WATCH: Young Thug’s Attorney Says Rapper ‘Has Done Nothing Wrong’ Following Alleged Hand-To-Hand...

Young Thug’s defense attorney Keith Adams spoke out following an incident in court yesterday, where fellow YSL co-defendant Kahlieff Adams allegedly gave the rapper a Percocet pill.

Keith told WSB-TV that Thugger, born Jeffery Williams, did “nothing wrong and was passed something, but didn’t know what it was and immediately turned it over to a deputy.”

Thug’s Attorney Dismisses Accusations That The Rapper Willingly Accepted Percocet While In Court

“His side is the truth. The reality is Mr. Williams had nothing to do with what went on in the courtroom on yesterday. One of the co-defendants on his way to the restroom attempted to pass something to Mr. Williams, who immediately turned it over to the deputy,” Keith Adams said.

When asked if Thug knew the pill was a Percocet, his attorney doubled down on the rapper’s ignorance regarding what was placed in his hand by a co-defendant during a court appearance last week, all of which was reportedly captured on surveillance video.

“He did not know. We don’t know what it is, did not know. It was turned over to a deputy right away,” Keith Adams explained.

According to a motion detailing the incident, Adams walked unattended to Williams and extended his closed right hand to the rapper.

Williams then extended his open right hand and accepted the item, which was later found to be Percocet. Williams then closed his hand and placed it under the table where he was seated.

Percocet Incident Is One Of Several Attempts To Pass Along Contraband To Embattled Rapper

Several other incidents of contraband allegedly brought into the courthouse are causing delays in the jury selection process in the trial against Atlanta rapper Young Thug and more than a dozen other defendants.

Last week, Fulton County Chief Judge Ural Glanville said an unidentified person brought clothing to one of the defendants with marijuana hidden in the shoes.

AJC reported on Tuesday a defendant’s mother was arrested after allegedly bringing “tobacco products” to her son in a bag of clothes, according to her arrest warrant.

On Wednesday, another defendant was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital following a separate instance of contraband being brought into court for a third consecutive day of court proceedings.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, which handles courthouse security, said that court services deputies and staff members intercepted the clothing before the defendant received it. According to the sheriff’s office, no arrests were made in the incident.

Repeated Attempts At Smuggling In Contraband Causing Delay In Jury Selection Process

The three incidents involving contraband have reportedly caused the jury selection process to be delayed.

Thug faces the following charges: possession of schedule II controlled substance, willful obstruction of law enforcement misdemeanor, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, possession of alcoholic beverage by inmate, and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers misdemeanor.

The 31-year-old already remains behind bars on separate RICO-related charges as he awaits trial for that federal case.

Meanwhile, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office says any pending or possible charges decision against Young Thug for the incident will be made after a full investigation.

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