The Family Of Former 1017 Artist Enchanting Shares A Message About Her Untimely Passing 

The Family Of Late Rapper Enchanting Releases A Statement
The Family Of Late Rapper Enchanting Releases A Statement

The family of former 1017 artist Enchanting has released a statement after her untimely death.

The message was shared via the late rapper’s Instagram Story on June 13.

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Echanting’s Family Posts Message To Social Media

As previously reported by The Shade Room, the former 1017 artist passed away at 26 years old. Rumors began to bubble that she transitioned early on June 11. However, TSR confirmed that, at the time, she was on life support.

Chant’s team later confirmed that she did not survive.

The family of Enchanting — born Channing Nicole Larry — posted a heartfelt message to her Instagram Story stating that they “are deeply saddened to announce the death of our sweet and beloved daughter.” The statement continued, “She was so much to so many people, but she was our daughter. She lived her life with grace and blessed so many with friendship, laughter and love.”

The message concluded with the family thanking the public for [“respecting”] their “privacy.” Additionally, they stated that Enchanting’s “cause of death has not yet been determined.”

What Led To Enchanting’s Sudden Death?

Enchanting’s team told The Shade Room that she passed from an overdose after being in critical condition.  However, the details and official cause of death remain unclear.

A rep from her management team stated the rapstress was recently suffering from withdrawals and “came to my house the last four days to get clean.” They added, “She tried her best, and I did everything I could to help her, she tried.”

Social Media Reacts To The Family’s Statement

Roommates shared their thoughts after Enchanting’s family posted a message addressing her death.

@childadi stated, “These babies not looking like they’re on drugs like the 80’s and 90’s but the signs be there! Check on your love ones. Rip baby girl.”

Some commenters noted her beauty.

@hernamekb wrote, “she was so gorgeous.”

“Cause of death not determined??? Wow…” @shayfnn stated in disbelief.

We’ll keep you updated. You can view the family’s complete statement below:

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Clock It! Megan Thee Stallion Seemingly Reacts To Charlamagne Tha God’s Comment About Her Not... 

Clock It! Megan Thee Stallion Seemingly Reacts To Charlamagne Tha God's Comment About Her Not Being
Clock It! Megan Thee Stallion Seemingly Reacts To Charlamagne Tha God's Comment About Her Not Being

Megan Thee Stallion has seemingly reacted to Charlamagne Tha God‘s comment about her not being an “arena artist.”

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Here’s How Megan Thee Stallion Seemingly Reacted To Charlamagne Tha God’s Words

On Wednesday, June 12, Megan took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos from her ‘Hot Girl Summer’ tour thus far. In addition, the rapper shared a lengthy message with her hottie fans.

“Hotties as we get ready for my FIRST ALBUM UNDER HOTGIRL PRODUCTIONS dropping 6.28 I wanna tell yall some of my favorite things that have been happening on tour SO FAR 🫶🏽,” she wrote, before dropping numbered bullet points. “1. I appreciate and love how hard my dancers (thee hot girls) go every show! I know our bodies are aching but they never complain and still pop out and have a blast lol ! Love yall 2. I love the bond that me and @glorillapimp have built in these past few weeks ! You are my sister 4L , you and cola never getting rid of me 3. @frenchie4oe HAD KIDS YALL ! My son is a DADDY 😭 4. Hotties , yall keep me so motivated and happy you just don’t even know! I look out in the crowd and see yalls signs and I burst out laughing keep the signs coming 😂 5. THEE FLOWERS 🥹 I LOVE THE FLOWERS! Thee hotties make me feel like I have the biggest family in the world and I’m grateful 💙…”

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For her sixth bullet point, Megan explained that she was going to “pop” her ish, “for a second.” Subsequently, the rapper addressed those who “questioned” whether she “was an arena artist.”

“6. Ima pop my s**t for a second lol but people questioned if I was an arena artist,” she wrote. “…anddd I mean🤷🏽‍♀️ teehee”

The head hottie ultimately concluded her lengthy message with, “7. I have more people to thank and more moments to make but I LOVE EVERYONE who has been making this tour amazing so far ! Thank you”

Here’s What Charlamagne Previously Said

As The Shade Room previously reported, ‘Breakfast Club’ cohost Charlamagne Tha God shared his initial thought about Meg not being “an arena artist” in May. At the time, tickets for Meg’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ tour had just gone on sale and some reports alleged tickets were being sold for $24.

Furthermore, Charla explained that he believed Meg was a “theater artist” rather than an arena one.

“If she’s doing arenas, she shouldn’t be doing arenas. She’s not an arena artist. Salute to Megan Thee Stallion, but she’s not an arena artist, maybe a theatre artist. Arenas is a lot,” he explained during the show’s live broadcast.

Watch the clip below.

Here’s How ‘The Breakfast Club’ Host Walked His Statement Back

However, the day after Charla made his initial statements, he appeared to walk them back. As The Shade Room previously reported, in a follow-up broadcast of the show, the radio host explained that Megan’s ticket sales appeared to confirm she was an arena artist.

“I asked the question yesterday: Is Megan Thee Stallion an arena artist? Cleary, we got our answer,” he said. “Jess just said that she sold out 13 arena stops, and I think I read over 240,000 tickets across North America and Europe. So yeah, if you’re selling out arenas, you’re an arena artist.”

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Tinashe Said THIS About Her Ex-Label After Snatching Her First Solo Billboard Hit With Viral Song... 

Tinashe Says Her Ex-Label Is Gagging After The Success If 'Nasty'
Tinashe Says Her Ex-Label Is Gagging After The Success If 'Nasty'

Tinashe is celebrating her success as an independent artist after her song ‘Nasty’ became her first solo Billboard hit.

TMZ reports the 31-year-old told their Hip Hop division, “My ex-label is gagging.”

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Tinashe’s Song ‘Nasty’ Enters The Billboard Hot 100

Tinashe parted ways with RCA in 2019 and has been vocal about the uphill battle she’s faced as an independent artist since.

She told Polyester, “I have to keep it 100 with people. It is not easy being independent. To find enough money to be able to fund the things you want to create, whether that be studio time, putting together a live show, or making a music video. Those things cost a lot of money and to be able to maintain that on your own is very hard.”

With that being said, Tinashe is still happy to be label-free. Especially after she claimed she was forced to do “embarrassing” collaborations with artists like R. Kelly.

However, Tinashe’s hard work and the support of her dedicated fan base have paid off. The fly-your-freak-flag bop has debuted at #90 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Social media has undoubtedly contributed to the success of the song with the viral ‘Nasty’ Challenge.’ TikTok users placed the sound over a nerdy-looking man whining his hips.


Ive been a nasty girl nasty 😏 #nastygirl #tinashe #fyp #slay #real #relatable

♬ Nasty – Tinashe

Other creators quickly began to make their own versions.


ning aint bout the freaky life

♬ Nasty – Tinashe

Tinashe’s Elation For The Song’s Expected Success

In May, the singer spoke to Variety about the unexpected success of her catchy hit. “It’s amazing. I’m just so thankful,” Tinashe said. Additionally, she shared that once she let go of the need for “validation,” things seemed to naturally fall into place.

“I was saying this to my mom the other day, 10 years later, who would have thought? And I didn’t need this moment. I came to the place where I didn’t need that validation anymore,” she said.  “And I think that makes it even better, because it’s like holy s**t, the universe just worked in such mysterious ways.”

Tinashe’s ex-label may be gagging, but the singer is basking in the glory of her first solo Billboard triumph. Get it, sis!

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Tyla Speaks Out After Her Team Shut Down Question About Her Identifying As “Coloured” During... 

Tyla Speaks Out After Her Team Shut Down Question About Her
Tyla Speaks Out After Her Team Shut Down Question About Her
South African singer Tyla released a statement after refusing to answer a question on ‘The Breakfast Club.’
UpRoxx reports that the “Water” singer allowed her team to shut down an inquiry about her racial identity.
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When the Johannesburg, South African-bred hitmaker recently appeared on the popular radio show, Charlamagne Tha God asked her what it meant to identify as a “coloured” person. Instead of answering, Tyla looked to her team, seated behind her. A voice said, “Can we not, por favor?” In response, Charlamagne stated the show would not edit out their request to move on from the question.
In an interview with Cosmopolitan published in April, Tyla spoke about how race is identified differently in South Africa than in the United States. In South Africa, biracial people are reportedly identified as “coloured.”  However, the term was discarded by African Americans in the U.S. because it was used to identify them during the racist Jim Crow era.
After the interview,  the 22-year-old released a statement with “Aht Aht” energy. She took to her Instagram Story and posted a message stating, “Never denied my Blackness, idk where that came from.” 
She went on to explain that she was mixed with African, Irish, and Indian. Additionally, the entertainer again explained how race is identified in South Africa. She ended her statement by saying, “To close this conversation I’m both Coloured in South Africa and a black [woman]…”

During ‘The Breakfast Club’ interview, Charlamagne also asked Tyla if she had seen the framed quote Kevin Hart presented to Kai Cenat during their most recent stream. The frame held a quote of rejection from when Cenat asked her out on a date: “We friends tho.”

The “Truth or Dare” singer stated Hart and Cenat were dragging the viral moment, but it was still amusing.

Social Media Reacts To Tyla’s Statement

The Roommates weighed in on the dancer’s statement after her awkward moment on ‘The Breakfast Club.’
@jaysun_rand stated, “This is primarily an American obsession. She is from SA…We should respect her decision to at this time not be classified into the ‘American box of Race check marks.”
“Americans really think the world revolves around them. yall better travel outside of Miami and get educated,” @tumexxjr stated.

@y0_53f added, “She’s right, race isn’t your whole identity.”

Check out the interview clip and Tyla’s full statement below:

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Iman Shumpert Reportedly Requests Child Support Amendment Amid Divorce Proceedings With Teyana... 

Iman Shumpert Reportedly Requests Child Support Amendment Amid Divorce Proceedings With Teyana Taylor
Iman Shumpert Reportedly Requests Child Support Amendment Amid Divorce Proceedings With Teyana Taylor

Iman Shumpert has reportedly requested an amendment in his child support order amid his and Teyana Taylor‘s divorce.

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Here’s What’s Being Reported About Iman Shumpert’s Income & Alleged Child Support Request

According to TMZ, court documents obtained by the outlet show that Shumpert has been breaking down his and Taylor’s finances. More specifically, the former NBA player is alleging that Taylor’s monthly income is “nearly double” what he makes each month.

The outlet reports that Shumpert has listed his monthly income as $47,981. However, he alleges that Taylor earns $93,885 each month.

Therefore, Shumpert is asserting that as the court continues to “hammer out” his and Taylor’s child support arrangements, he would be comfortable continuing to “[shell] out $8,000 a month” for their two daughters, Junie and Rue.

Additionally, he’s reportedly comfortable covering “major” medical expenses for his daughters through his health insurance. However, Shumpert reportedly “wants to split the cost of the kids’ other health services” with Taylor.

TMZ reports that finances have been a point of contention for the former couple amid their divorce. In January, the outlet reported that Taylor accused Shumpert of leaving her “holding the bag on $200K worth of home renovations.” At the time, Taylor also reportedly accused Shumpert of not having paid “a cent of child support.”

Additionally, Taylor has reportedly accused Shumpert of withdrawing “nearly $4 million” from bank accounts they share, per TMZ.

A Brief Recap Of The Couple Divorce Proceedings Thus Far

It appears that a judge has not yet ruled on Shumpert’s request. To note, the reported update arrives about nine months after Taylor confirmed her and Shumpert’s split, per The Shade Room.

At the time, Taylor alleged that she and Shumpert were “besties” and had been separated “for a while.”

“…We are still the best of friends, great business partners, and are one hell of a team when it comes to co-parenting our 2 beautiful children. Most importantly, we are FAMILY & in the 10 yrs together, 7 yrs married we ain’t ever played with or about THAT,” she wrote in a message shared via Instagram.

Then, in November 2023, it was revealed that Taylor filed for divorce from Shumpert in January of that year. Furthermore, she reportedly sought a temporary and physical custody arrangement and a child support arrangement in her filing, per The Shade Room.

At that point, things also appeared to bubble up between the former pair as Taylor alleged Shumpert hadn’t spent “significant” time with their daughters since moving out of their shared home in October 2023.

However, that wasn’t all Taylor alleged. The singer reportedly revealed that her and Shumpert’s union hit troubled waters when she noticed the former NBA player becoming “jealous” of her success.

Since then, Shumpert has been accused of endangering Taylor and neglecting their daughters. While he’s denied those claims, he’s also been accused of depriving his family of essential utilities amid their home renovations.

Most recently, Taylor has reportedly filed documents in relation to Shumpert’s love life and how it’s allegedly affecting their children.

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Fans Gagged After Yung Miami & JT Are Featured As Solo Artists On Upcoming Song From Camila Cabello 

Yung Miami JT Solo Artist Features Same Camila Cabello Song Fan Reactions
Yung Miami JT Solo Artist Features Same Camila Cabello Song Fan Reactions

After more than six months of slowly prepping their fans, the City Girls are truly no more. This month, Yung Miami and JT will feature on the same Camila Cabello song as just that: Yung Miami and JT.

This appears to be the first time the ladies will be rapping on the same track as solo artists. As mentioned, the former duo has been making it known from the booth and in interviews that the City Girls era is a wrap.

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Still, fans on social media are gagging at the warnings come to life. We must note, though, that it’s unclear whether JT and Miami hopped on the track after or before their official split.

More About The Solo Features On Camila Cabello’s Song

Although the title for the Camila song is out there, the song isn’t just yet. The Cuban singer will be releasing the song, ‘Dade County Dreaming,’ on June 28 as part of her LP ‘C, XOXO.’

Camila and the former City Girls are all Miami gworlz. Rolling Stone reports that Cabello highlights the 305 throughout the project’s 14 tracks.

Drake also appears on the LP twice, with features on ‘Hot Uptown’ and ‘Uuugly.’ Lil Nas X and Playboi Carti also make appearances with ‘He Knows’ and ‘I Luv It,’ respectively.

With Camila’s tracklist release, fans are finally grasping that our ‘Act Up’ and ‘Jobs’ days are up out of here! On X (formerly Twitter), hearts are broken, and memes are rolling.

Yung Miami Previously Explained Why She & JT Split

These two Florida gworlz arguably took over at the end of the 2010s and early 2020s with anthems for the ladies all about their bread!

Even while Jatavia was in federal custody for identity theft from June 2018 until March 2020, the City Girls didn’t stop booming. In fact, with solo performances, appearances, and popping planned drops, the dup became a household name and nightclub favorite.

Last October, Jatavia issued her first subtle warning about going solo. Speaking to Interview Magazine, she shared the name of her forthcoming debut album ‘City Cinderella.’

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She’s also been intentional about separating HER fanbase as a solo act from the City Girls fans, naming her audience the ‘Juvies.’ This year, from March to May, JT toured several U.S. cities, promoting her three singles, including ‘Okay’ and ‘Sideways,’ and building support amid the Juvies.


Yung Miami also hasn’t lagged in appealing to an independent audience through multiple avenues — not just the booth! She went from hating when fans called her Caresha to marketing her birth name into a brand.

She’s stacked her solo resume more than a lil’ bit. Miami landed an acting role in STARZ’s ‘Power’ Universe, hosted an award-nominated podcast, ‘Caresha Please,’ and has sold thousands of her adult card game, ‘Resha Roulette.’ Her most recent song ‘CFWU (Mama You Pretty With No Makeup’ arrived in April.

A few weeks before May 13, Miami told Complex that she and JT were just in “two different spaces.” She explained that this became extremely evident after they released their last City Girls album, ‘RAW,’ in 2023.

Living in separate cities and chasing different passions also contributed to the duo’s eventual fracture. Outside of making music together, though, Miami made it clear that they remain friends — despite their lil’ verbal tussle on X in April.

“I think it’s sisterhood. That’s my friend, of course, but that’s more like family to me,” Miami explained. “I’ve been knowing JT my whole damn life…”

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Blueface’s Manager Wack 100 Responds To Those Asking Why He Hasn’t Bailed Chrisean Rock Out Of... 

Blueface's Manager Wack 100 Responds To Those Asking Why He Hasn't Bailed Chrisean Rock Out Of Jail (WATCH)
Blueface's Manager Wack 100 Responds To Those Asking Why He Hasn't Bailed Chrisean Rock Out Of Jail (WATCH)

Blueface‘s manager, Wack 100, is shedding some light on Chrisean Rock‘s current legal situation. Additionally, he’s sharing why he hasn’t bailed her out of jail.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Rock was taken into custody on June 10 in Los Angeles, California, on a felony fugitive warrant.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect changes made to Chrisean Rock’s booking record as of the evening of Thursday, June 13.

Here’s What Blueface’s Manager Wack 100 Said About Chrisean Rock’s Current Situation

On Thursday, June 13, Wack 100 took to his Instagram to share a video message. The manager made it clear that he wanted to “address” a specific topic.

“Alright, listen. Let me address this — I didn’t feel it was my place ’cause Blueface is my client [and] Chrisean isn’t. But let me address this: Listen, Chrisean has, I believe, two or three warrants. Uh, one of them is not serious — Arizona’s not serious. Um, California’s not serious. The one that’s holding her is Oklahoma,” he said.

Wack 100 explained that Oklahoma has a “no bail warrant” on Rock due to an alleged “probation violation.” Therefore, no one can bail her out of police custody.

“Stop hitting me [saying], ‘Why you ain’t bail her out?’ [or] ‘Why you ain’t got her an attorney yet?'” he continued. “We don’t need to get her an attorney… That judge is gonna do what that judge is gonna do when she gets back down there…”

The manager explained that it is possible the Oklahoma judge could call for Rock to be released from custody. He alleged that from there, the state of California may also grant Rock’s release since, he believes, her alleged offense there has been reduced to a misdemeanor.

However, under the current circumstances, Wack 100 reiterated that there’s “nothing” he can do.

“There’s nothing I can do… even if I didn’t want to do it, if Blueface called and said, ‘Unc, go get her,’ I would have went and got her,” he explained. “[But] there’s nothing anybody can f*****g do — when you got a hold, you got a hold.”

To note, The Shade Room’s Senior Editor Jadriena Solomon has confirmed that Chrisean Rock is being held on “NO BAIL” via the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department booking records as of Thursday afternoon. The records assert that “no information” is available on Rock’s release date. Additionally, the record asserts Rock had her first court appearance since her arrest on Thursday morning.

Furthermore, Wack 100 told fans that he warned Rock not to appear at the Van Nuys West Courthouse before her arrest. However, he believes she “just didn’t understand” the severity of her legal situation.

Before concluding his message, the manager also alleged that there’s a possibility Rock could be extradited to Oklahoma.

“They got 45 days to transport her [to Oklahoma]. If they come get her… they’ll fly her over there. So the faster she gets over there, the faster she’ll be home… or the judge might give her a little time — months or whatever they do. Either way, we’ll see her before Christmas. We’ll see her before the summer’s up. She’ll be alright… Stop… hitting me… ain’t nothing we can do. She’s in the same situation Blueface is in — when you violate probation, you gotta go see the judge — [you] can’t bail, you can’t do nothing…”

Lastly, Wack captioned his video: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”

Social Media Weighs Reacts To The Message From Blueface’s Manager

Social media users reacted to Wack’s explanation in the comment section of his post.

Instagram user @bfbdapackman wrote, Big Unk showing y’all he got a heart .”

While Instagram user @m___dot added,Going live at the LA courthouse and you wanted in 3 other states is crazy smh”
Instagram user @nsc_20_ wrote,I’m glad you spoke on this. She needs to sit. She gotta learn to be humble and understand money can’t get you out of every situation… should have taken heed when everyone around her tried to warn her. Actions have consequences she a be alright.”
While Instagram user @ceoaktivenla1 added, It ain’t Wack job to bail out his artist baby momma who he told to stay away from …… most managers would’ve even went to court”
Instagram user @highwayrollin76 wrote, She needs to be accountable just like a lot of our sisters do it’s about time for it now”
While Instagram user @la_bubb added, …if you get a violation, there’s no bail you have to see the judge, simple and plain”
Instagram user @cyndeezdagreat wrote, 💯 Thank u for clearing this up!…”
While Instagram user @zane_the_pain2023 added,Rock lacks accountability she needs to go sit down for a minute”

More Info On Chrisean Rock’s Viral Arrest

As The Shade Room previously reported, Rock spoke about “cleaning up” her warrants while on Instagram Live in March. At the time, she explained that she was “paying off fees” and talking to people to “help” her situation.

At the time, Rock explained that she usually would have turned herself in “and thought… it through from inside to the outside.” However, as a new mom, she decided to “play it cautious.”

“… Because, you know, I don’t plan on being in jail while my son is growing. Like, I just don’t plan on that at all,” she said at the time.

Rock explained that her efforts had been paying off. However, they appeared to be to no avail. On Monday, the mother of one was taken into custody after entering the Van Nuys West Courthouse with her and Blueface’s son Chrisean Jr.

The pair were reportedly there to support Blueface, who is currently behind bars. However, as The Shade Room previously reported, Rock was picked up on a “fugitive hold.” The hold reportedly stemmed from charges filed against her in Oklahoma in 2022.

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At this time, it remains unclear what charges Wack 100 was referring to while speaking about Rock’s legal situation in relation to Arizona and California. However, according to TMZ, Rock was arrested for misdemeanor charges in Arizona in 2022. Additionally, Rock was recently served with an assault lawsuit in the state of California in May, per The Shade Room.

Nonetheless, regarding her Oklahoma charges, TMZ has confirmed that Rock could be extradited to the state. Whether that happens or not, fans will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Blueface may soon be released from behind bars.

TSR Updates

On the evening of Thursday, June 13, it appeared that Rock’s booking record at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was updated following her court appearance. The record now states that Rock’s felony charge in relation to her arrest by LAPD Fugitives has been reduced to a misdemeanor.

Additionally, the record now states that Rock has been placed on a “hold” by authorities in Oklahoma. Furthermore, Rock’s hold asserts “NO BAIL.”

This is a developing story. Be sure to check back in with The Shade Room for more updates.

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Halle & Chloe Bailey Gave The Innanet A Kii With Their Opposite Reactions To Fans Gifting Them... 

Halle Chloe Bailey Opposite Reactions Fans Sending Money TikTok Live
Halle Chloe Bailey Opposite Reactions Fans Sending Money TikTok Live

Halle and Chloe Bailey recently gave social media users new mood board memes! A now-viral video compares the sisters’ opposite reactions to fans gifting them money on TikTok Live.

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Halle And Chloe Bailey Are A Kii & Here’s Why

As mentioned, the Bailey sisters’ recent viral moment started with fans comparing their separate reactions to the same situation. The video combines clips of Halle and Chloe independently chatting with their fans on TikTok Live.

In her clip, Halle asked fans where the different stickers — from cowboy hats to hearts — that fans send her go. After seemingly reading the written comments, she appeared to realize that the stickers equal real-life money. She acknowledged the fan love but politely suggested everyone keep their coins.

“That is really, really nice, guys, but please, you don’t need to send me money. Save your money,” Halle Bailey said. “Honestly, truly.”

Well, her comment makes sense, roomies, especially since the lead actress of ‘The Little Mermaid’ is reportedly worth $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

As for Chloe Bailey, though, sis was definitely interested in collecting the gifted money! Like her younger sister, she didn’t immediately realize that the TikTok Live stickers could be traded for American dollars.

After her fans educated her in the comment section, Ms. Bailey wanted to know how she could pocket the profits.

“Oh, this is money? Now, how do I collect that,” Chloe asked. “Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute, dolla make me holla!”

It’s unclear WHEN each sister responded to fans fattening their wallets, but the video is going triple platinum on social media this week. Folks are choosing which sister best fits their reaction to someone offering them money.

Watch the viral moment below.

Social Media Users Choose Which Bailey Sister They Act Like

As mentioned, the innanet is eating up this moment from the Bailey sisters. The Shade Room’s Instagram comment section has collected over 15,000 comments on the clip.

Lil Wayne and Toya’s daughter, Reginae Carter, wrote, “At first I was Halle, then I became Chloe real quick after finding out.” 

@dynastyking215_ added, “‘Now How do I collect THAT?!’ Is my mood for 2024.” 

@mschang2u was gagged by the fan behavior. She wrote, “Sending rich people money is one of the most asinine things you could possibly do.”

Meanwhile, Chloe had @cultchatthrowback “floored” with “Dollar make me holler.”

@terilisha reminded the people, “One get a Disney check the other doesn’t … I support both answers lol.”

CelebrityNetWorth has determined that Chloe’s net worth is $2 million.

This isn’t the first time the Hollywood entertainers have given the innanet a kii over their wildly different personalities. In April, Halle and Chloe went viral for a similar situation.

A surfaced livestream video of them showed a fan speaking to the sisters through tears. When the fan stopped talking, Halle offered a simple, “We love you and thank you for joining.” Meanwhile, Chloe was full-on sobbing on camera!

Needless to say, similar to this week, the innanet couldn’t get enough of the polar opposite sisters!

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Oop! Simon Guobadia Shares A Message After Reportedly Sending ANOTHER Cease-And-Desist To ‘RHOA’... 

Oop! Simon Guobadia Shares A Message After Reportedly Sending ANOTHER Cease-And-Desist To 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Producers
Oop! Simon Guobadia Shares A Message After Reportedly Sending ANOTHER Cease-And-Desist To 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Producers

Simon Guobadia is not lettin’ up when it comes to his ongoing divorce from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Porsha Williams. The 60-year-old has reportedly sent another cease-and-desist letter to producers of the show.

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More On Simon Guobadia’s Latest Notice To ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Producers

According to RadarOnline, Guobadia reportedly issued the notice in relation to his “2021 Rolls Royce Ghost vehicle.” The outlet does not note when Guobadia notified producers, a.k.a. True Entertainment, LLC. However, it asserts that the outlet obtained a copy of his order.

“You are notified that pursuant to Georgia law, you are ordered to CEASE & DESIST any and all photographing, video recording, taping, and filming of the Rolls Royce,” Guobadia’s cease-and-desist reportedly reads. “Upon information and belief, True Entertainment, LLC may have been filming, recording, or photographing the Rolls Royce while it may have been in the use and/or possession of third parties other than Mr. Simon Guobadia. If such actions have occurred, I am requesting that no photographs or recordings be released, disclosed, or published as Mr. Guobadia does not consent to the same regarding his vehicle…”

According to photos included in a report published by Emily CottonTop, Guobadia apparently gifted Williams a grey Rolls Royce sometime during their romance. However, it remains unclear whether that vehicle is the exact one Guobadia references in his notice.

Nonetheless, RadarOnline adds that Guobadia reiterated that he “remains the sole legal owner of the vehicle” and is demanding “strict compliance” with his request. To bolster his claims, Guobadia reportedly provided “proof of purchase and ownership” and a “copy of the vehicle insurance card.”

“As such, please [note] that Mr. Guobadia does not consent to the release, disclosure, or publication of the Rolls Royce, nor does he consent to the taping, filming, photography, or recording of the Rolls Royce including any aspects of any activity in or about the Rolls Royce,” the letter reportedly adds.

The cease-and-desist reportedly notes that if Guobadia learns that his vehicle has been “film[ed], record[ed], or photograph[ed]” by production “while it may have been in the use and/or possession of third parties other than” himself, then, he requests “no photographs or recordings be released, disclosed, or published.”

Additionally, Guobadia reportedly noted that further legal action will be taken if the production company fails to comply.

Social Media Reacts

According to the outlet, Wiliams and True Entertainment, LLC have yet to legally respond to Guobadia’s notice. Meanwhile, social media users appear to have a lot to say about Guobadia’s reported actions. Many shared their stance in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @nonsky wrote, Pray to never have a vengeful and vindictive Ex such as Simon!!!”

While Instagram user @indeskribeabull added, It’s like watching two toddlers fight over a toy.”

Instagram user @shemeech89 wrote, It ain’t enough Rolls Royce in the world to make me deal with a Simon!!!! ”
While Instagram user @monalisasells_nola added,Simon PLEASE”
Instagram user @nancy_nu wrote, Simon is Porsha’s Nightmare”
While Instagram user @mr.hons_barry added, Can’t say i blame him ain’t gonna be no talking crazy in what i own”
Instagram user @comedianjustinwhitehead wrote, PET-TY ”
While Instagram user @xotanye added, “simon is the new peter. petty as hell 😂

Simon Guobadia Doubles Down On His Petty

Meanwhile, Guobadia appeared to have time tuh-day and seemingly doubled down on his alleged actions. On Thursday, June 13, he took to his Instagram feed to share a brief message:

“No More Africans… No More Rolls Royces… #buyyourown.”

Swipe below to peep his post.

A few hours later, Guobadia returned to the platform to post a separate message, seemingly addressing those calling him out for his pettiness.

“I’m in a big mood for being sassy and petty….big part of my personality; and I give credit to that trait for much of my success in life. Popular opinion does not get me paid…being relentless does,” he wrote in the caption of his post. “When you call me sassy and petty, I take it as a compliment. #mylifemyway”

Additionally, Guobadia posed in front of a white Rolls Royce in a photo that accompanied the text.

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