chief of nutrition at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine—tells NBC News, losing weight may not be able to reverse damage that’s already done. After all, “there are certain points of no return.”

“We, unfortunately, are discovering more and more that there are certain points of no return. I believe, based on examples like osteoporosis, that the chances of reversing the disease are lower than that of preserving what’s there.”

What do you think about these findings?

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SMH! Coach Fired For Impersonating 13-Year-Old Student During JV Basketball Match 

A 22-year-old assistant junior varsity basketball coach in Portsmouth, Virginia, posed as a student in order to participate in a game. As a result, she’s now out of a job!

Arlisha Boykins Shamelessly Filled In For A 13-Year-Old During A Game

The odd situation involves Arlisha Boykins—a JV basketball coach at Churchland High School—and it occurred during a Jan. 21 game, according to WAVY-TV.

It turns out that a 13-year-old student-athlete was unable to attend the match-up, which was held at Nansemond River High School in Suffolk. As a result, Arlisha apparently took it upon herself to step up and participate in the game.

Once the gig was reported to school officials, Arlisha was fired from her position. Additionally, the varsity basketball coach was fired as well, as the employee was accused of “encouraging the behavior.”

We should add that it’s not entirely clear how Arlisha got caught up.

The Student’s Family Demands An Apology: ‘I Was Just Shocked’

After news broke, the father of the child who was impersonated spoke on the matter and shared that he couldn’t believe a coach would go to such lengths.

“Coaches always preach to the kids about integrity and those types of things, so I was just shocked.”

He went on to note that, while he acknowledges that action was taken against Arlisha Boykins, the family is waiting for an apology from the school.

“I just need an apology because I have yet to receive one from the overseer of the program or nothing…There was no apology issued personally to us.”

Additionally, he shared that the family has decided to have their daughter attend a different high school next year.

Issa Wrap: Athletes & Administrators Decide To Call It Quits For The Season

After the coaches were fired, administrators met with parents and student-athletes to discuss the situation.

It was ultimately decided that, in light of much a big scandal, simply scrapping the current JV and varsity seasons would be the best decision.

What are your thoughts on a JV coach posing as a student to rack up some points? Additionally, do you agree

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