What’s Tea?! Video Shows Busta Rhymes Involved In Tussle At French Montana’s Album Release Party... 

Exclusive: Busta Rhymes Seen Fighting At French Montana's Party
Exclusive: Busta Rhymes Seen Fighting At French Montana's Party

Busta Rhymes appeared ready to put the paws on a rapper at French Montana’s recent album release party. Video obtained by The Shade Room’s Maya M. shows Busta yanking up a man as security dragged him away.

The man is believed to be rapper Nizzle Man. It’s unclear what started the lil’ tussle. However, the video shows security removing a hyped Nizzle, even dragging him at one point. As Nizzle struggled to remain in the private section of what seemed like a nightclub atmosphere, Busta approached him and grabbed his arm.

Busta Rhymes is seen saying something close to Nizzle’s ear, though the loud music prevents viewers from knowing what’s being said. As security kept pushing Nizzle toward the exit, Busta continued walking alongside them, speaking to Nizzle.

Watch the exclusive footage below. 

Busta Rhymes Seemingly Got Busy At French Montana’s Celebration

As mentioned, Busta Rhymes’ lil’ altercation came amid French celebrating his latest album release ‘Mac & Cheese 5’ on Friday (Feb. 23).

According to Genuis, the project marks French’s 24th mixtape release and is a follow-up to the fourth installment released in 2016. It features 21 songs in five different versions, totaling 126 tracks, per TMZ. Some of the versions include the standard, acapella, instrumentals, and sped-up or slowed-down installments, particularly for TikTok.

French told TMZ he took a page out of Taylor Swift’s book with the 126-track drop featuring different versions. He also shouted out City Girls’ JT for doing the same with her latest single, “Sideways.” In his eyes, the multi-versions are the new wave!

Busta Rhymes and Nizzle Man have yet to address the altercation seen in the clip. At this time, there’s nothing publicly suggesting the two are beefing or previously had beef.

French Montana has also been hush-hush on the altercation at his New York City celebration.

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Man Found Guilty For Death Of Secret Transgender Lover In First Federal Trial For Hate Crime... 

First Federal Gender-Based Hate Crime Trial Yields Guilty Verdict
First Federal Gender-Based Hate Crime Trial Yields Guilty Verdict

In the nation’s first federal hate crime trial, a South Carolina man was found guilty on Friday (Feb. 23) of killing a Black transgender woman.

Associated Press reports it took roughly four hours for jurors to reach a verdict, convicting Daqua Lameek Ritter for the 2019 murder of Dime Doe.

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Secret Affair Turns Deadly In First Federal Hate Crime Trial 

Prosecutors accused Ritter of shooting his secret lover three times in the head with a .22 caliber handgun to ensure their affair remained confidential.

He was subsequently found guilty of a hate crime, obstructing justice, and using a firearm to execute the murder. Ritter is facing life without parole and awaits a sentencing date.

Over the duration of the four-day trial, the secret relationship between Doe and Ritter was centered. Prosecutors argued text messages and witness testimony verified the convicted killer became enraged as rumors of their affair intensified in the small town of Allendale. It has a population of 7,579.

Ben Garner, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina told Wis News 10,” He killed her to silence her.” 

Brook Andrews, holding the same judicial position stated, This case stands as a testament to our committed effort to fight violence that is targeted against those who may identify as a member of the opposite sex, for their sexual orientation or for any other protected characteristics”.

Although this case is historic, it isn’t the first hate crime based on gender identity that federal officials have prosecuted — the others just never reached trial.

A Mississippi man was convicted after confessing to the murder of a 17-year-old transgender woman in 2017.  Upon accepting a plea deal, he was sentenced to 49 years in prison.

The Defense & Prosecution Go Head-To-Head

Ritter’s defense was shaky as he claimed he did not see Dime Doe the day she was found deceased but police body cam footage told a different story. A video of a mid-afternoon traffic stop showed Doe and the left wrist of a person in the reclined passenger seat adorning a tattoo identical to Ritter’s. Only a few hours later her body appeared slumped in the same car parked in a driveway.

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WATCH: Wendy Williams’ Former Lawyer Shares Video Of Her Two Weeks Before Being Put In A... 

Wendy Williams' Former Lawyer Shares Video Of Her 2 Weeks Before Being Put In A Conservatorship

The financial adviser who represented Wendy Williams until her placement in a court-ordered guardianship is speaking out and questioning her deteriorating health.

Earlier this week, The Shade Room reported that a representative for Williams stated she has been diagnosed with dementia and aphasia.

Wendy Williams’ Former Lawyer Criticizes Her Guardianship

The news left many in complete shock, as it was just three years ago when Williams was still spilling the tea on her successful talk show.

Per Page Six, one of those concerned observers is her ex-financial adviser, LaShawn Thomas of the Miami Entertainment Law Group, who shared a video of her former client to her Instagram on Friday (February 23).

The attorney allegedly recorded the video just two weeks before the court ordered Wendy to return to New York to respond to a guardianship petition that Wells Fargo had filed.

In contrast to the trailer of Lifetime‘s ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’, which shows Williams incoherent at times, Williams appears aware and alert in the video shared by the lawyer.

Thomas claims in the accompanying caption that someone threatened him with “physical and financial harm” if he were to speak on the situation.

Still, Thomas lifted the lid on her personal experience with Williams, particularly highlighting the clip, where the former radio personality seemed her usual witty self.

Wendy’s Relationship With Her Son Before Her Guardianship

Recalling her time with the 59-year-old, Thomas explained how she had been with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., in Miami, Florida, at the time.

They were practically inseparable while she was in her family’s care, adding that the 23-year-old showed deep affection for his mother during their time together.

“You can clearly see the difference between Wendy’s well-being during her time here in Florida with her son caring for her and her lack thereof in New York under this ‘guardianship,'” she wrote. “These Wendys are not the same. How did her health deteriorate so quickly, and why isn’t her only child allowed to be by her side. She wasn’t like that when he cared for him. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS!”

Meanwhile, on Thursday (February 22), Williams’ guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, reportedly filed a lawsuit against A&E Network, Lifetime’s parent company.

The purpose of the court filing remains unclear since they sealed the documents. Moreover, TMZ reports that she filed a restraining order, typically used against an entertainment-based company to prevent the release of a movie, show, or song.

Why Is Wendy’s Family Unable To Contact Her?

Thomas is questioning why they have stripped Williams’ son of the right to be with his mother, especially now that she’s battling dementia.

As previously revealed, her family says they have no direct access to her and are unsure of her actual whereabouts since the guardian never disclosed that. They can allegedly only receive phone calls from her.

But if she does have dementia, commonly known to trigger memory loss and other thinking abilities, it’s unlikely that she’s in regular contact with them.

“If Wendy’s diagnosis is true, now more than ever, her son should be allowed that same grace. He deserves it … and most importantly, Wendy deserves it,” the lawyer concluded.

The highly anticipated documentary, titled ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ premieres Saturday (February 24) on Lifetime, followed by part 2 on February 25.

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Chocolate Papi? Alex Rodriguez Goes Viral After Popping Out With New Tan (Video) 

Alex Rodriguez Goes Viral As He Debuts Dark Tan At NBA Basketball Game (Video)

Alex Rodriguez is causing quite a stir on social media following his appearance at a basketball game.

The former baseball star shocked fans and onlookers as he watched the Timberwolves take on the Bucks on Friday (February 23).

A-Rod Goes Viral As He Debuts His New Look

It was his noticeable darker appearance that was causing all the commotion on platforms such as X. Rodriguez flashed a tan so intense that it was hard not to notice the deepened skin color.

Rodriguez’s tan broke the internet late Friday and early Saturday — not even an Instagram filter could compete with the tan, oh-kay!

And, as always, it wasn’t long before the social media frenzy began, with his glowing appearance going viral faster than one could say “Rodriguez.”

One person by the username @JeffjSays jokingly tweeted a side-by-side of the New Yorker along with revamped lyrics from Kanye West’s song ‘Slow Jamz.’

“Got a light-skinned friend look like Alex Rodriguez, Got a dark-skinned friend look like Alex Rodriguez,” they tweeted.

“I can’t believe Alex Rodriguez showed up to the game last night looking like C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man,” another X user by the name @BeanzGotGamez wrote.

The unusual tan even drew comparisons to Ross Geller’s iconic spray tan mishap from the sitcom ‘Friends.’

Others compared it to the “reverse Sammy Sosa” trend, referencing the former baseball player’s dramatic change in skin tone.

And while the internet was busy generating memes in reaction to A-Rod’s dark tan, the Timberwolves had a tough night on the court.

Despite their best efforts, the team eventually fell 112-107 against the Bucks. But even this loss seemed to be overshadowed by the attention drawn by Rodriguez’s complexion.

Was His Recent Vacation To Blame For The Tan?

It’s probably worth noting that the father of two recently enjoyed a family vacation to the Dominican Republic.

He shared a post of the fun-filled trip to his Instagram on January 6, with an accompanying caption that read, “Good to be back.”

Rodriguez appeared darker than usual in the photos shared after this post. This could suggest that he had been soaking up some serious sunshine rather than it being a case of a self-tan gone wrong.

Alex Became Co-Owner Of The Timberwolves In 2021

In 2021, it was announced that the 48-year-old and his billionaire business partner Marc Lore had agreed to purchase the Timberwolves for a whopping $1.5 billion.

By March 2023, CBS Sports reported that they had paid $500 million of that sum, with the rest being paid in multiple installments. Rodriguez had also previously attempted to purchase the Mets with his then-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, though the deal fell through.

While it remains unclear how A-Rod achieved his dramatic tan, the incident adds to his long list of headline-making moments.

So far, however, Rodriguez has not responded to the attention he’s been getting from showing off his new look.

Roomies, are y’all feeling the tan on him?

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Bye Peach! Marlo Hampton Reveals Why She Won’t Be Returning To ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ 

Marlo Hampton Reveals Why She Won’t Be Returning To ‘RHOA’
Marlo Hampton Reveals Why She Won’t Be Returning To ‘RHOA’

Marlo Hampton has already made her grand exit from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and has no plans of returning. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the reality TV Star revealed her contract with the franchise ended with season 15 last fall. She’s seemingly welcoming the “break” from the show after 10 seasons on it.

“This break from RHOA is a fresh start, allowing me the space to participate in new creative entertainment projects focused on my future and not reliving my past.”

She’s stepping away from the franchise just two years after being added full-time to the show. But that doesn’t mean she’s done with Bravo and NBC University. In fact, she told the outlet she looks forward to their “continued relationship,” suggesting a lil’ something something might be in the works.

Marlo Hampton Wants To Set A Better Example

There’s another reason Marlo Hampton has decided to let go of her peach. Hampton is also ready to show her nephews a different side of her public persona. Off-screen, Marlo is ‘Munty’ to Michael and William — who appeared in her final season on the show, per Bravo’s ‘The Daily Dish.’

“My nephews are transitioning into pivotal stages of their academic adolescence, and I am focused on my representation in their eyes and getting back to showing my multifaceted lifestyle of philanthropy, fashion, and fabulosity! I am thankful for this amazing platform of ‘Housewives,’ which has allowed me to bring awareness to foster care, my non-profit Glam It Up, Inc., and showcase my fashion showroom, Le’Archive,” Marlo told PEOPLE.

Note that Marlo Hampton has no kids of her own but is raising the two boys. Their biological mother is Marlo’s sister. The siblings have had on-and-off communication amid the children’s mother experiencing legal troubles, including a former jail stint.

On the first episode of S15, Marlo shared that she and the boys are seeing a parenting coach. She shared that the sessions have helped her up her parenting game.

“This new gentle parenting, I’m 50/50 with it… you have to listen,” she said in her interview. “So, it’s just I feel they respect me more and I’m respecting them even more and that’s important to me.”

Marlo Hampton Reveals Why She Won’t Be Returning To ‘RHOA’
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
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Keke Wyatt Shares Concerns About Her Youngest Son’s Speech Delay (Video) 

Keke Wyatt Says She's Worried About Her Son Being Non-Verbal As His Second Birthday Nears

Keke Wyatt has taken to Instagram to express her concerns that her youngest son could potentially be non-verbal.

The singer, who’s a mom of 11, says that her one-year-old, Ke’Zyah Jean will be two in the coming months.

Keke Wyatt Opens Up About Her Son’s Speech

Despite his upcoming birthday in May, Wyatt observes that Ke’Zyah has made no progress in communication.

The 41-year-old acknowledges that every child develops at their own pace, and some express themselves later than others. But Wyatt is putting her faith in God that there’ll be noticeable progress in the foreseeable future.

“He’ll be two in May, and – he can say Ma, but that’s about it,” she told her fans. “I have faith in God that whatever he wants to do, but, you know, as a mother of many, he would’ve been talking by now if he was going to be verbal.”

Wyatt openly admits that Ke’Zyah’s lack of communication at this current stage worries her.

She compared Ke’Zyah’s situation to her other children, who seemingly didn’t take as long to speak, yet she remains hopeful that there’ll be other ways in which he can express himself as he gets older.

The ‘Who Knew’ artist proceeded to hold her son up over the bed as she attempted to get him to stand on his two feet.

But Ke’Zyah drops straight to his knees as Wyatt makes another attempt, much to no avail. “He doesn’t really stand… but his legs — he has very strong legs. He kicks the f*** out of me.”

It’s Been A Tough Journey For Keke And Her Husband

Wyatt isn’t all that surprised to see Ke’Zyah struggle to express himself, considering she previously shared that doctors diagnosed her son with trisomy 33.

When a child has an additional 13th chromosome, the genetic disorder occurs, often leading to an intellectual disability and physical abnormalities.

Doctors had determined this before Ke’Zyah was even born, prompting them to suggest she terminate the pregnancy.

But in a heartfelt post shared to Instagram in June 2022, Wyatt said that despite unsettlign news, she and husband Zackariah Darring were against the idea.

“Most of you are familiar with the challenges I faced during this pregnancy,” she wrote. “My husband & I made the decision not to accept the Medical Specialist’s suggestion to terminate our baby early despite the positive trisomy 13 test results.”

Wyatt added that despite the health complications she was made aware of prior to Ke’Zyah’s arrival, she and Darring prayed about it.

“I can’t stress enough to all mothers & couples, when the Dr gives you life changing information about your unborn child …. pray about it, use faith & follow your spirit before making ANY final decision. We believed the report of the Lord and after holding our beautiful healthy baby boy Ke’Zyah & looking into his eyes, I’m glad we did.”

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Black-Owned Bakery Reportedly Loses $16K After Tesla Cancels Order For 4,000 Mini Pies 

Local Bakery Suffers $16k Loss As Tesla Cancels 4,000 Pie Order For Black History Month Celebration

A bakery in San Jose is calling out Tesla for allegedly canceling its order for 4,000 mini pies at the last minute.

According to The Giving PiesFacebook post, they were contacted by a representative named Laura for the Elon Musk-owned company on Valentine’s Day.

Black Bakery Owner Critcizies Tesla For Canceling Order Of 4,000 Pies

Initially, the store’s owner, Voahangy Rasetarinera, said Tesla wanted 2,000 mini pies to commemorate Black History Month. The bakery sent a quote and the Tesla rep allegedly approved the order’s price, requesting delivery for Feb. 20 and 22.

However, the payment became an issue after it was “redirected through Tesla’s vendor City Flavor.” The owner waited all day the next day, remaining “optimistic.” At 9 p.m. local time on Feb. 15, the rep again contacted the bakery.

“I received a call from Laura, first apologizing for their vendor not paying on time, claiming they were new, and then requesting to double the order size, asking for the pies to be packaged in boxes of 2, assuring me that cost was not an issue.”

Despite the potential strain on her resources, Rasetarinera accepted and expanded the order. On Feb. 16, she reportedly sent over a revised invoice with a noon deadline on the same day. But by afternoon, the money hadn’t come through and Laura wasn’t picking up the phone. Minutes after the failed phone call, Laura sent a text canceling the large order.

By that time, the bakery had bought additional ingredients, changed its production schedules, and even turned down other Black History Month catering requests to fulfill Tesla’s needs.

The cancellation was abrupt, leaving Rasetarinera and her team high and dry with a ton of pie crusts on their hands.

The Bakery Understandably Wants Tesla Held Accountable

Rasetarinera decided to vent her frustration in a post shared on Facebook on Wednesday (February 21) to express her anger, stating that Tesla prioritized convenience over accountability.

“In a heartfelt message to Laura, I expressed the profound disappointment and damage inflicted on my business,” she wrote. “I outlined how their actions had disrupted my operations, strained my staff, and tarnished my trust in doing business with big corporations.”

She felt that the company’s corporate culture had disregarded the livelihood of small business owners like herself.

Additionally, Tesla allegedly made no mention of covering the costs it took to make the pies, leaving the bakery to foot the colossal bill.

Per the Daily Mail, each pie cost between $3-$4, bringing the estimated total cost to a whopping $16,000.

“As I reflect on this ordeal, I am reminded of the resilience and determination that have propelled me forward as a Black woman entrepreneur. While Tesla’s actions may have caused temporary setbacks, they will not deter me from pursuing my passion and serving my community with integrity and pride.”

The outlet reports that the bakery has previously served other major companies like Apple, Tesla, and Meta.

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Alabama Clinics Pause IVF Treatments After Court Rules That Embryos Have Same Rights As Children 

Alabama Clinics Halt IVF Services Following Court Ruling That Embryos Have Same Rights As Children

One of Alabama’s biggest hospitals has halted IVF services following the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that embryos have the same rights as children.

According to AP, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled last week that couples who were trying in vitro fertilization and lost frozen embryos in an accident at a south Alabama storage facility can sue under the state’s wrongful death law.

What Does The Ruling On Frozen Embryos Mean?

For context, the SC justices reversed a lower court ruling that dismissed the wrongful death claim on the grounds that the embryos were not a person or child.

The court had previously ruled that couples could sue when a pregnant woman lost a fetus. Last Friday (Feb. 16), the court said that “extrauterine children” were also covered under the wrongful death law.

“Unborn children are ‘children’ under the Act, without exception based on developmental stage, physical location, or any other ancillary characteristics,” Justice Jay Mitchell wrote in his opinion.

The court heavily relied on both the wording of the wrongful death statute and language added to the Alabama Constitution in 2018, stating that Alabama protects the “rights of the unborn child.”

To be clear, while the frozen embryos now have the same rights as children, it doesn’t guarantee personhood — at least not yet.

According to Mary Ziegler, the Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law at the University of California, the court left some leeway in their language.

“The court was pretty clear that they didn’t have to say whether the fetuses or embryos had constitutional rights. They were just saying that for the purposes of this wrongful death law they’re persons or children,” Mary said. “I think people in Alabama are rightly expecting that this is the tip of the iceberg though, and this ruling will lead to more down the road.”

Alabama Clinics Halt IVF Treatments

Since then, some of Alabama’s biggest IVF service providers, including the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, have had no choice but to pump the brakes on their IVF procedures.

“We understand some patients wish to transport their embryos to another facility,” the hospital said in a statement on Friday (Feb. 23), per ABC News.

“Companies that transport embryos are also assessing the risks associated with the Alabama Supreme Court ruling, and we are working to identify a company that is able and willing as soon as possible. It is our goal to help patients who are interested in this option do so safely, but — at this time — there are no options available. We want to assure patients that embryos currently stored at UAB are safe here.”

The new ruling could potentially deem the process of IVF, which involves creating multiple embryos, as illegal. The hospital mentioned above is just one of many medical centers that must follow suit in Alabama, per the court ruling.

Mobile Infirmary, an affiliate of Infirmary Health, and Alabama Fertility Specialists have also announced their decision to halt IVF treatments, according to AL.

IVF treatments, which were once considered a beacon of hope for couples struggling with infertility, have now more or less become a source of legal worry and uncertainty.

Social Media & Vice President Kamala Harris Reacts To Court’s Embryo Ruling

The thought of doctors and patients possibly facing criminal charges for partaking in IVF treatments has since led to a split debate among social media users on X.

One user by the name @NatalieWren15 seemed devastated by the news as she posted:

“Oh my god! My daughter was born with the help of us using an egg donor. I know the struggle. This makes ZERO medical sense and is surely designed to wipe out IVF. Looks like the IVF business is about to go broke in backward Alabama.”

Another X user named @DogsNDemocrats seemed just as upset in their weigh-in.

“First abortions, now Alabama is going after IVF treatments, in vitro fertilization, to help couples conceive. They want RIGHTS for fertilized, frozen embryos often discarded once one is implanted successfully.”

The ruling has also received criticism from related nonprofits and politicians, including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, VP Harris wrote:

“This decision is outrageous − and it is already robbing women of the freedom to decide when and how to build a family,” Harris said in a tweet on Wednesday (Feb. 21).

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Associated Press reporters Kim Chandler and Geoff Mulvihill contributed to this report.

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Wendy Williams’ Niece Shares Her Aunt’s Initial Reaction To Her Talk Show Being Canceled 

Wendy Williams' Niece Shares Her Aunt's Initial Reaction To Her Talk Show Being Canceled

Wendy Williams’ family continues to share details about her health condition as her Lifetime documentary nears its release.

With the doc premiering today (February 24), it’s now been revealed that Williams had no idea her talk show was canceled when execs decided in 2022.

The Cancelation Of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

The former radio personality apparently couldn’t comprehend the news when informed about the decision. Earlier this week, Wendy and her care team revealed her 2023 dementia diagnosis.

Williams worked hard to claim her spot as an outspoken TV host in the talk show space. Ultimately, however, her deteriorated health prevented her from understanding that her show would wrap after the end of the 13th season.

The final months of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ saw Sherri Shepherd fill in for Wendy. The gig eventually landed Sherri her own daytime show, replacing Williams’ timeslot.

In an interview with CNN, Wendy’s niece, Alex Finnie, explained how hard it was to break the news to her aunt.

“I got serious, and I said, ‘I want to really explain something to you so that you can get this,'” she told Williams once the announcement had been made. “‘There’s no more Wendy Williams Show. They decided to cancel it. After so many fabulous seasons, this curtain has come down.'”

Despite Finnie’s attempts at explaining the situation, Williams was in denial, allegedly saying, “What are you talking about? Of course, I have the show.”

Her niece said that Williams eventually could comprehend the news after a little more convincing and further discussions with the show’s executives.

Symptoms Related To Wendy’s Dementia Diagnosis

The battle with dementia and aphasia may have contributed to her difficulties in understanding words while reading — a usual setback for those who struggle with these conditions.

Meanwhile, frontotemporal dementia can also cause personality changes that can be unrecognizable to friends and family members.

The Lifetime documentary reportedly showcases her personality changes and other challenges over the past two years. It was filmed after Wendy stepped back from her show.

Initially, the doc focused on her TV comeback. But during filming, it became clear that Williams was not ready to work again.

Roomies, let’s continue to keep Wendy Williams in our prayers!

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Oop! Jess Hilarious Shares Why She Thinks Nicki Minaj Wants Katt Williams To Join Her ‘Pink... 

Jess Hilarious Suggests Nicki Minaj Wants Katt Williams On Her Pink Friday 2 Tour Due To Low Ticket Sales

Jess Hilarious has made a bold suggestion, claiming that Nicki Minaj inviting Katt Williams on her tour may be due to poor ticket sales.

The rapper is just one week away from kicking off her ‘Pink Friday 2‘ Tour on March 1, and the possible addition of bringing Williams on the road has Jess thinking it’s supposedly due to lackluster demand.

Jess Hilarious Comments On Nicki Minaj Wanting Katt Williams On The PF2 Tour

The ‘Breakfast Club’ co-host made the remark in a new episode of ‘Jess With The Mess: Uncut,’ where she brings up Minaj recently saying she wants Williams to be part of her tour in some capacity.

“When the f**k did Nicki and Katt Williams even have a f**ing relationship? To put him on your tour?” the 32-year-old said.

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Jess followed up by insisting that people “who do things like this” are because their tours usually aren’t selling.

In a last-minute attempt to boost those numbers, it’s implied that Williams was being considered to increase the overall interest and demand for the North American run.

“Maybe it isn’t,” she added. But the former Wild ‘n Out star gave another take on the situation, wondering whether the current state of the economy could be blamed for why Minaj wants Williams on her tour.

She proceeded by joking about the people who went above and beyond just to see Beyoncé on her Renaissance Tour last year to make her point that times are tough.

“It’s totally expected to not sell out tours. No icon, no matter how big or small, is exempt from promotion. You promoted that album, you did interviews, you popped out, you promoted ‘Hiss.’ […] So, we’re going to have Nicki, Monica and Katt Willams. Mind you, Katt Williams hasn’t responded yet.”

As Jess aleady stated, Williams hasn’t publicly responded to Minaj’s request to get him on her tour.

Why Katt Williams Joining The Tour Is Almost Impossible… At Least For The North American Dates

It’s also important to note that the comedian is currently on his ‘Dark Matter Tour,’ reportedly with Mo’Nique and Torrei Hart.

The first set of shows kicked off a week after his viral ‘Club Shay Shay‘ interview in January. Williams will continue his run and take the stage for his final show in Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Missouri, on May 11.

So, it’s very unlikely that Williams would even have the time to join Minaj on her North American leg, which kicks off in Oakland, California, on March 1 and concludes on May 13 in Oklahoma City.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Williams could join Minaj on the European leg of her tour, which kicks off on May 23 in Amsterdam.

But since Minaj has yet to reveal any additional details or confirm whether she has conversed with Williams, it remains uncertain if they are still considering him for the shows.

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