Young Thug’s Brother Unfoonk Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison After Violating Probation In YSL RICO... 

Young Thug's Brother Unfoonk Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison After Violating Probation In YSL RICO Plea Deal
Young Thug's Brother Unfoonk Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison After Violating Probation In YSL RICO Plea Deal

Unfoonk, the brother of rapper Young Thug, has been sentenced to nine years and six months in prison. As The Shade Room previously reported, he was arrested on a gun charge in May.

This arrest occurred less than six months after Unfoonk accepted a plea deal in the YSL RICO trial.

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More Details Regarding Unfoonk’s Sentence

According to TMZ, Judge Ural D. Glanville officially revoked Unfoonk’s probation on Monday before sentencing him to prison. The outlet also reported that Judge Glanville “scolded” Unfook, also known as Quantavious Grier, for the actions that led to his arrest.

“You got arrested with a gun within six months of you being placed on probation. And I agree with the state — that you’re not a candidate for probation because all you had to do is complete your probation and do what you’re supposed to do. Instead, you were riding around in a car with a gun in violation of your probation and what this court explicitly had conversations with you about…”

Judge Glanville continued.

“And for that reason, sir, I’m going to revoke the balance of nine years and six months, and you will serve that in the Department of Corrections, and that will be the sentence of the court.”

Grier’s sentencing was also live-streamed on Monday.

Details Of Unfoonk’s Violation Of Probation & Gun Arrest

As The Shade Room previously reported, Unfoonk was arrested on Thursday, May 4, for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. As well as being a “person associated with a criminal street gang while participating in illegal activity.”

Additionally, Unfoonk’s arrest also included “minor traffic offenses,” such as a “window tint violation,” as reported by WSBTV.

According to the outlet, the arrest occurred while plainclothes officers were monitoring activity on Cleveland Avenue in Southwest Atlanta. They reportedly noticed a Black Mercedes G Wagon parked at a BP gas station. While tracking the vehicle, officers noted that a crowd gathered around the vehicle’s passenger window, which led officers to speculate “a possible drug deal.”

Officers then stopped the vehicle as it left the parking lot and, upon inspection, noted that it smelled like marijuana. Additionally, officers noticed a handgun.

“I also noticed a handgun in plain view located in the driver side door panel. Mr. Grier advised that the gun was clean, which prompted me to believe he had knowledge of the firearm being there.”

Officers reportedly removed a 9mm handgun from the vehicle’s “door handle.”

Additionally, officers noted the particular location where Grier was arrested months after the YSL RICO trial.

“The gas station where Grier was arrested is controlled and used by YSL for the commission of criminal gang activity,” wrote the detective.

Before this arrest, Grier received credit for two years served during the YSL RICO trial and was placed on probation for ten years, as per TMZ.

Additionally, Grier was expected to perform 750 hours of community service during probation. However, Judge Glanville noted during his sentencing that Unfoonk neglected to begin his service nor pay his probation fees.

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WATCH: Florida Thief Burglarizes Miami Store While Wearing A Cardboard Box Over His Head 

WATCH: Florida Thief Burglarizes Miami Store While Wearing A Box Over His Head

A thief in Florida was arrested despite attempting to hide his face with a large cardboard box as he burglarized a Miami store Saturday (June 3), according to TMZ.

The robbery reportedly took place around 4 a.m. at a Miami Gardens phone repair shop, TMZ reports.

Thief Nabbed In Miami Despite Wearing Box Over Head To Conceal Identity

Surveillance footage obtained by NBC 6 South Florida shows the man with a box over his head smashing a glass display case with an unknown object.

The box-wearing bandit made off with 19 iPhones and upwards of $8,000 in cash, owner of Irepair Tech Jeremias Berganza told NBC 6.

However, CCTV video did capture him briefly lifting the box to see what he was grabbing. His face was revealed, eventually leading to his arrest hours later.

Immediately after the robbery, Berzanga said he watched the surveillance video and paused when the thief lifted the box from his face, causing the box to fall off and expose his face.

The store owner then began searching for the suspect in the shopping center. He told authorities that he warned other businesses to beware of the thief, who was then still on the loose.

Miami Gardens PD eventually located and arrested the suspect, who was drinking alcohol at a nearby liquor shop.

NBC 6 later identified the man in the cardboard box as 33-year-old Claude Vincent Griffin.

Police charged Griffin with grand theft, burglary, criminal mischief, and cocaine possession. He was also charged with resisting an officer without violence, the outlet reports.

Social Media Has Field Day With Box-Headed Bandit: “Added To The World’s Dumbest Criminal List”

Meanwhile, social media users had a field day with the story.

“The box head bandit 😂” one person commented on NBC 6’s Instagram post. “Looks like that box made no difference,” another wrote.


“Added to the world’s dumbest criminal list,” another noted.

“When your Pooh Shiesty mask was in wash. But you still need to get the job done,” a third person added.

“Hey it was working till it fell,” another user wrote.

A short police bodycam clip appears to show Griffin’s arrest. His mugshot, also obtained by NBC 6, shows Griffin sporting a large golfball-sized welt on his face.

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Tyler James Williams Reacts To People Questioning His Sexuality, Explains Dangers Of Trying To... 

Tyler James Williams Reacts To People Questioning His Sexuality, Explains Dangers Of Trying To Expose 'A Closeted Person'
Tyler James Williams Reacts To People Questioning His Sexuality, Explains Dangers Of Trying To Expose 'A Closeted Person'

Tyler James Williams is “not gay.” The longtime actor confirmed his lack of interest in the same sex in an Instagram post addressing people questioning his sexuality.

Most of his lengthy clapback explained the dangers of “outing” culture–the practice of exposing a queer person’s sexuality. Williams also presented himself as an ally to the LGBTQ+ communities–promising to continue to fight for a future of acceptance.

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“Usually, I wouldn’t address stuff like this, but I feel like it, as a conversation, is bigger than me. I’m not gay, but I think the culture of trying to “find” some kind of hidden trait or behavior that a closeted person “let it slip” is very dangerous,” Tyler wrote. “Overanalyzing someone’s behavior in an attempt to “catch” them directly contributes to the anxiety of a lot of queer and queer questioning people feel when they fear living in their truth. It makes the most pedestrian of conversations and interactions in spaces feel less safe for our gay brothers and sisters and those who may be questioning.”

Tyler James Says ‘Outing’ Culture Limits The ‘Individual Expression’ Of Straight Men Too

Williams says the ‘outing’ culture not affects queer and queer questioning people but also stifles straight men and their freedom of expression.

“It also reinforces an archetype many straight men have to live under that is often times unrealistic, less free, and limits individual expression. I’ve been very clear about the intentionality I try to put into using my platform to push back against those archetypes every chance I get. Being straight doesn’t look one way. Being gay doesn’t look one way. And what may seem like harmless fun and conversation may actually be sending a dangerous message to those struggling with real issues. I refuse to inadvertently contribute to that message.”

Amid Tyler’s message making its rounds, Drake was causing a stir online for rocking yellow and blue nail polish–a beauty trend typically marketed to women. The Twitter reactions ranged from support to homophobic comments.

The online slams seemingly prove Tyler’s message about ‘outing’ culture limiting the creative expression of straight men.


Williams Wishes Queer And Queer Questioning People A Happy Pride Month

The “Everybody Hates Chris” actor ended his Instagram Story post with a message for those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.

“Happy Pride to all of my queer and questioning brothers, sisters, and individuals. I pray that you feel seen in ways that make you feel safe in the celebration that is this month. As an ally, I continue to be committed to assisting in that where I can and helping to cultivate a future where we are all accepted and given permission to be ourselves,” Tyler James wrote.

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Police: Florida Woman’s Car Catches Fire With Her Children Inside As She Shoplifted At Nearby Mall 

Police: Florida Woman's Car Catches Fire With Her Children Inside As She Shoplifted At Nearby Mall

A Florida woman’s car caught fire with her children left unattended inside. Additionally, the woman is alleged to have been shoplifting inside Oviedo Mall as the incident took place, according to police.

On May 26, Alicia Moore reportedly parked in a Dillard’s parking lot, leaving her two children in the vehicle, per an arrest report obtained by CNN.

Florida Woman’s Car Engulfed In Flames With Kids Inside While She Shoplifted For Over An Hour, Cops Say

A loss prevention officer told police they saw the 24-year-old and an unknown man shoplift inside the mall for roughly an hour, the outlet reports.

She reportedly dropped the stolen merchandise upon leaving the store as she saw her car engulfed in flames — with her two kids inside.

One of the children tried to get out of the car but could not. However, a shopper ultimately assisted in rescuing the children from the burning vehicle, according to WESH.

The children were taken to an area hospital and treated for multiple first-degree burns. One of them suffered burns “to her face and ears,” the report notes. It’s unclear as to their exact condition as of Monday (June 5).

Authorities are still unaware of what caused the fire. However, they added it would have never happened had Moore not been neglectful.

“It is undetermined what ignited the fire. However, if Moore was not being neglectful, it is unlikely [the child] would have been injured,” police said.

Mother Charged With Arson, Child Neglect Alongside Unrelated Warrants, Court Records Show

Cops then proceeded to interview Moore, who allegedly told police she wanted an attorney.

She was initially only arrested on unrelated charges by the neighboring Orlando Police Department “for outstanding warrants in other counties,” the report said.

But Moore was eventually charged with arson and aggravated child neglect. A judge handed down the new counts while Moore was in custody at Orange County Jail, CNN cites the report as stating.

She’s also facing four charges of battery, petty left, and assault from previous incidents. Moore is currently being held on a $48,000 bond, jail records show.

The mother-of-two pleaded not guilty to the two charges related to her kids during her arraignment on Friday (June 2). Additionally, jail records state that she has been “transferred” to “another facility” as of June 5.

Her next court date is scheduled for June 27, according to PEOPLE.

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Zonnique Pullins & Deyjah Harris React To Chika Calling Zonnique’s Two-Year-Old Derogatory Names... 

Zonnique Pullins Deyjah Harris Chika Daughter Plane

One of this weekend’s viral conversations involved children on airplanes. And rapper Chika sparked the talks after her online rant about a fussy toddler on a late-night flight.

The toddler was Zonnique‘s daughter, Hunter, traveling with Zonnique’s relative and four-year-old daughter. In what Chika later called a “manic episode,” she addressed a crying Hunter as a “bastard,” “b***h a**,” and “sexual promiscuity” consequence.

Chika also labeled the aunt as a  “stupid b****” and incorrectly assumed she was the mother of twins.

“the the last next to me who thought it would be a good idea to buy yourself and your twin infants first-class seats on a red-eye flight, who just woke me up by bringing your screaming bastard to OUR seats to soothe her, I just bought $34 wifi at 4 a.m. to call you a stupid b***h.”

She added:

“P.S. I hate you and hope you get a paper cut between each finger tomorrow, you senseless wench.” Another tweet read, “like are you mentally delayed? What makes you think a 1 y/o will shut their b***h a** up on. a 7 hour flight that takes off at ONE F****NG AYE EM. you ALREADLY had them up past bedtime. Idc the circumstance. Take yo ass to economy at LEAST.”

In deleted tweets, Chika claimed that Zonnique’s aunt “was shaking the damn baby” and “gripping her arms tight to try to shut her up.” She also claimed solidarity with an adult male who recently went viral for complaining about a crying baby on a plane.

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“I’m so pissed off right now. I already had trouble falling asleep. And as soon as I do, you bring the consequence of YOUR sexual promiscuity into MY life. I got noise cancellation on, and I STILL woke up. F**k you h*e, choke.”

Zonnique and her aunt later identified Hunter as the target of Chika’s Twitter attack. A video shows two girls sitting in their own seats across an aisle with headphones and pillows.

“wait I’m in tearsssss not Chika Boo was mad my child was cutting up in first class. You should have just sat there and been mad babe…she sky priority af,” Zonnique tweeted.


Relative Of Zonnique’s Daughter Chimes In, Says Chika Complimented Her On The Girls In Person

A woman claiming Zonnique is her niece also reacted to Chika’s derogatory remarks online. She identified the crying toddler as Hunter and accused Chika of being “insensitive” online while complimenting her in person.

The aunt also said Hunter was only awake for three minutes and cried because she was scared of the pitch-black plane.

“I can’t believe you are that insensitive when she woke up once on a 5hr flight from LA. And second off, it wasn;t your seat from the beginning you switched with someone else and sat your fat a** next to me and let me express the funk that you brought on top of that! crazy sh*t was it was you in my ear saying those girls are so good before she woke up out her sleep scared crying because it was pitch black and her TV had gone off, so she was startled.”

The aunt accused Chika of being mad she and the two children could “afford first class next to a peasant” like her. She also called her a “fake b***h in person!”

Later Friday, the aunt gave the same story in a post on The Shade Room‘s Instagram. She suggested Chika was lying about paying for wifi because it was free.

But the bit about Chika’s scent picked up steam on socials, along with the conversation of children traveling on airplanes. Amid her reactions, the rapper replied to the “stink” accusations, saying she showered before the flight and wore clean clothes.

“I get it you think I’m fat. Therefore, you’re like, oh, sloppy, gross, and disgusting. I showered 30 minutes before I got to the airport. My clothes was freshly out the goddamn washer…I was wearing…my favorite clean linen cologne. Ain’t nobody stink around you. You’re just mad that I said some mean things, so now you’re trying to be like, what can I say?”

Chika Apologizes, Later Suggests Twitter Rant Kept Her From Self-Harming

In an initial apology, Chika shared some messages with an unknown person who told the rapper her words were “harsh” and shouldn’t have been tweeted.

“posting because I think it’s important & because I understand that people who actually do want to support me were also offended by my inflammatory thread yesterday. I’m sorry cuz it was triggering/infuriating to many. I just don’t like being seen as someone I’m not.”

But the backlash persisted online, leading Chika to also respond on video. She admitted to acting “real mean” in the tweets but said she wanted to express herself during a manic episode. Chika apologized for being harsh but later told critics to “stay mad” and that the “response is disproportionate to the mistake.”

“Like I been saying, I wasn’t rude to her, and that’s what I’m good with. I have the decency to be mad externally somewhere else. My only mistake was doing it on Twitter. I don’t feel bad cuz the response is disproportionate to the mistake. But like…Do your thing, internet..y’all already ain’t like me, this ain’t nothing new.”


Deyjah Harris Reacts To Chika’s Self-Harm Comment, Says There Are Healthier Ways Than Ranting Online

However, one part of her video reaction caught the attention of Hunter’s aunt, Deyjah Harris–T.I.’s daughter.

“I think that I meant to be mean in those moments because I was like, if I don’t get all of this anger and rage out right now, I’m going to literally have another panic attack on this plane, land at my connecting flight and do what the f**k I did last year which was get off that flight, find the highest point of the building, look down and be like I’m going to f**lk do it, I’m going to jump.”

TRIGGER WARNING: The video below contains messages of self-harm/suicide and suicide ideation. 

Deyjah started her tweeted message for Chika by showing solidarity as someone who has previously suffered from “depression, anxiety, self-harm.” But, she immediately makes it clear that Chika’s Twitter assault was “not the way to go about it.”

“There are so many healthier ways to release your emotions. You came to the internet, talked about children as a grown woman, and called my loved ones out of their names. That (to me) is not equivalent to releasing your anger, but rather it shows that you are not emotionally mature/intelligent, and it feels like there is no accountability being taken on your end. Obviously, nobody wants you to hurt yourself!!!”

Harris provided a list of alternative actions, from journaling to speaking to the aunt in person, that Chika could’ve chosen. As of Monday, Chika has not reacted to Deyjah’s message.

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Trey Songz Facing $10 Million Lawsuit For Exposing Woman’s Breast At Pool Party 

Trey Songz Ten Million Lawsuit Woman Breast Pool Party

Trey Songz is being sued for $10 million in a lawsuit accusing him of sexual battery and assault after he allegedly grabbed and exposed a woman’s breast at a pool party, according to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court on Thursday, also named Songz’s production company, Atlantic Records, and his manager Kevin Liles as defendants.

Incident Stems From 2013 Pool Party Where Rapper Was Filmed Grabbing And Exposing A Woman’s Breast

The suit claims all three were negligent in supervising their client and were “responsible in some manner” for his actions.

Meanwhile, Songz’s lawyer Michael Freedman maintained his client’s innocence in a statement provided to TMZ. He added that the lawsuit is “another example of decade-old allegations being repurposed into a federal case.”

“(They’re) taking advantage of California’s constitutionally questionable new ‘look-back window.’ We look forward to vindicating Trey on the merits in court.”

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Victim Sent Demand Letter To Rapper’s Legal Team Last Year After Songz’s 2021 Vegas Assault Case

The victim, Megan Johnson, sent a demand letter to Songz and his legal team last year, TMZ reported.

In the letter, Johnson’s lawyers claimed the rapper’s 2021 Vegas sexual assault case prompted Megan to seek justice for herself. (NOTE: the Vegas case was dropped weeks before the demand letter was sent.)

The incident with Johnson reportedly occurred at his “Foxwoods Liquid Sundays with Trey Songz” event in Aug. 2013. There, the rapper was filmed grabbing and pulling out the victim’s breast from her bikini top, allegedly without her consent.

Johnson’s encounter with Songz in the VIP tent was filmed. Her lawyers believe the video will be a slam dunk in terms of evidence.

Johnson Says Incident Has Left Her Humiliated, Suffering Emotional Trauma

Meanwhile, the victim’s lawsuit claims the defendants should have already known about Songz’s “sexual proclivities” and were, in turn, responsible for his actions that day.

Johnson says the incident left her humiliated and with emotional trauma. Her lawyers added she was ultimately forced to curtail her promising career several months later due to the embarrassment following the incident.

She reportedly gave Songz and his team weeks to respond to the demand letter before filing a lawsuit.

Johnson is seeking at least $10 million in damages, according to TMZ.

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WATCH: Joseline Hernandez Gets Emotional After Performing Sober For The First Time 

WATCH: Joseline Hernandez Gets Emotional After Performing Sober For The First Time
WATCH: Joseline Hernandez Gets Emotional After Performing Sober For The First Time

Joseline Hernandez is accomplishing new milestones in her life and career. The 36-year-old reality star and artist recently took the stage and, afterward, shared that it was her first time performing sober in her 12-year career.

Joseline Hernandez Gets Candid With Her Audience After A Recent Performance

After completing a recent performance, Hernandez was met with a room full of applause. As the 36-year-old took the moment in, she began crying and wiping her eyes.

Shortly after, Hernandez explained why she was “so emotional” to the crowd.

The reason why I’m so emotional [is because] this is my first time that I’ve ever performed with any cocaine, without any pills…”

As Hernandez speaks, the room erupts with outstanding applause and cheers. As she continues to take the moment in, the crowd begins chanting her name.

Hernandez then tells her audience that she loves them. Additionally, she even explains why she may have relied on the substances for so long while performing.

“This is the first time, in my 12 years of performing, that I’ve… sober… I don’t know if I was always so scared to do without it because it was like my shield, but it’s like, I feel so much better without it…”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly congratulated the star in The Shade Room’s comment section.

One user, @thomasadrianna1, congratulated Hernandez and added that everyone is “fighting some type of addiction.” However, everyday is a chance to make a change.

“Go girl!!!!! I’m so proud of her!! Her journey has been wild af!!! I pray she stays on this path!! we all are fighting some type of addiction, whether is food, alcohol, weed, overworking etc just know that everyday is a new day to change!!❤🙌🏾
While another user, @kimberlyklacik, shared their perspective on drug use by performers.
“This is amazing news. Dancers that dance under the influence do it that way to hide the fact that the lifestyle truly isn’t the one they want. This means she has great potential. Congratulations 💜

Hernandez Previously Reflected On An Early Experience Being Exposed To Drug Use In Puerto Rico

In 2017, Hernandez appeared as a guest on the daytime talk show ‘The Real’ and reflected on her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico. The reality star said that her family lived in the “projects, nearby a beach. This is where Hernandez experienced her first encounter with drug use.

In her story, Hernandez explained that she went one day she went outside without any shoes to meet a friend. However, when she was running by the beach was struck by a needle which got lodged into her foot.

“I went outside, and you know, we loved to go outside without any shoes, you know… we live like by the beach… So, I remember one day I was running to go meet my home girl, I was like a little kid! Um… ran and I got a needle stuck on my foot. The needle got stuck on my foot, I ran upstairs, my mama took it out, sat me on the washing machine, and gave me a kiss, I went right off on my business.”

Additionally, Hernandez explained that the neighborhood was a “drug-infested place.” However, her family “live through it,” “fought it,” and did their best to “move past it.”

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Misa Hylton Seemingly Blasts Diddy After Son Justin Combs Is Arrested For DUI: ‘I’m Not... 

Misa Hylton Seemingly Blasts Diddy After Son Justin Combs Is Arrested For DUI: 'I'm Not Protecting No One Anymore'
Misa Hylton Seemingly Blasts Diddy After Son Justin Combs Is Arrested For DUI: 'I'm Not Protecting No One Anymore'

Misa Hylton is speaking out after her son Justin Combs’ DUI arrest and seemingly blasting his father, Diddy. According to TMZ, the 29-year-old was arrested Sunday morning in LA after reportedly running a red light.

Details Regarding Justin Combs’ DUI Arrest

According to TMZ, Combs was arrested near Beverly Hills Sunday morning. The 29-year-old reportedly ran a red light around 8 a.m. Additionally, the incident was also recorded by an “eyewitness.”

An officer reportedly initiated a traffic stop with Combs’ vehicle and determined there was “enough probable cause” to arrest him for driving intoxicated.

Furthermore, the outlet obtained photos of Combs’ arrest and reported that he was booked on a misdemeanor charge with his bond set at $5,000.

Misa Hylton References Diddy’s New Song “Act Bad” As She Targets His Familial “Leadership”

According to Got Da Scoop, Hylton initially took to her Instagram Story Sunday evening, explaining that she’s “not with none of that reality TV s**t.”

“I’m not with none of that reality TV s**t. When is enough ENOUGH? Yeah OK

Hylton then explained that she’s no longer “protecting anyone.” Then seemed to reference Diddy.

“I’m not protecting no one anymore Just my son… The statement ‘a fish rots from the head down’ means that, in addition to being a major contributing factor in a family organization’s success, leadership is also the root cause of its failure and demise… Act Bad???… BAD boy… I used to want to be a BAD Girl… I chose to be a QUEEN…”

Misa Hylton Blasts Diddy’s Business Choices & Seemingly Takes Aim At His Accountability For Their Son’s Actions

Hylton then addressed others seemingly involved in her son’s life while blasting Diddy’s business decisions.

“I should have kept my child with me. F**k UCLA too. Everybody. Can get it… How you go from one of the greatest to ever do it to making all your money off alcohol And suing the damn alcohol company. Sell something healthy that builds people up. I’m sick of it!!!!! NOT MINES”

Additionally, Hylton also addressed someone named Kristina.

Then ended her statements by explaining that this is “where the buck stops” and showing great concern for her son, as reported by Got Da Scoop.

“Everyone has to sit around for years and act like there isn’t anything wrong With you. This where the buck stops for me… If anything every happened to my son GOD FORBID What is anyone going to say to me? When we all know who’s fault it would be.”

Hylton’s messages are now deleted from her Instagram Story. However, she has since returned with a few text reposts regarding parenting.

“Becoming a parent is karmic work… When you have children with another person, you are forming a pact… between their bloodline and yours… and if you aren’t aware of this agreement… you will be overwhelmed by the karmic lessons that come up… Your children will take on everything from the bloodline of both parents… the good, the bad, & the ugly…”

Take a look at the full Instagram post Hylton has since shared below.

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President Joe Biden Announces Historic Job Growth Following Results Of May Report 

President Joe Biden Announces Historic Job Growth Following Results Of May Report

President Joe Biden announced historic job growth rates after a May report found that his administration created 339,000 jobs last month alone and 13 million jobs since taking office.

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Manufacturing, Leisure & Travel Among Strongest Job Markets, White House Says

Senior economic advisor Daniel Hornung tells The Shade Room that President Biden has created more jobs in the last 28 months than any president has made in an entire four-year term.

“Manufacturing has seen some of the most sustained growth in terms of jobs, which is something a lot of folks said couldn’t be done in America,” Hornung said. “I think (this report) has proved that the president can create manufacturing jobs in the United States.”

Hornung added that other industries, such as leisure and travel and healthcare, are also at the forefront of the president’s job growth. According to Hornug, they have benefited from a business boon following COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Meanwhile, annual inflation has decreased for a consecutive ten months. According to the Bidan administration, wages are also higher than ten months ago. (The measure, however, has been “adjusted for inflation.”)

Additionally, senior officials report that “prime-age” women’s participation in the labor market is the highest since 1948.

Job Growth Comes Despite Concerns Of Recession

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate has been under four percent for a continued 16 months. The employment growth comes despite reported concerns of a recession, according to Politico.

Hornung says that remote work is aiding job growth, too. Companies have the freedom now to hire beyond their locale, creating more opportunities in communities where public transportation are few and far between.

Remote work has also put Americans with disabilities back into the workforce, allowing them “a proliferation of work options through remote opportunities,”  White House officials added.

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Judge Partially Seals Evidence In Shooting Case Of Ralph Yarl To Protect Safety Of Accused Gunman... 

Judge Seals Evidence In Shooting Case Of Ralph Yarl To Protect Safety Of Accused Gunman Andrew Lester
Judge Seals Evidence In Shooting Case Of Ralph Yarl To Protect Safety Of Accused Gunman Andrew Lester

Evidence found in the criminal case against Andrew Lester will stay out of the public eye. Earlier this week, a Missouri judge granted Lester’s motion to seal the case partially. Lester has reportedly received threats and harassment since shooting Ralph Yarl, a Black teenager, in April.

Lester’s attorneys filed the protective order at the top of May. They claimed that the ongoing media spotlight on the case poses safety and fair hearing concerns. The Clay County judge agreed on Wednesday (May 31), per ABC News. The evidence will be kept from the public but provided to the prosecutors and the defense.

“This court finds the evidence adducted, and supporting exhibits admitted into evidence, not only compels closure but also for good cause requires it,” the judge wrote, per CNN. “The threats and harassment demonstrate Defendant’s life and physical safety are in jeopardy.”

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In their initial filing, Lester’s attorneys expressed concern about the integrity of the trial, including creating bias among potential jurors and flaky witnesses. His house, seen in the image above, has been routinely vandalized with spray paint and eggs, KMBC 9 reports.

The publicity of the case and subsequent harassment has also forced Lester’s wife to relocate from her nursing home, per Lester’s attorneys. As for Andrew, his lawyers also claim the 84-year-old requires police assistance for any travel.

Teen Shooting Victim’s Aunt Slams Judge For Sealing Evidence To Protect Alleged Gunman

Meanwhile, Yarl’s aunt, Dr. Faith Spoonmore, told KMBC 9  Lester is “evil” and “trying to find a way out.”

“I see old? I see fragile? I help old. I help fragile. That’s evil. That’s evil. That’s trying to find a way out,” Spoonmore said. “And no, you’re not getting sympathy. Not from anyone. You don’t deserve sympathy. We don’t give you a pass because of your age. No, because he was fine enough after shooting my nephew to be one of the first calls that went to 911.”

Lester reportedly shot Yarl after the teen went to the wrong house to pick up his 11-year-old twin siblings. Court documents claim that Lester shot the then-16-year-old through a glass door. The boy, now 17, was shot once in the head and once in the arm.

Yarl continues to recover from his injuries at home, his family says. But, the teen’s aunt, Dr. Spoonmore, added that he’s suffering debilitating physical pain, not to mention the emotional trauma he’s endured.

“He’s only 17 years old. He has his entire life that he’s going to have to fight, that he’s going to have to struggle, to deal with everything that happened as a teenager,” Spoonmore said.

Lester pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree assault and armed criminal action shortly after his arrest, The Shade Room reported. AP reports that he has since been released after paying 10 percent of his $200,000 bond.

According to a Thursday judicial decision, Lester’s preliminary hearing dates are scheduled for August 31 and September 1, per ABC News. 

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