Thousands Of Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Revealed Under The Adult Abuse Survivors Act | TSR Investigates 

Thousands Of Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Revealed Under The Adult Abuse Survivors Act | TSR Investigates

The past week has been a monumental one in New York. The dwindling of the Adult Survivors Act prompted thousands to come forward with abuse allegations.

The law created a one-year window for survivors (who were 18 and older at the time of an offense) to file lawsuits against their alleged abusers regardless of the statute of limitations. What resulted was over 3,000 suits filed and some prominent figures in Hollywood named as defendants.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is sifting through the suits for TSR Investigates.

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More Details Regarding The Adult Abuse Survivors Act & The Institutions Under The Spotlight

According to CNN, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul signed the act into law in May 2022 with an expiration date of November 23, 2023. Carter adds that since then, “hospitals, government agencies, [and] even prisons” were named defendants in resulting lawsuits.

TRIGGER WARNING: This portion of the article contains content related to sexual assault.

According to Carter, Alexandria Johnson is one of the plaintiffs behind a corresponding lawsuit. Johnson was reportedly serving time in Rikers Island prison when four correctional officers allegedly raped her. A year later, in 2015, Johnson reportedly survived another rape while four months pregnant.

“My water broke at 11:30 at night the day after I was raped,” Johnson recalled, per The Associated Press, adding that her baby soon after passed away. “I feel that he’s just been forgotten — he had to die in that hospital all alone; nothing’s been done for him.”

Mia Wheeler, another abuse survivor, shared her experience with ABC News. According to Wheeler, a corrections officer sexually assaulted her at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

“He would walk past my cube if nobody was there, and if it was mealtime, he would come in and say, ‘Hey, you know what time it is,” Wheeler said, then adding further context. “That it was time to have sex or time for me to perform a sex act on him.”

Carter reports that before 2019, sexual abuse survivors “generally had one year” to file a suit against their alleged abusers in New York. The passage of The Adult Survivors Act gave alleged victims an opportunity to seek justice for their alleged experiences.

Here Are Celebs Named In The “Bombshell Sex Abuse Lawsuits”

Carter adds that attorneys for the institutions above have denied the allegations. This is similar to attorneys for celebs such as Jamie Foxx, Cuba Gooding Jr., Russell Brand, and Sean Combs, who have also been named as alleged assailants in “bombshell sex abuse lawsuits.”

To date, Sean Combs has become a defendant in at least three separate sexual abuse lawsuits filed within the past two weeks. The lawsuits, in totality, accuse the 54-year-old of rape, sex trafficking, and physical abuse.

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Watch as Carter walks viewers through each suit and even speaks with a former federal prosecutor for more insight.

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Fan Reportedly Suffers Brain Bleed After Beating By Nardo Wick’s Entourage, Rapper Responds (VIDEO) 

Nardo Wick Reacts To Viral Clip Of Fan Attacked By His Entourage
Nardo Wick Reacts To Viral Clip Of Fan Attacked By His Entourage

Nardo Wick has responded after footage of members of his entourage beating a fan went viral on Tuesday (Nov. 28). The rapper shared his statement on his Instagram feed. Wick revealed his feelings about his team’s actions and his contact with the fan, George Obregon Jr., and his family.

“I don’t condone what happened to my fan George after my show in any type of way, I expressed to him and his mama how sorry and concerned I was that it happened to him, multiple times before anything was even posted or on the internet,” Nardo Wick wrote. “I sent his mama my number instantly the night it happened. I was even gone make a post to try to find out who he was before his mama text me.”

Fan’s Mother Shares Video Of Nardo Wick’s Entourage Beating Her Son

Nardo’s reference to the fan’s mother, Michelle Obregon, comes after she allegedly shared Facebook and Instagram posts about the incident.

On Instagram, Michelle alleged her son was not “aggressive at no f**kin point” and did not “show any sign of harm.” The fan allegedly approached Nardo Wick and his entourage near a vehicle to request a picture with “his favorite artist.”

Obregon reportedly posted the same copy from her Instagram post on Facebook.

“Anyone who knows my son knows he is the sweetest and gentlest kid ever. No drugs, alcohol, gang, nothing! I am dying here, and my fuckin heart is hurting so bad I am sick to my stomach. I can’t stay quiet,” Michelle wrote.

In the viral video, George — wearing a black, printed t-shirt and black pants — approached Nardo as the artist walked toward a running car. The rapper was surrounded by what appeared to be bodyguards.

Halfway through the nine-second clip, one of the alleged guards punched George on the cheek from behind, slamming his head into a nearby wall.

While George is leaning against the wall, another unidentified man standing with the entourage throws some extra punches at George. The impact seemingly made George lose consciousness.

In the end, Nardo Wick is seen pushing the second attacker away from George as he lies on the ground.

“I can’t control another grown man actions, I ain’t know that was gone happen, and I was mad when it happened. I tried to stop it, as u can see in the video, and if somebody got the longer video, you can see how mad I was, I love and appreciate all my fans and don’t condone what happened at all dat sh*t ain’t gangsta or cool in no type of way,” Nardo Wick said in his statement.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following video contains violent and graphic material. The Shade Room, LLC. does not support or condone bullying and/or violence in any form.

Fan Suffered Brain Bleed After Beating From Nardo’s Team, Rapper Reacts Again

According to TMZ, George suffered a severe concussion and brain bleed following the incident with Nardo Wick’s team.

A screenshot obtained by the outlet shows Nardo Wick reached out to George at 1:10 a.m. on the night of the incident. He sent an Instagram DM worded similar to his statement about the attack.

Another screenshot shows Michelle reached out to Nardo Wick via Instagram at 2:16 a.m. with a heated message. She revealed her son was sent “to the hospital” and then accused the rapper of violent appreciation for fans.

At 2:27 a.m., the rapper attempted to return her call twice before responding. He followed up with a text saying he was about to post about the attack, then requested the mother’s number.

A third screenshot allegedly shows a text conversation between Nardo’s mom and Michelle. In it, Michelle revealed George was feeling pain in his neck and head, underwent CT scans, and was transferred to critical care.

Following his statement, Nardo Wick also shared a video disavowing what happened to George. He said he doesn’t care about people saying the family will sue him. His only concern is George’s health, and he added that the family will “do what they gon do.”

See the post below.

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Pushin’ Positivity? Young Thug’s Lawyer Breaks Down The Rapper’s Name & Shares The Meaning Of... 

Pushin’ Positivity? Young Thug’s Lawyer Breaks Down The Rapper’s Name & Shares The Meaning Of ‘Slime’ On Day Two Of YSL RICO Trial
Pushin’ Positivity? Young Thug’s Lawyer Breaks Down The Rapper’s Name & Shares The Meaning Of ‘Slime’ On Day Two Of YSL RICO Trial

More alleged details about Young Thug and his YSL conglomerate are coming to light on day two of the record label’s RICO trial. As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper and 27 others were arrested in Georgia in May 2022.

Most defendants have severed from the case or taken plea deals, as Young Thug and five others maintain their innocence against racketeering and conspiracy charges.

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Young Thug’s Stage Name Is Explained On Day 2 Of The YSL RICO Trial

As The Shade Room previously reported, day one of opening statements in the YSL trial began on Monday, November 27.

The day primarily consisted of Georgia district attorney Adriane Love’s allegation that Young Thug is the “head” of YSL. Furthermore, the state contends that the group, disguised as a music label called Young Stoner Life Records, is actually an “Atlanta-based street gang” responsible for murder, drug, and firearm violations.

“YSL operated as a pack,” Love reportedly told the courtroom Monday. “…For 10 years and counting, the group calling itself Young Slime Life dominated the Cleveland Avenue community of Fulton County. They created a crater … that sucked in the youth, innocence and even the lives of some of its youngest members.”

Day one’s proceeding was even plagued with the talk of a mistrial. However, the proceeding has pressed on into day two with Young Thug’s defense attorney, Brian Steel, sharing his opening statements.

According to legal reporter Meghann Cuniff, Steel began by explaining to the courtroom that Young Thug was “born into an environment, a community, a society that was filled with oppression, despair, hopelessness and helplessness.”

From there, Steel reportedly explained the meaning of “Thug” in Young Thug’s stage name as “Truly Humbled Under God.”

“If he could ever make it as a musical artist and help his family, himself and his many others out of this endless cycle of hopelessness, he would be truly humbled under God. That’s what thug means,” Steel explained in footage captured and shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by Cuniff.

Young Thug’s Lawyer Explains The Meaning Behind “Slime” As Lil Wayne’s Name Enters The Trial

According to journalist Bryson “Boom” Paul, Steel went on to establish Young Thug’s idolization of Lil Wayne as a teenager.

From there, Steel reportedly referenced a now-deleted video of Young Thug taunting Lil Wayne around the time that the latter rapper’s tour bus was riddled with bullets in 2015, per REVOLT.

According to MTV, around that time, Lil Wayne had instructed fans to “stop listening” to Young Thug’s music.

Steel likened the rappers’ “battle” to NFL rivalries in his statements.

However, Steel’s establishment of the rappers’ alleged relationship and Young Thug’s reverence for Lil Wayne did not stop there. Journalist Jewel Wicker reports that Steel explained to the courtroom that Young Thug’s use of “Slime” stemmed from Lil Wayne.

Furthermore, Steel even took the time to explain that Young Thug’s alleged gang affiliation is misperceived.

Here’s What We Know About The YSL RICO Trial

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Young Thug remains one of six defendants in the ongoing trial, which was halted by a ten-month jury selection.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville presides over the case, which now features a 12-person jury.

Furthermore, Rolling Stone reports that the jurors consist of nine women and three men. Additionally, nine of the twelve jurors are Black.

According to CNN, the trial is expected to last months and features a witness list that may spark celebrities such as Lil Wayne taking the stand.

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Okay! Chrisean Rock Caught Lip Lockin’ In The Club With A New Man 

Love is in the air for Chrisean Rock, Roommates. The mother of one seems to have moved on just fine after she was caught lip lockin’ in the club with another artist. Since her split from Blueface, the internet has been speculating if Chrisean has officially (and finally) moved on. Now after an IG story circulating catching the 23-year-old in the club LIPSIN’, it’s safe to say that’s a yes… for now at least. 

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The mystery man is a rapper named K Suave. Now y’all know we had to do some digging, so let’s get to it. K Suave’s name is Kevin Gainer and he’s a 25-year-old artist. He hails from Ohio and seems to be a member of Trippie Redd’s ‘1400/800’ crew. More recently, it looks like Chrisean appeared in K Suave’s latest music video for ‘Cloud9 2’ :

K Suave shared the video snippet to his 323K Instagram followers. Speaking of Instagram, y’all know we had to share some photos so y’all can see him, SEE HIM.

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The self-proclaimed ‘Thot Slayer’ was caught in 4K in the club with our girl Chrisean. Intrestingly enough, the video was shared to Trippie Redd’s IG story just last night on November 28. See the video below.

Though there are no other particular details at this moment, Chrisean has hinted at having a new man, despite spending the Thanksgiving holiday with Blueface.

Regardless, Chrisean is living LIFE. She just recently purchased a new Bentley and is now poppin’ out with a new boo.

We love to see it!

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Wayment! King Harris Is Charging A BIG BAG For Interviews After Viral Tussle With His Parents 

King Harris Wants $10K For Interviews After Tussle With T.I. & Tiny
King Harris Wants $10K For Interviews After Tussle With T.I. & Tiny

It looks like King Harris won’t be spilling any more parental tea for the free! On Tuesday (Nov. 28), the 19-year-old warned outlets of his premium price for an interview. His request comes just two days after he got into a heated exchange with his parents, T.I. and Tiny Harris, at an NFL game.

“10K a interview or I don’t wanna talk,” Harris wrote on Instagram Story.

Here’s What Happened Between King Harris & His Parents

As previously reported, the fallout went down on Sunday, Nov. 26, during the Falcons and New Orleans Saints game. King Harris was at the Atlanta home game with his parents and, at some point, began livestreaming on Instagram.

The live footage eventually captured King debating with his parents about whether he was raised with “a silver spoon.” While he argued that he “never ate with [the silver spoon] a day in [his] life,” his parents strongly disagreed.

When his mother, in particular, shut that notion down, King clapped back. He alleged that he grew up primarily at his grandmother’s house. That’s when T.I. and Tiny explained that he would cry every day and hold his breath as a child to go over there.

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Though their voices were loud as they spoke, things didn’t seem heated at first. Then, Tiny took the phone from King’s hand momentarily, revealing that King wanted to be at his grandmother’s house so he could use a pacifier until he was 12. As T.I. backed her up, King Harris began accusing them of lying.

That’s when the discussion seemingly went left. T.I. (in the background) began telling his son he was getting emotional. Tiny seemingly tried to calm the situation, saying it was all jokes. However, King insisted it wasn’t a joke and that T.I. was “playing” with him in a disrespectful way.

After T.I. warned King that he was “embarrassing” himself, the footage seemingly shows the rapper and his son in a brief physical tussle.

After the alleged altercation, King Harris blew off some more steam on Instagram, accusing his father of calling him a “mistake” and capping for the internet.

Swipe below to see his posts.


While T.I. and Tiny have remained hush-hush on the heated interaction, Harris wants big bands to reveal what exactly went down.

It’s unclear if the 19-year-old is just telling a lil’ jokey joke, but it’s definitely stirring mixed reactions on social platforms.

Thoughts, Roomies?

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Social Media Users Get To Tusslin’ After Erykah Badu Covers GQ Germany’s ‘Men Of The Year’ Issue 

Social Media Users Get To Tussling After Erykah Badu Covers GQ Germany's
Social Media Users Get To Tussling After Erykah Badu Covers GQ Germany's

GQ Germany unveiled Erykah Badu as one of the cover stars for its 2023 ‘Men Of The Year’ issue. Now, social media users are tusslin’ over their reactions.

The news follows Kim Kardashian being announced as one of the three ‘Men Of The Year’ cover stars for the publication’s American issue earlier this month, per The Shade Room.

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More Details Regarding Erykah Badu’s GQ Germany “Men Of The Year” Cover

GQ Germany unveiled its latest ‘Men Of The Year’ cover on Monday, November 27. The cover shot featured a topless Badu with beaded braids that covered her body. Additionally, the cover declared Badu the publication’s ‘Music Icon Of The Year.’

Check out the cover and additional shots of the 52-year-old singer below.

In the corresponding cover story, the publication detailed its decision to bestow Badu with the Music Icon honor. Additionally, GQ Germany seemingly explained its decision to label Badu one of the ‘Men Of The Year.’

The outlet reiterated Badu’s accolades as “four-time Grammy winner,” “Queen of the Neo-Soul,” and “cultural rebel.”

“In the 1990s, the music scene was manageable and predominantly masculine,” GQ Germany journalist Manuela Hainz wrote. “Then came musicians like Erykah Badu… [who] Mixed the soul with hard beats and rap rhymes. And paved the way for future generations of female artists.”

To note, additional recipients of GQ Germany’s ‘Men Of The Year’ title include Colin Kaepernick as “Athlete Of The Year,” Louis Hoffman as “Actor Of The Year,” and Marina Abramović as “Art Icon Of The Year.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to tussle over their reactions to Badu’s cover and the publication’s declaration of the singer as one of its ‘Men Of The Year.’

Many supported the publication for giving Badu her “flowers.”

Instagram user @s.nashay wrote.
“she def deserves her flowers 💐
While Instagram user @tonybaker added.
“E. Badu is legend.”

Meanwhile, one user, @dev.anjoli, harkened back to a few weeks ago when Kim Kardashian received the same title and backlash.

“But when it’s was Kim K it was “why is she on the cover she’s not a man” I swear yall pick and choose. I love me some Miss Badu tho.”
Others voiced their confusion at the publication’s decisions.
Instagram user @shysaidso remarked.
“This is getting out of hand. Why are women are This cover? What’s the point we are trying to make here? It’s giving weird”
While Instagram user @sheliamilsap added.
“So no men where available to put on the cover?? Is it that much of a shortage of men?”
Instagram user @manithuggin wrote.
“I didn’t like it with Kim I don’t like it with her. why a woman on the cover of GQ? I thought it was a men’s magazine? am I confused?”

A Look Back At Kim Kardashian’s ‘Men Of The Year’ Cover

As The Shade Room previously reported, GQ unveiled Kim Kardashian’s ‘Men Of The Year’ cover on Tuesday, November 14.

At the time, social media users referred to the publication’s decision as “weird,” some adding that they were “so confused.”

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REVOLT Reacts After Diddy Steps Down As Company Chairman Amid Assault Allegations 

REVOLT Reacts After Diddy Steps Down As Company Chairman
REVOLT Reacts After Diddy Steps Down As Company Chairman

Diddy is making resume changes amid ongoing allegations of assault against him. On Tuesday (Nov. 28), REVOLT confirmed the hip hop mogul has stepped down as company chairman.

In a statement shared on Instagram, REVOLT explained why Diddy — birth name Sean Combs — decided to step away.

“Sean Combs has stepped down from his position as Chairman of REVOLT. While Mr. Combs has previously had no operational or day-to-day role in the business, this decision helps to ensure that REVOLT remains steadfastly focused on our mission to create meaningful content for the culture and amplify the voices of all Black people throughout this county and the diaspora.”

REVOLT added that the decision is about the brand as a whole versus one individual.

“Our focus has always been one that reflects our commitment to the collective journey of REVOLT — one that is not driven by any individual but by the shared efforts and values of our entire team on behalf of advancing, elevating and championing our culture — and that continues.”

See their post below.

Diddy’s REVOLT Decision Comes Amid Multiple Allegations Of Sexual Assault

REVOLT’s statement made no mention of Diddy’s recent media storms, which include coverage of at least three sexual assault lawsuits against him.

The first came about a week before Thanksgiving from his former girlfriend and Bad Boy Records artist Cassie. She submitted her allegations of sexual assault, repeated verbal and physical abuse, and sex trafficking across state lines in a detailed 35-page lawsuit.

The singer filed under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which gave victims a one-year opening to file without the constraints of the statute of limitations. The act expired on Nov. 23 after the filing period opened last year.

Cassie and Diddy settled her lawsuit for an undisclosed amount less than 48 hours after she filed. Afterward, Diddy clarified that the settlement was not a reflection of guilt or admission to her allegations.

In a statement to The Shade Room, his lawyer said:

“Just so we’re clear, a decision to settle a lawsuit, especially in 2023, is in no way an admission of wrongdoing. Mr. Combs‘ decision to settle the lawsuit does not in any way undermine his flat-out denial of the claims. He is happy they got to a mutual settlement and wishes Ms. Ventura the best.”

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However, less than a week later, another woman filed a lawsuit making similar assault claims. Like Cassie, Joi Dickerson-Neal filed under New York’s Adult Survivors’ Act just before it expired. According to NY Daily News, Joi alleged Diddy assaulted her after a 1991 date at Wells restaurant in Harlem. She claims the producer gave her a drug that made her unable to independently stand or walk, then sexually assaulted her at a music studio.

Soon after the lawsuit hit the media, a spokesperson for Diddy denied the allegations in a statement to the NY Post.

“This last-minute lawsuit is an example of how a well-intentioned law can be turned on its head. Ms. Dickerson’s 32-year-old story is made up and not credible. Mr. Combs never assaulted her, and she implicates companies that did not exist. This is purely a money grab and nothing more,” the statement reads.

Then came the third lawsuit against Diddy filed under the act. An anonymous woman accused the producer and singer Aaron Hall of taking turns raping her and a friend in 1990 or 1991 at Hall’s apartment, per Rolling Stone.

“While at Hall’s apartment, Jane Doe was offered more drinks and was coerced into having sex with Combs,” the filing states. “After Combs finished doing his business, Jane Doe laid in bed, shocked and traumatized. As she was in the process of getting dressed, Hall barged into the room, pinned her down and forced Jane Doe to have sex with him.”

He then allegedly visited the woman’s apartment a few days later and choked her “to the point that she passed out.” Diddy was reportedly worried about word getting back to his then-girlfriend.

Again, he denied the allegations via a spokesperson.

“These are civil suits with fabricated claims of misconduct from over 30 years ago, which are nothing but a blatant money grab. Mr. Combs is being unfairly targeted by anonymous accusers who lie for financial gain. The New York Legislature never intended the Adult Survivors Act to be exploited.”

Diddy has not reacted to REVOLT’s announcement on his social platforms.

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He’s Out! Mark Cuban Is Done With ‘Shark Tank’ And Here’s Why 

Shark Tank Cast Next Season Mark Cuban Leaving
Shark Tank Cast Next Season Mark Cuban Leaving

After more than ten years of accepting and rejecting investments, Mark Cuban is planning his last “I’m out.” The millionaire recently revealed he won’t be returning to ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ after the next season is over.

Cuban shared his exit plans with former pro-ballers Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their Showtime podcast ‘All The Smoke.’ In the episode released on Nov. 21, Mark said “it’s time” to move on.

Mark Cuban Says ‘Shark Tank’ Has Trained Generations Of Entrepreneurs

For context, ‘Shark Tank’ is currently seven episodes into season 15. He doesn’t plan to return for season 17.

Mark Cuban first appeared on the show during season two, which aired in 2011 from March to May. A year later, the Dallas Mavericks owner became a permanent investor in the series. His verbal tussles with other sharks and his enthusiasm for business owners who know their stuff imprinted the series.

“I love it because it sends the message the American dream is alive and well,” Mark Cuban said. “I feel like in doing ‘Shark Tank’ all these years, we’ve trained multiple generations of entrepreneurs that if somebody can come from Iowa or Sacramento or wherever, and show up on the carpet of ‘Shark Tank’ and show their business and get a deal, it’s going to inspire generations of kids. That’s what happens, right?”

After hundreds of investments and years of inspiring entrepreneurs across the US, Mark seemingly feels the show has achieved its goals.

“Now we’ve got people coming on saying I watched you when I was 10 years old. I’m like, f*ck,” Mark continued. “But we’re helping them, right? I’ve invested in, I don’t know how many hundreds of companies. On a cash basis, I’m down a little bit, but on mark to market meeting, the companies are still in operation. I’m way up.”

According to Deadline, ABC has not confirmed Cuban’s pending departure. However, the outlet cited a source who claimed Cuban has mentioned leaving before.

 Cuban Shares “Good Investment” Tips For Future Sharks

He didn’t share much about what’s next after closing the ‘Shark Tank’ chapter. Cuban also didn’t specify if he might return to the series as a guest from season 17 onward.

However, he explained his secret sauce for picking investments in the last decade.

Cuban looks for business ideas that make him ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Second, he pays close attention to an entrepreneur’s body language and opening statements during a pitch.

“I just listen to them. You can just tell. Body language matters, the harder they have to try to sell, the worse the deal … when someone walks in ‘Shark Tank,’ you can tell if they are trying too hard,” Mark Cuban said. “I have this rule: the longer the back story, the worse the deal. The minute you start telling me how hard it was for you, it’s hard for every motherf*cking entrepreneur, tell me about your business, tell me why you are going to be successful.”

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Whew! Viral Video Shows Aftermath Of A Southwest Airlines Passenger Who Opened The Plane’s... 

Whew! Viral Video Shows Aftermath Of A Southwest Airlines Passenger Who Opened The Plane's Emergency Exit & Climbed Its Wing
Whew! Viral Video Shows Aftermath Of A Southwest Airlines Passenger Who Opened The Plane's Emergency Exit & Climbed Its Wing

A 38-year-old man has reportedly been detained and hospitalized after an incident at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. According to The Independent, the man allegedly climbed onto the wing of a grounded Southwest Airlines plane Sunday night.

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More Reported Details Regarding The Incident

According to the outlet, the incident occurred as a Southwest plane awaited takeoff at a terminal. The passenger reportedly opened the emergency exit door and climbed onto the plane’s wing.

Fellow passenger Zed Webster captured video of the moment in a now-viral TikTok.

According to Webster, he began recording when he heard a commotion from passengers “across the aisle from him,” per CNN. It was at that moment that Webster captured the act and what followed.

“Isreal American jumped out the exit door right before the plane took off and alledgely threw something on the plane, i started recording because they were arguing , this was a very tramatic event. Flight 3172 from MSY – ATL,” Webster wrote in the caption of his TikTok.

Webster’s video shows passengers frantically exiting the plane, some also believing that the man who fled the plane did so after leaving an item onboard.

“I was terrified,” Webster told CNN.

As the video continues, it shows the airport ground crew subduing the passenger as he tries to climb into a vehicle parked at the terminal’s gate.


Isreal American jumped out the exit door right before the plane took off and alledgely threw something on the plane, i started recording because they were arguing , this was a very tramatic event. Flight 3172 from MSY – ATL #flightdrama #Neworleans

♬ original sound – Zed ✨

According to a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies determined the passenger was “incoherent.” Additionally, the man was “not fully aware of his surroundings.”

Furthermore, the spokesperson explained that the man did not leave any items onboard the aircraft or had a weapon. The 38-year-old was ultimately detained by police and taken to a hospital for mental health evaluation.

The Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office spokesperson has reportedly disclosed that the man’s case has been referred to federal authorities, per The Independent.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users shared their reactions to the viral incident in The Shade Room’s comment section. Many shared their shock, while others joked that they may be “walking” to their next vacation.

Instagram user @freshjam wrote.
“Folks be begging to get on the no fly list.”
While Instagram user @___stephyyyyy asked.
“But why would he do thatttt??”
Instagram user @slaybaenay joked.
“Yeah imma go ahead and just walk to my next vacation 😂😩

One user, @amarahiman, even shared their alleged first-hand experience of the incident.

“So thankful he was arrested and they transitioned us to a new plane”

Southwest Airlines Shares A Statement

According to CNN, Chris Perry, a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines, shared a statement with the company regarding the incident.

“We commend our flight and ground crews for their swift action and apologize to our Customers for their inconvenience.”

The outlet adds that the flight resumed its transport utilizing a different aircraft and landed in Atlanta just before Monday morning.

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Oop! Kylie Jenner Talks About Private Friendship With Jordyn Woods After Tristan Thompson Scandal 


According to Kylie Jenner, her friendship with Jordyn Woods didn’t end after Tristan Thompson allegedly kissed Woods in 2019.

In fact, the beauty entrepreneur says they “never fully cut each other off.” Instead, they maintained a private friendship. Nearly four years later, their BFF energy is finally creeping back into the public eye.

Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Chose To Stop Hiding Their Friendship This Past Summer

Kylie Jenner recently spilled this friendship tea to Jennifer Lawrence. The ‘Hunger Games’ lead actress spoke to Kylie for Interview. The magazine published their talk on Nov. 27. Jordyn Woods came up in Lawrence’s final question for the beauty industry billionaire. She asked Jenner how she and Jordyn became friends again after the “trauma many years ago.”

“Jordyn and I, we always stayed in touch throughout the years, and we would meet up at my house and catch up and just talk through everything. We never fully cut each other off, and one day, naturally, we were like, we want to get sushi, and we don’t want to hide anymore,” Kylie Jenner said.

That “no more hiding” moment went down this past July. At the time, Daily Mail claimed the sushi outing was their first reunion in four years. However, based on her talk for Interview, that might not necessarily be true.

But we know that the BFFs enjoyed sushi on a Saturday night, appeared to be in “great spirits,” and left the venue together.

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Kylie & Jordyn Woods “Needed Space” To Grow

What “keeping in touch” meant for Jenner and Woods is unclear. For example, Kylie didn’t specify whether they’d spent time at each other’s homes or whether Jordyn had met her second child with Travis Scott. Though Auntie Jordyn was around after Stormi was born in Feb. 2018, Jenner welcomed Aire last year.

Still, Kris Jenner’s youngest made clear that there was a “learning lesson” for her and Jordyn following the scandal.

“There’s a learning lesson in everything, and I think that, in a weird way, everything happens how it’s supposed to happen. We were so attached at the hip that we needed space to grow into the people that we were supposed to be. I needed that independence and that confidence because she was like my security blanket for so long,” Jenner said.

Much has happened since the 2019 kiss-gone-wrong that rocked the Kardashians’ long-standing relationship with the Woods family. Amid the happenings, Khloé Kardashian welcomed her second child and first son, Tatum, with Thompson.

The NBA athlete, however, doubled up on his fatherhood title as he also welcomed a son after cheating on Khloé with Maralee Nichols. Kardashian has maintained that she has no plans on rekindling a romantic relationship with Tristan.

Most recently, on ‘The Kardashians,’ Thompson apologized to Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods (who was not present) for the 2019 scandal. He asked Jenner to pass on the apology. During that episode, Jenner also spoke about how codependent their friendship was before the scandal and revealed that they still catch up.

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Roomies, do you think Jordyn Woods might make an appearance on ‘The Kardashians’? 

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