UPDATE: Las Vegas Man Who Attacked Judge Ahead Of Sentencing Officially Indicted For Attempted...

Las Vegas Man Who Attacked Judge Ahead Of Sentencing Officially Indicted For Attempted Murder

A grand jury in Las Vegas has issued a nine-count indictment against Deoba Redden, the man who attacked a judge during sentencing last month.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Redden was at the Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 3 for an attempted battery case. But things took a turn for the worse when officials witnessed an unprecedented incident unfold right before their eyes.

Before Judge Mary Kay Holthus could read the sentence, Redden leaped over the bench and attacked her, throwing multiple punches as security tried to restrain him. The courtroom’s cameras caught the entire scene, which quickly went viral on the internet and social media platforms.

Redden reportedly told the cops he wanted to “kill” Holthus shortly after the incident unfolded in court. A week after the shocking incident, Judge Holthus sentenced Redden to up to four years in prison for the battery charge he had pleaded guilty to in November.

Indictment For Murder

On Saturday (February 10), the legal drama intensified for Redden as he now faces an indictment for attempted murder, per the New York Post.

The indictment alleges that Redden assaulted Judge Holthus by grabbing her, pulling her hair, placing his hands around her throat, and hitting her on the head. The means and manner of the attack still remain unknown.

In addition to attacking the judge, accusations also state that Redden physically assaulted a Las Vegas police officer.

So far, the attorney who represented Redden during the initial hearing has not yet responded to the attempted murder charges.

What defense strategy this case might employ begs the question due to the lack of response. However, since the shocking altercation, scrutiny has also been applied to Redden’s personal life.

Karen Springer, his foster mother, and LaDonna Daniels, his older sister, revealed to reporters that doctors diagnosed Redden with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, per The Guardian.

But despite his mental health diagnoses, court records demonstrate that they found Redden competent to stand trial.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson has disclosed that Redden’s criminal history already includes three felony convictions and nine misdemeanors, most of which involve violent acts. His arraignment has been set for February 29.

Days after the explosive attack, KLAS obtained court documents where Redden reportedly told officers he was having a “bad day” when he snapped in court.

“Judge has it out for me,” he’s quoted saying. “Judge is evil. I’m sorry you guys had to see that,” he ironically told the officers, one of whom he’s alleged to have gotten physical with.

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