Bhad Bhabie Addresses Whether She’ll Be “Staying” In A Relationship With Her Daughter’s Father

Bhad Bhabie Addresses Whether She'll Be
Bhad Bhabie Addresses Whether She'll Be

Bhad Bhabie is clearing the air on where she stands with her daughter’s father, Le Vaughn. This comes days after announcing she’s single, revealing their abusive relationship, and sharing images of her facial injuries.

In another social media update, the ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ artist spoke on whether she’s “staying” with her ex-boyfriend. A fan first prompted the conversation in the comment section of photos of Bhabie’s daughter, Kali Love.

The mother’s caption said, “All I ever care about,” along with photos of the infant smiling. Meanwhile, Instagram user @niyasutton wrote, “If you cared you’d leave tht man. He will abuse you in front of her.” 

“@niyasutton I wasn’t gonna speak on this but who said I was staying? What about that post made y’all think I’m staying? Bc I said I love him? Bc I said he’s gonna get help? I’m so confused and apparently so are y’all,” Bhad Bhabie wrote.

What Bhad Bhabie Previously Revealed About Her Former Relationship

As mentioned, over the weekend, Bhad Bhabie opened up about her domestic troubles with Le Vaughn. She shared surveillance footage of a physical altercation with him and photos of her bruised, swollen eye and scratches on her face.

Additionally, she shared that her relationship with Vaughn ended in May and accused him of “trying to take [her] baby” from her.

Bhabie revealed she welcomed their baby in mid-March after first announcing her pregnancy in December. Earlier this year, she called out her mother for allegedly suggesting she should leave Vaughn and choose single motherhood. Despite accusing her mom of jealousy, Barbara Ann Bregoli is standing by her daughter at this time.

After Bhad Bhabie broke her silence on the abuse, Barabara suggested on social media that her daughter suffered “DV…manipulation” with a “house full of people watching.” 

Questions about whether Bhad Bhabie will rekindle with Vaughn came after she shared an additional message about him getting help. She also suggested that the abusive behaviors aren’t new but uncommon.

“I love that man more than I love myself and it’s honestly really sad. But unfortunately this is real life I know the easy way out is to leave and that’s better said than done. This doesn’t happen this often, but LV definitely has a problem. He’s going to get the help he needs. Right now, there’s no room for mistakes. And he knows that.”

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