Whew! Pardi Spills HOT Tea In Megan Thee Stallion Diss Record, Says She Has “Disgusting Soul”...

Pardi hopped in the studio and spilled more than a pot of former relationship tea. The rapper delivered a name-drop message to ex-girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion in his new song “Thee Person.”

The four-and-a-half-minute track accuses Meg of habitually telling “half-truths,” making their breakup messy and having a “disgusting” soul. He starts the track by saying he never expected Megan to talk about him in “unfavorable ways.”

Pardi Says He Planned To Propose To Megan Thee Stallion Until She “Lied”

Released on Nov. 17, the song is trending at #3 on YouTube Music. Megan has not responded to what online users are labeling a diss track. The song does seem to be a reaction to fan-fueled speculation that Pardi cheated on Megan, causing their split.

In verse one, Pardi says he held Megan down during the last two years, particularly through Tory Lanez’s assault trial. Megan gave an emotional testimony against the now-convicted rapper that received widespread media attention. Outside of the courthouse, she faced mixed opinions as the trial drama spilled into the entertainment industry.

DaBaby, in particular, contributed to the negative public perception of Meg after he alleged sexual relations with Megan in a song ahead of the trial. Pardi also addressed such claims in his new track.

“I asked you to your face, ‘Did you f**k them n****s?’ And you swore on your mother. I knew from then, I couldn’t trust her. More lies from the lips of a lover. Same lips that I got tatted on my shoulder. Even then, I kept my composure. I was supposed to. This the girl that I’m trying to propose to. Ask Greg Una, I had picked out a ring. Then you lied to my face. Went on TV and then lied to Gayle King. I found out with the rest of the world. Girl, I treated you like a queen. Whole time, I’m a clown in your circus. I tried to pull you up out the mud. Here you are, tryna drown me on purpose. You know the devil was a serpent. For some streams and views, girl, I hope it was worth it. This ain’t for Megan Thee Stallion. This is for Megan Thee Person.”

Those rumors began after Megan released “Cobra” on Nov. 3. In verse two of the track, the Houston Hottie raps, “Pulled up, get him cheatin’, gettin’ his d**k sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’.” Though she didn’t name-drop Pardison Fontaine, fans believed him to be the cheater as he was Megan’s last public boyfriend.

Pardi Says Megan Thee Stallion “Went Jada Pinkett” On Him After Clean Breakup

Prior to “Cobra,” speculations about why the couple split went unanswered. Meanwhile, both Megan and Pardi were romantically linked to other people. However, unlike Megan with the soccer player, Pardi seemingly confirmed his rumored romance with Jada Kingdom in intimate photos. He also addressed his public debut with the Jamaican artist in verse one of “Thee Person.”

“You got emotional hurdles. Man, the work you need is internal.  When love goes bad, can’t believe it. Archive pics ’cause you can’t delete it. Damn, see me with Jada Kingdom and then you went Jada Pinkett. Saw you pop out, wish you the best. You see me pop out, start grippin’ your chest. Damn, thought you was on an island, healing. I guess the newer album need a villain Brand new way for you to be a victim.”

By verse two, Pardi began spilling about how things ended with his ex-girlfriend. He said Megan “flew out the country” and didn’t call him for days, which he believed meant they had “parted ways.” Still, he says he took the blame and showed her empathy that she’s not showing him.

“Even ’til this day, I’m not your enemy. I’m returning the vibes that you sending me. I wanted me and you to work more than anything,” Pardi raps. “I still want your well-being more than anything. You can still hit my mom up for anything. The breakup was clean, you made it a mess. I never planned on saying anything. I see you take shot after shot. But never seen you swallow a drop of accountability. You fall out with everyone in your vicinity. Is that depression, or is it hostility?”

In the outro, Pardi calls Megan a “beautiful girl” with a “disgusting” soul. He also denies doing anything in her house or bed, adding, “You lyin’ to people, you sick in the head.”

Listen to his full “message” below.

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