Army: ‘No Foul Play’ Evident In Death Of Female Soldier Who Was Reportedly Sexually Harassed By... 

The Army is investigating the death of yet another female soldier who complained about sexual harassment at Fort Hood, roughly three years since the similar death of Vanessa Guillén.

According to investigators, no foul play is suspected in the March 13 death of 21-year-old Private Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz, a combat engineer who served with the division for the past 15 months, ABC News reports.

Victim’s Mother Says She Told Her Last Month That Army Superior, Other Individuals “Were Harassing Her”

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of PV2 Ana Basalduaruiz, and we extend our sympathies to her father, mother, and her sister,” said Lt. Col. Patrick Sullivan, commander, 91st Engineer Battalion. “Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. She was an exceptional teammate that will truly be missed.”

Relatives of the 21-year-old were told that Ana died by suicide, but few details have been provided to the family. Ana’s mother, Alejandra Ruiz Zarco, says that Ana told her last month that an Army superior “was harassing her” and that she allegedly received constant sexual advances from other individuals.

Fort Hood says that “Army CID will continue to conduct a thorough investigation and gather all evidence and facts to ensure they discover exactly what transpired. Information related to any possible harassment will be addressed and investigated fully.”

Victim’s Death Mirrors That Of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillén, Who Was Also Harassed And Killed At Fort Hood

Basalduaruiz’s story disturbingly recalls that of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillén, who was murdered at the same base after similarly being sexually harassed by another soldier.

That soldier ended up killed himself while being pursued by police. A report released almost a year after Guillén’s death confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted by her superior.

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On Thursday, an autopsy will be conducted on Basalduaruiz’s body, according to her aunt Itzi Ortega.

Her family revealed that they won’t be privy to any information on her death until an investigation into the incident is complete.

Department Of Defense Reports Increase In Women Reporting Sexual Harassment From 2018-2021

The Department of Defense reported 29 percent of women and 7 percent of men experienced sexual harassment during the fiscal year 2021.

That makes for an increase when compared to the last report on fiscal year 2018, where 24 percent of women said they had dealt with sexual harassment.

Her aunt said that Basalduaruiz joined the military in 2020, however she didn’t begin basic training until August 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC News reports.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Guillén’s sister Mayra posted about Basalduaruiz’s death on Twitter, and said she would be speaking to the family soon.

“I’m aware of the death of Ana Basaldua in Ft Hood, TX. May she Rest In Peace. She was only 21 years old … I will be speaking to the family soon, I find it very sensitive to speak on something I’m not fully aware off yet and this is also very triggering for me … I need to gather my thoughts and then I’ll be able to share them,” she said in a Tweet.

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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott File Docs To Legally Change Son’s Name From Wolf To Aire 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are planning to legally change their son’s name. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the mother and father are planning to change the 1-year-old’s name from Wolfe Jacques Webster to Aire Webster.

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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Reportedly Filed Legal Documents

According to TMZ, Jenner, and Scott recently filed new legal documents and both signed off on the name change. The documents are now making their way through the court system.

Additionally, the documents state that the parents “regret the initial name choice of Wolf Jacques Webster” and since they’ve “had the chance to spend time with their baby, they believe the name Aire Webster is a better fit.”

According to the outlet, Jenner and Scott initially revealed plans to change their son’s name in March 2022.

Kylie Jenner Recently Shared BTS Moments With Her Son

As The Shade Room previously reported, Jenner gave the world an exclusive look at her son for his first birthday on February 2. The 25-year-old mother of two took to Instagram and shared a video showcasing various moments with Aire.

Additionally, Jenner called the first year of his life, the “best year” of her life.

AIRE. my son, my moon, my stars. best year of my life with you. you complete us my angel. mommy loves you. happy 1st birthday. may God always bless you.

Jenner Gave The World A 1st Look At Aire In January

As The Shade Room previously reported, Jenner kept her son away from the public eye until she gave the world a first look at him in January. Jenner shared the photos of her son via Instagram.

Additionally, Kylie also stepped into the comment section of one of her fan page’s Instagram accounts to share further insight about the pronunciation of his name.

The fan page clarified the pronunciation of the 1-year-old’s name for fellow Instagram users afterward.

“It’s pronounced ‘air’ like billionaire.”

Roommates, do you agree that “Aire” is a better fit for Jenner and Travis’ son?

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Natalia Bryant Honors Kobe Bryant At TCL Chinese Theatre Tribute: ‘MVP Of Girl Dads’ 

Natalia Bryant gave a heartwarming speech at a recent ceremony honoring her late father, Kobe Bryant. Her words flowed during the unveiling of a permanent exhibition of Kobe’s handprints and footprints.

In 2011, Kobe became the first professional athlete to leave his mark printed on the cement at TCL Chinese Theatre. As of Wednesday, the prints will remain displayed in the venue’s forecourt. During her speech, Bryant’s eldest daughter said it’s “only fitting” her father was the first, given how much he “loved and cared” for Los Angeles.

“While most people knew him as a basketball player or a stroyteller, I got to know and love him as my dad,” Natalia shared. “And let me tell you he is the MVP of girl dads to say the least.”


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Though we’ve often seen Natalia attending tributes for the NBA champ and her late sister Gianna, her recent speech is one of the few times we’ve heard her speak about him publicly since their deaths. Typically, her mother, Vanessa Bryant, takes the mic. She told PEOPLE in March 2021 that she isn’t “strong everyday,” but revealed that “finding the light in darkness” moves her forward.

“This pain is unimaginable [but] you just have to get up and push forward. Lying in bed crying isn’t going to change the fact that my family will never be the same again. But getting out of bed and pushing forward is going to make the day better for my girls and for me. So that’s what I do,” Vanessa said.

Natalia Says Kobe Was ‘An Icon, Legend, Storyteller, And Best Girl Dad’

A few months later, in September 2021, Natalia opened up to Teen Vogue about coping with the loss. She revealed that she quit volleyball and her dreams of being a D1 athlete after the deaths because “a lot was going on at that time.” At the time, she also spoke about how her remaining family members–Vanessa, Bianka, and Capri–were doing.

“You do the best that you can,” Bryant told Teen Vogue. “[For] my little sisters [we’re] trying to keep that memory for them. And also just trying to remember to live out every day the way they would.”

As previously reported, a California helicopter crash claimed the lives of nine people, including Kobe and Gianna, in January 2020. Earlier this month, Vanessa settled a lawsuit against Los Angeles County for the circulation of the crash site and victim photos by sheriff and fire department officials. Vanessa, Natalia, Bianka, and Capri will receive $28.85 million of the more than $50 million payout LA County will give to four affected families.

At the TCL Chinese Theatre ceremony, Natalia was joined by her mother and two little sisters. After the unveiling, Bianka and Capri placed their hands and feet in their father’s imprints, per NBC Los Angeles. 

In her speech, Natalia encouraged theatre visitors to “place [their] hands in his and take a moment to stand in his shoes.”

“Dad, you’re an icon, a legend, a storyteller, and most importantly, the best girl dad any young woman could ever dream of,” Bryant said. “I’m honored to be here to represent you and our family and we are extremely proud of you. We will love you forever and always. Love Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, Capri and Mommy.

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‘Family Feud’ Contestant Who Murdered His Wife Made Chilling Answer About Marriage On-Air 

A former Family Feud contestant who is now charged with killing his wife responded quite coldly to the question: “what’s the biggest mistake you made at your wedding.”

“Family Feud” Contestant, Accused Wife Killer Coldly Answered Question On-Air About Being Married

Timothy Bliefnick, who was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of home invasion, had once taped an episode of the longtime game show back in 2019, according to TMZ.

In a damning video clip, host Steve Harvey put him right on the spot when he asked him: “What’s your biggest regret at your wedding?”

“Saying I do,” he coldly answered.

Couple Had Been Living Apart And Going Through A Divorce At The Time of The Killing

Just late last month, his estranged wife Rebecca Bliefnick was found murdered in her home. The couple had been living apart and were in the process of divorcing at the time of the kill.

Bliefnick’s answer prompted audible gasps from the crown before he quickly added that he loves his wife.

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For those unfamiliar with the game, the answers are based on a panel of 100 members of the studio audience and, incredibly, “I Do” was the second most popular answer.

Victim Tried To File For Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband, Who’s In Jail Being Held Without Bail

Rebecca reportedly had attempted to file for an order of protection against Timmy but it was not immediately clear if one had been in effect at the time of her death.

He’s currently being held in police custody without bail. the outlet reports.

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Maryland Parents Reward Son Making Honor Roll With Music Video Shoot: ‘Let’s Try Positive... 

As a reward for consistently landing on his school’s honor roll, an 11-year-old in Rosedale, Maryland, recently got the opportunity to shoot a music video!

The Incentive Encouraged DJ To Make Honor Roll

WBAL reports that DJ Morris—aka “Lil Syxx”—got the opportunity after his parents came up with a unique incentive to help him do well in school.

“I wasn’t doing too well and when they got that idea, I just had to excel.”

DJ’s father, Brandon Morris, explained that—while the family initially considered going the traditional route by trying to take away things like video games—this “really wasn’t working.”

So, back when DJ was in the third grade, the family decided to take on a different approach and “try positive reinforcement” by promising him the opportunity to produce his very own music video.

“DJ was having a little bit of trouble with some of the subjects in school. We were thinking about taking things away, taking TV away, taking video games away, seeing if that would work and it really wasn’t working. So, I just thought to myself, ‘Let’s do something positive. Let’s try positive reinforcement.'”

After initially making honor roll in third grade, DJ got to make a video centered on celebrating the summertime vibes.

Since then, DJ’s consistently made honor roll every single quarter, and—as a result—his parents decided that he had earned the opportunity to shoot another music video.

DJ Made A New Track Focused On Encouraging ‘The Next Generation’ To ‘Make Better Decisions’

The child’s mother, Charaya Morris, noted that the parents approached DJ about making another song and video, and DJ instantly honed in on a theme that was centered on making a difference.

“We asked him what he wanted to talk about, and he is very passionate about the things that he sees in the world, injustices and stuff like that, and so this was the topic that he picked.”

Regarding this new track, DJ explains that he’s focused on sending the message that—as they’re “the next generation”—the youth of today have to be focused on being the change that the world needs to see.

“We’re the next generation. When you guys are gone, we’re going to be the adults and we are going to be running the world and I’m like, we gotta make better decisions.”

In response to the opportunities he’s been afforded, DJ says that he hopes others realize that they “can get what they want by having good grades as well.”

“I think the fact that I can get this music video out of doing good grades means that people can get what they want by having good grades as well, and I want people to see that.”

With how well this “positive reinforcement” has been going, the family plans to continue rewarding DJ’s stellar efforts with similar initiatives.

Shoutout to this family for encouraging their child to excel with a fun example of “positive reinforcement!”

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Sherri Shepherd Says Going To Jail Over Unpaid Tickets Was A Major ‘Life Lesson’ 

Sherri Shepherd is looking back on her jail stint and acknowledging how this negative situation ultimately wound up teaching her a very useful “life lesson!”

Specifically, she says that—as she served time over unpaid tickets—the experience set her up to be more responsible with paying her bills and fines.

Sherri Shepherd Says Jail Was Basically A ‘Classroom’ For Her: ‘I Learned To Pay All My Bills’

The former The View co-host spoke on the matter during a recent sit-down with Page Six, and Sherri acknowledged how, although she initially didn’t see her jail stint as “a good moment,” she now realizes that it taught her “to pay all [her] bills.”

“Yeah, I went to jail for not paying my tickets. At the time I did not think being in jail was a good moment, but looking back I learned to pay all my bills.”

As a result, she referred to jail as a “classroom,” and she noted that the overall experience was a “life lesson.” After all, people are more apt to learn something after messing around and finding out!

“Jail, that was a classroom… it was a life lesson, and now I pay my bills on time.”

Sherri Maintained A Close Relationship With An Inmate Who Cheered Her On

In addition to acknowledging what jail taught her about paying her bills on time, she also shared a more personal story about her experience behind bars.

Sherri acknowledged how one of her fellow inmates would hype her up when telling others to leave her alone, as she would say, “She’s gonna be somebody.”

“One of the girls in jail said, ‘Leave Sherri alone because she’s gonna be somebody and we are going to be here for the rest of our lives,’ literally that’s what she used to say.”

Shepherd went on to reveal that the woman’s name was Shelby, and she actually attended both of the actress’s weddings. Additionally, Sherri acknowledged how  “sometimes people see things in you that you don’t see yourself.”

“Her name was Shelby and she came to both my weddings when I got out. But sometimes people see things in you that you don’t see yourself, and when she said those words, ‘Sherri is gonna be somebody,'”

Sherri continued speaking on the impact of Shelby’s proclamation, as she had “never thought that for [her]self.” As a result, she “just knew that something was going to happen,” and—of course—Shepherd wound up finding fame!

What are your thoughts on Sherri Shepherd’s story about learning a “life lesson” while serving time in jail?

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WATCH: Spirit Airlines Gate Agent Recorded ‘Maliciously’ Tossing Items From Passenger’s Bag In... 

A Spirit Airlines gate agent was recorded ‘maliciously’ throwing out items from a passenger’s luggage into the trash, and now the company is apologizing for the embarrassing act.

The employee, who works under a vendor contract, was caught on camera at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and appears to look through the bag before pocketing several items and trashing the rest, according to CBS News.

Passenger Had Bickered With Gate Agent Before Leaving Bag Behind On Accident

The passenger, Keyonne Brooks, obtained the video from Spirit and said the worker purposefully and “maliciously” tossed the passenger’s stuff in the garbage.

“She was dumping it out, maliciously,” said Brooks.

Brookes added that he in the gate agent in question had gotten into a bit of a disagreement at the fate prior to his departure. He did request a manager, but had to board his plane before one could get there.

He also accidentally left his carryon bag at the ticket counter on Feb. 19, as he was returning home to Los Angeles after attending a funeral.

Brooks eventually filed a lost-and-found claim, but the bag never turned up, the outlet reports. He then tried put in a public records request to the airport for CCTV footage at the gate.

“I had a gut feeling that something went wrong,” said Brooks.

Employee Pocketed Some Items, Victim Doesn’t Know If It Was His Jewelry Or Crystals”

And the surveillance video proved his instincts right. Brooks said that you can see one employee walk up to his bag where he had left it on the ledge of the gate desk.

The unnamed worker then takes it behind the counter. She waited several minutes until all the passengers on his flight had boarded, before bringing the bag over to a nearby seat where she begins to rifle through it and “stuffing some things in her pocket.

Brooks said he didn’t know if she took his “jewelry or his crystals.”

“I did notice that she was stuffing some things in her pocket. I don’t know if that was my jewelry or my crystals,” said Brooks.

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Victim Also Had Life-Saving Medication In The Bag, With Worker Dumping Entire Script Into Trash

He added that he was also carrying life-saving medication in the bag, according to the outlet.

The employee can then be seen walking towards a trash can as several other coworkers join her. She opens up a pill bottle before pouring all of them out right into the trash.

Meanwhile, her coworker seems to be laughing as she takes cellphone video of the scene.

The gate agent in question eventually tosses the entire bag and its contents into the garbage and walk away as if she did nothing wrong.

“My heart just sunk because for instance there was a family heirloom in there. If they don’t find the garbage bag with my contents, then I’ll never get that back,” said Brooks.

Brooks has since reached out to the airlines and provided them with the CCTV video. Spirit ultimately refunded him the cost of the flight, however he doesn’t believe this is the employee’s first time mistreating people’s luggage.

“If it happened to me and I got the video footage, how many other people has this happened to?” said Brooks.

Vendor Claims It Expedite Compensation For All Items In Bag, But Also Request Receipts

Spirit also confirmed that the contract workers were suspended as authorities conduct an investigation. The vendor added it would expedite compensation for all of the items in Brook’s luggage, KCAL News reports

Complicating the reimbursement matters is the fact that the vendor has asked him for receipts, of which he doesn’t not have for the jewelry and family heirlooms.

In a statement sent by Spirit Airlines to KCAL News, the company said it “is committed to treating all guests with respect.”

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Congrats! Evelyn Lozada, 47, Is Engaged To Entrepreneur LaVon Lewis, 42 

Congratulations are in order for reality television star Evelyn Lozada! On Thursday, PEOPLE exclusively revealed that Lozada, 47, is engaged to entrepreneur LaVon Lewis, 42.

The newly engaged couple reportedly met in the unaired series, Queens Court, a dating show featuring both Lozada and Lewis. According to his Instagram page, LaVon is the founder of his own marketing agency.

Evelyn Lozada Got Engaged On Her Birthday In December

Lozada brought in her 47th birthday on December 10, 2022. According to PEOPLE, she celebrated with a small gathering featuring family and friends in Los Angeles.

It was there that Lewis popped the big question to the reality television star. Lozada’s marketing firm co-founder reflected on the moment with the outlet.

“The thing about Evelyn is, it is very hard to surprise her. I told her to pack her bags, we’re going somewhere. She was blindfolded until she got to the front door. She walked in to about 20 close friends and family and the big ‘marry me’ letters, roses on the ground, things like that.”

In addition, Lozada’s proposal also included a “custom cake with butterflies.” According to the outlet, one side read “Happy Birthday,” and the other read, “She said, ‘Yes.'”

Evelyn Lozada Did Not Expect The Proposal From Lavon

According to PEOPLE, only Lozada’s manager and two of Lewis’ friends knew that he planned to pop the question.

Lozada explained further.

“I didn’t know that he was going to propose that day. I didn’t know what I was walking into. He was being very sneaky and, in all honesty, I was a little irritated because I’m such an alpha female and I’m kind of like, ‘Why do I have to pack? Why do I have to do this?’ It was really, really difficult for me to just let go and allow him to do his thing.”

The 47-year-old also explained that she loves the engagement ring, made by Twila True, that Lewis proposed with.

“It was the perfect size and shape. I’ve never had that stone, so he did a really, really good job. But I’m not surprised. Lavon is a creative mind and he doesn’t forget anything.”

Evelyn Lozada & LaVon Lewis’ Future Plans

Currently, Lozada and Lewis are engaged in a bicoastal romance — Lozada resides in Los Angeles while Lewis lives in Atlanta. However, Lewis explained that he plans to relocate to Los Angeles once his 13-year-old son, Jordan, heads off to high school.

Lozada is also a mother to 29-year-old Shaniece Hairston, whom she shares with Jamal Hairston, and 8-year-old Leo Crawford, whom she shares with former professional baseball player Carl Crawford.

She explained that her son Leo and Lewis’ son Jordan get along very well.

“They were like two peas in a pod… In the morning, Jordan would be sleeping and Leo would want to wake him up to go on the trampoline at 7:30 in the morning.”

Lewis even explained that his son “texts” Lozada and the two are “really, really close.”

“I make sure he’s included in all of the conversations, so he doesn’t feel like it’s my journey. It’s our journey. He even texts Evelyn, ‘I love you. Goodnight.’ They’re really, really close, so I’m happy about that.”

The Couple’s Wedding Plans

According to PEOPLE. Lewis calls Lozada “the most amazing woman” he’s ever met.

“I would challenge people to think outside of the box and have faith and push themselves. I didn’t think I would go into it and come out of it with a wife. But look at what happens when you open yourself up and challenge yourself and step up to the plate.”

Furthermore, Lozada and Lewis are looking forward to getting married during the winter months. She told that the outlet that she’s “never experienced this energy,” and can see why things never worked with anyone else.

“I’ve never experienced this energy. In hindsight, it’s clear, I had the wrong person in my life.”

Evelyn Lozada’s Previous Romantic Relationships

According to TMZ, Lozada sparked a romance with NFL player Chad Ochocinco in 2010. After 4 months, Ochocinco proposed to Lozada with a 10-carat engagement ring.

However, in 2012 the couple divorced following a domestic violence incident where Ochocino allegedly headbutted Lozada in the face during an argument. According to TMZ, the argument sparked “over a condom receipt she found in his car.”

Lozada and Crawford Crawford then, reportedly, got engaged in 2013 and welcomed their son, Leo, the next year.

However, according to US Magazine, Lozada and Carl Crawford called off their engagement in 2017. The outlet reportedly spoke with a representative for Lozada who explained the reason for the couple’s split as “infidelity.”

“They did break up but it was over infidelity back in February. Right now they are focused on being responsible and loving parents to their 3-year-old kid.”

Roommates, are you happy to see that Evelyn Lozada has found love again?

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Dina Lohan Says Lindsay Has ‘Always Wanted Kids’ & Is ‘Ready’ For Motherhood: ‘She’s So Maternal’ 

Following the recent news that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant with her first child, the Mean Girls actress’s mother—Dina Lohan—is speaking on the exciting matter!

Dina Lohan Says The Couple Is ‘Really Happy & Ready’

In a statement to PEOPLE, Dina initially remarked that she was “literally over the moon” over Lindsay’s pregnancy.

“I’m so happy, I can’t stop smiling. It’s incredible. We’re just so excited. It’s just such a beautiful thing for my child! And I love babies. Who doesn’t?”

She went on to say that she’s “in disbelief a little bit” over her oldest child preparing to welcome a baby before taking a moment to praise Lindsay’s maternal side. Dina also revealed that Lindsay has “always wanted children.”

“Lindsay has always loved kids because I love kids and my mother loves kids; I’m one of four. We have a big family, so she’s always wanted children. And she’s so maternal. Isabel, her niece, just runs to her when she sees her.”

Additionally, Dina noted that Lindsay and Bader had actively been trying to conceive, and the Dubai-based couple is “really happy and ready” to embark on their parenthood journey.

“She’s been trying and then it happened, that little stick came up positive. It’s the right time for her and Bader is an angel. Her husband is so sweet and they’re just so happy. They’re just really happy and ready.”

While speaking with the publication, the 60-year-old proclaimed that she has to keep Lindsay’s due date under wraps, or else she “will be in trouble!”

Similarly, Dina didn’t dish on the sex of Lindsay’s unborn child, though she did note that the family was aware. However, as “the nursery’s all white,” they’re being sure to not drop any hints!

Lindsay Lohan Says She & Bader Shammas Are ‘Blessed & Excited’

As The Shade Room previously reported, Lindsay announced her pregnancy earlier this week, and she kept it simple by uploading a photo of white onesie to Instagram, which read, “Coming soon…”

Lindsay’s mother lovingly commented that she was “over the moon [and] filled with so much JOY and happiness” beneath the announcement. Other stars who congratulated the actress include Quinta Brunson, Donatella Versace, Garcelle Beauvais, Ayesha Curry, and Kathy Hilton.

Additionally, in a statement to TMZ, Lindsay remarked, “We are very excited for our new family member to arrive and we are looking forward to this next chapter of our lives!”

Shoutout to the Lohan family as they prepare to welcome Lindsay and Bader’s bundle of joy, and we wish the actress a smooth, healthy pregnancy!

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That’s A First! Scientists Create Baby Mice Using Cells From Two Males, Study Shows 

A recent study details how scientists created baby mice using cells from two males. It’s the first time researchers have accomplished such a feat. Nature, a British scientific journal, published the study on Wednesday (March 15).

AP reports that researchers began by obtaining skin cells from the tails of two male mice. Afterward, they transformed those cells into “induced pluripotent stem cells,”  or iPSC. Of course, there are also human iPSC, which can be derived from skin or blood cells like mice. According to the UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center, these cells can produce “an unlimited source of any type of human cell needed for therapeutic purposes.” 

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After transforming the skin cells from the mice, researchers converted them from male mouse stem cells into female cells. That process involved growing the iPSC and treating them with a drug. The result was functional egg cells.

Their next step was fertilizing the eggs and implanting the embryos into female mice. Unfortunately, out of 630 embryos, only seven grew into mouse pups. This means only one percent of the embryos developed and survived birth.

Cell-Made Mice Later Produced Children 

Last week, research leader Katsuhiko Hayashi told colleagues the surviving mouse pups had no abnormal growth issues. Additionally, those pups later became parents through normal channels, which plainly said means mice having sex. Hayashi provided the update to scientific colleagues at the Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing.

Though the study is an accomplishment among researchers in this field, others worry about the lasting impact. Diana Laird is a stem cell and reproductive expert at the University of California in San Francisco. According to AP, she called the study “an important step in both stem cell and reproductive biology.” 

But in a published commentary, Laird and her colleague Jonathan Bayerl warned about the inefficiency of the technique. As mentioned, only one percent of the embryos reportedly developed into pups and survived long enough to become parents. Laird and Bayerl said the survival rate could be pinned on technical or biological reasons, but that remains unclear.

Nonetheless, the colleagues also highlighted positives, including the possibility of reproducing endangered mammals using cells from one male.

“And it might even provide a template for enabling more people to have biological children while circumventing the ethical and legal issues of donor eggs,” Laird and Bayerl said in their commentary published alongside the study.

At this time, there’s not enough research to indicate the same technique or protocols could be effective with human stem cells.

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